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Payap University gets new music department building

National Herb Conference to take place July 28 - August 3 this year

The Whiffenpoofs return

10,000 Chiang Mai students take part in White Power Day

Chiang Mai West Rotary Installation Night

Siam Drug opens new facial treatment service at Chiang Mai Airport Plaza

Payap University gets new music department building

Supatatt Dangkrueng

The Music Department at Payap University officially opened its new Payap 6 building at Kaew Nawarat campus on June 27.

The new two-story Music Department at Payap University is ready for music students.

Dr. Yuwalak Jiwakidakarn, Payap University’s deputy rector cuts the ribbon to open Payap 6 Music Department.

The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by Deputy Rector, Dr. Yuwalak Jiwakidakarn.

This building used to be a one-story building used by the Payap University’s social welfare shop but was turned into a classroom for music students. With the increasing number of music students, the department had asked the university for a half million baht budget to construct the new building.

They received the budget, made the improvements, and named the new building the Payap 6 Building. It has 3 music classrooms and 1 operational room in the (now) two-story building.

National Herb Conference to take place July 28 - August 3 this year

Lanna Thai medicine to be promoted

Nuttanee Thaveephol

Chiang Mai Public Health Office has advised that there will be a Thai Medical Staff Assembly and National Herb Conference from July 28 to August 3 this year at Chiang Mai University Arts and Cultural Hall.

The conference is to promote Thai Medicine and the development of alternative medicine following the government’s policy on applying local knowledge to medical aspects.

There will be many activities, with training courses on Thai massage, exhibitions, debates, academic lectures, folk song contests, and herbal garden arrangements as blessings for Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

Many well-known experts from Thailand will give lectures on many topics, including Lanna medicine and its use for spa businesses by incorporating Thai aromatic oils. Further information may be obtained from the Public Health Office during July.

The Whiffenpoofs return

Somebody once wrote: “There is no more beautiful sound in the Universe than combined human voices, singing together in absolute harmony.” That description fits perfectly with the spine tingling a capello performances by Yale University’s renowned Whiffenpoofs, who are returning to Chiang Mai by popular demand.

The Whiffenpoofs are returning to Chiang Mai.

Details: Friday 11th July 2003, Payorm Room, Amari Rincome Hotel, 1900 hrs, tickets: 500 baht (including cocktail), Children 250 baht.

This year’s appearance by the talented male singers will thrill the senses and delight the spirit of every age and nationality. Bring along your family and friends for an evening of pure pleasure in elegant and comfortable surroundings. The ticket price includes cocktails and light snacks after the show, when you can meet the artists in person.

For reservations, please call 0 5322 1130.

10,000 Chiang Mai students take part in White Power Day

Surachai T. Bunditkul
Photos by
Nuttanee Thaveephol

More than 10,000 students from schools all over Chiang Mai joined in the White Power Day fight against drugs and participated in an event held at Polytechnic Lanna School June 26-27. Parinya Panthong, Chiang Mai deputy governor, presided over the opening ceremony.

Chiang Mai Deputy Governor Parinya Panthong spoke at the White Power Day ceremony.

The exhibition shows what waits at the end for drug addicts who don’t kick the habit.

Many students enjoyed the concert.

The day had many different kinds of activities, including bands, dancing and Thai classical dance.

Awards were also announced and given to the winner of the To Be Number One Singer contest, To Be Number One Super Model, To Be Number One DJ Competition and To Be Number One Slogan Contest. Exhibitions and booths from many schools showed the facts on drug addiction and problems.

On the day, most Chiang Mai people wore white shirts to show their solidarity against drugs.

As June 26 has been designated an International Anti-Drug Day, the Chiang Mai Provincial Education Office organized this event in response to the government policy on “To Be Number One”, to combat and prevent the drug problems through all educational institutions.

Chiang Mai West Rotary Installation Night

Lending a Hand

Marion Vogt

The words from all outgoing Rotary Presidents all over the world, as it was in all 238 Rotary Clubs in Thailand, were “To Sow the Seeds of Love is to find opportunities to serve every day, every moment of our lives. To sow the seeds of love is to think of others first, and ourselves in terms of what we can do for others.” These emotive words were spoken by outgoing Rotary International President (2002-2003) H.E. Bhichai Rattakul, and the outgoing Rotary President of Chiang Mai West, Marc Dumur.

From left: Rtn Eddie Song, Assoc. Prof. CMU, Past Pres. Nilobol Nimikingratana, Assist. Prof. Somboon Nimikingratana from Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai, holding up ‘her’ Chiangmai Mail, and Khun Sailuck (Noi), wife of Rtn. Rachan Phonchevin.

Outgoing President Marc Dumur congratulates incoming President Manit Mantala.

The Rotary Club of Chiang Mai West held their installation party at the regular weekly meeting place, the Amari Rincome Hotel, to install the new incoming President Manit Mantala. There was a good roll-up with wives, friends, acquaintances, and guest of honor, District Governor 2003-2004, District 3360, Vivat Sirijangkapattana, with his lovely wife Sujin.

Rotary Chiang Mai West is one of the old, independent-minded, yet still ‘old fashioned’ service clubs, which is restricted to a male membership.

President and members of the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai South and Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thinthai Ngam, posing with the wife of district governor, Khun Sujin (center with flowers).

100% attendance at meetings, some even for 15 consecutive years.

The Payorm Room at the Amari Rincome Hotel with Rotarians and their wives waiting to congratulate the new president 2003-2004, Manit Mantala

District Governor Vivat Sirijangkapattana, on behalf of Chiang Mai West, handed out 20 scholarships to students from a number of local schools throughout the district.

During President Marc Dumur’s farewell address, he gave a quick overview of what was achieved during his term, the support and completion of a water pasteurization project, they also helped in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Fayetteville District Arkansas to provide 100 pair of shoes plus 200 pairs of socks to children in Sadosa, together with the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children. They have another USD15,000 to buy furniture and school equipment, thanks to a matching grant from Rotary International which will help many more children in the northern region of Thailand.

Friends from the Rotary Club Thaksin-Pattaya donated truckloads of educational books, plus satellite and TV equipment which will be installed in a remote village next month, so people will not be so remote after all.

Almost all members are part of the new steering committee.

June birthday Rotarians were surprised with a huge ‘Black Forest Cake’. The lucky ones were from left: P.P. Nilobol, the wife of P.P. Surachai, P.P. Tinnakorn, and Rtn Somjin.

Manit Mantala, with his proud wife, receive flowers from Vivat and Sujin Sirijangkapattana, District Governor RI District 3360, who came from Chiang Rai.

A dental project with dentists from Canada, Denmark and India, treating children in the northern region free of charge was well underway, but regrettably had to be stopped in March, due to the war in Iraq and SARS.

Numerous other projects, tasks and donations were done during Marc’s term and the local Rotarians can be proud of their achievements, putting service above self and giving the disadvantaged a chance for a better life.

New President Manit Mantala joined Rotary 6 years ago, and is convinced that ‘his members’ of Chiang Mai West will be able to have the courage to make a difference for many needy people here in the north of Thailand.

Siam Drug opens new facial treatment service at Chiang Mai Airport Plaza

Surachai T. Bunditkul

Siam Drug doesn’t just sell drugs, it also provides many healthy products. And from now on, it will also offer a new face treatment service done by specialists trained at the IDermal Institute in the USA.

Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Ms. Saowalak Chimada (with scissors) and Siam Drug MD Sarawut Tungpottawepon, (center) get ready to cut the ribbon to officially begin the new service.

On June 28, the vice-president of Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Saowalak Chimada presided over the opening ceremony for Siam Drug’s new health treatment service on the ground floor at Chiang Mai Airport Plaza.

Sarawut Tungpottawepon, managing director of Siam Drug said Siam Drug’s new facial treatment service has never appeared in any drugstore in Asia, and maybe the world, and added that Chiang Mai people should have healthy skin on their face.