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Kids' Corner

Chiang Mai International School Family Day

Chiang Mai’s Dara Academy students are No. 1 in Croatia!

The kids get close to music at Payap Music School

Kids' Corner

Marvin likes bugs and recently he has been collecting a lot of them. I think that it is very good that Marvin is interested in learning about them and now he knows a lot about bugs. I am proud of him because he is always gentle with them and he only keeps them for a short time before he puts them back where he found them.

Marvin is also very, very, very careful when he is looking for bugs because we talked about how some of them are poisonous. That means if they bite you, you will get very sick. We also talked about how snakes like to hide in the same places as bugs sometimes and they can be extremely dangerous, so Marvin doesn’t look for bugs on his own in our garden. He always makes sure that he has an adult with him. He says it’s more fun looking for bugs with someone so he likes this idea.

Do you like to look for bugs? Write to Marvin and tell him some of the bugs that you have seen. If you have a picture that you have drawn you can send it to him as well. You can send them to:

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1) Why did the banana split?

2) What animals in Noah’s Ark didn’t come

in pairs?

3) How do you make a sausage roll?

4) What do you call two rows of cabbages?


1) Because it saw the apple turnover

2) The worms, they came in the apples

3) You push it

4) Duel cabbageway

This week we have a picture from Morgan who is in Kindergarten. She likes to collect butterflies. Can you see them in her picture?

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Chiang Mai International School Family Day

The Senior Year has always been a year of many changes for every student, no matter which nationality.

The CMIS Class of 2003 at a graduation day lunch hosted by their parents at the Amari Rincome Hotel. (Photo by Geoff Thompson)

During this last year at high school, which seems to fly by for students as well as for parents, they face many new challenges, make wonderful friendships and in the back of their minds they are excited and fearful at the same time, thinking of the time ahead.

In CMIS, the graduation is treated as a family celebration.

One of the happy CMIS family gatherings to celebrate graduation - From left: Norma Morse and husband David, with their sons Michael (Class of 2003), Kevin (CMIS Class of 1998; currently teaching at CMIS), and Ian (CMIS Class of 2000; currently studying at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada), with visiting friend Susan (third from left) and 2003 CMIS Graduate Itsuki Imai. (Photo by Geoff Thompson)

The parents of the CMIS Class of 2003 hosted a graduation day buffet luncheon at the Amari Rincome Hotel in June which was attended by the students and close family members. It will stay in their memories as one of the last occasions when the whole class was able to spend some hours together before moving on to their different universities around the world. Hopefully they will all see each other again at the first class reunion in 10 years.

Chiang Mai’s Dara Academy students are No. 1 in Croatia!

A scientific study in mud pies that could have far reaching effects

Surachai T. Bunditkul

Students from Dara Academy Chiang Mai were the Thai representatives to display their research project to the GLOBE competition in Croatia. The Dara student team had been selected to represent Thailand and show their research project titled, “The Effect of the Physical Properties of Soil on the Soil’s Water Drainage” at the GLOBE competition at Sibenik in Croatia June 27 - July 6 this year.

The student team consisted of Patcharida Boonkoat, M.1 Grade, Phongsathorn Hongthongkham, M.2 Grade, and Kritpongphan Phongsuwan,M.2 Grade. Phongsathorn Hongthongkham said that the Thai project was the result of cooperation between two schools - Dara Academy and Ban Yang Sung School from Kanchanaburi. It took 10 months for experiments to collect the data, requiring comparison of the grounds in three different areas. These results should bring in advantages farmers in the future.

About 66 schools in Thailand were supported by the GLOBE project, to research soil, water and atmosphere.

The kids get close to music at Payap Music School

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The new Youth Music School was recently opened for children to take part in the Youth Music Project, supported by Payap University’s Faculty of Musical Arts.

Little musicians display their talents.

Music Department students sing at the opening ceremony.

The piano room, one of the many private practice areas available to music students at the school.

The opening ceremony was preceded by musical performances by young musicians learning at the institute. All the players are instructed by students from the Music Department, one of the more popular faculties at Payap University. There were also performances from the Payap Band and Payap University’s Music Department students.

The music school is located on Kaew Nawarat Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai, next to Prince Royals’ College. There are many private practice rooms for pianists, violinists, and many other rooms for music students. All the students, children or adults, pay only 500 baht per month for tuition from the Music Department.