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Teachers prevail in last softball tournament of the Prem International 2002/2003 school year

Swiss XI withdraw 3 - 3 with Wing 41

Swiss XI defeat Chiang Mai Mass Media 3-2

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CMSH3 Run 573

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Teachers prevail in last softball tournament of the Prem International 2002/2003 school year

Text by Marion Vogt
Photos by Janet Powell

There are always two sides to everything. Which is why the closing of a school year is happy for some, because finally all the tests and studies have come to an end and leave place for outdoor activities, but on the other side, it is a time to say good-bye to friends.

Time to say good-bye but there is always time for a last picture. Staff and students from Grade 8 - 11 are all looking forward to resuming their friendly battles on the sport fields from August onwards.

Toby Snedacor, Janet’s assistant - every school can be happy to have two people with such a range of recreational and sporting interests.

Dana & Alison from the winning staff team - ready for action.

Janet Powell, the always active athletic director at Prem Tinsulanonda International School found this to be exactly the right time to organize all kinds of sports events for everybody to relax. Janet is a qualified basketball coach and referee, a volleyball referee, a canoeing 1 star, level 1 rock climbing, level 2 gymnast and a swimming bronze medallist. Her enthusiasm never ends, especially just because a school year is ‘almost’ finished. She believes that there is always time for activity and one is never too old for softball; so she organized staff against pupils softball games during the last week of school.

Softball, a sport which is still almost unknown in European schools, is one of the most popular games in America and cannot be missed in any international school. Softball is a way of life for thousands of people each year; it is played from small to big, from young to old and when you finally understand the rules, there is nothing to keep you away from this fascinating outdoor sport.

The most important rule of softball is safety. Teams must wear masks and use the bats carefully. Catchers are encouraged to wear masks, which are provided for their protection. Softball, like every sport maintains high ideals of sportsmanship, the teams are encouraged to play hard and to the extent of their ability but also to be courteous to opposing teams and officials. Even if not every team can come home with a national championship, the fun, the love for the game and the promotion of friendly relationships and good sportsmanship is what counts.

Renee from Grade 10 makes the catch.

On the left, Saba from Grade 11 who was unbeaten in home runs, and on the right Toby Snedacor, the P.E intern. Toby used to be a computer network specialist, was a lifeguard and assistant manager for the Westtown School in Lake, Pennsylvania before he joined Prem in Thailand.

Prem had some exciting and very close games, but the staff and teachers finally came out on top, winning 3 games to 2.

It is hard to believe that another year has come to an end, but as we heard, the sports team of Prem looks forward to resuming their friendly battles on the sports field from August onwards.

Swiss XI withdraw 3 - 3 with Wing 41

The visiting team Swiss XI from Hong Kong last week played to a 3-all draw with Chiang Mai’s Wing 41 in a football friendly held at the 700th anniversary stadium.

The action was fast and furious, but fun as well, during a football friendly between Wing 41 and Swiss XI from Hong Kong held at the 700th anniversary stadium. This match ended in a 3-3 deadlock.

The event was held to create close relations between Chiang Mai and Hong Kong.

The tournament included three friendly football matches between the Swiss XI and Wing 41, Chiang Mai Mass Media and Amari Rincome Hotel in Chiang Mai.

Swiss XI defeat Chiang Mai Mass Media 3-2

Phitsanu Thepthong

The Hong Kong based Swiss XI defeated the Chiang Mai Mass Media by the score of 3-2 in a football friendly on Sunday, June 29.

By the end of the first half, the visiting team from Hong Kong had already built up a 3-0 lead.

The Swiss XI team, consisting mostly, but not entirely, of retired people from government and private sectors, toured the north of Thailand from June 26-30, and along the way played friendly football matches with three teams in Chiang Mai 

The visiting Swiss XI, in white sleaves, defeated the host Chiang Mai Mass Media at the Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium on Sunday, June 29.

Fitness Tips: Fitness industry attempts to include yoga in training competencies

G’day Readers,

Well, I’m just back from a 1 month holiday and happy to be hitting the keys again after a good break. The next couple of weeks worth of Fitness Tips comes to you, via myself, from the Australian Professional Health and Fitness Network. I’ve chopped a couple of parts out for the sake of not boring you with unnecessary details and added a bit of comment in the interests of clarity - I hope.

This first story is something that has been touched on before, obviously instructor accreditation in Australia for yoga instructors does nothing for participants in Thailand. I’ve presented this to you all for 2 reasons, firstly to show what people are trying to do to standardise, industry wide, the presentation of a popular product. Secondly and by far and away, more importantly because of what Mr. Blashki said regarding what yoga really is and how it should be brought to its interested participants. Read on and you will get what I mean.

With the increasing demand for yoga classes in gyms, stakeholders in the fitness industry approached Sport and Recreation Training of Australia (SRT) to address the issue of including appropriate competencies in fitness industry training packages.

As part of the requirements of the training board, representatives from the peak bodies in yoga were invited to attend a meeting on 19 February to discuss the issue. The meeting was attended by twenty representatives from the east coast yoga fraternity, including those from the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) and the Australian Institute of Yoga.

Prior to the meeting, Leigh Blashki, a representative of the YTAA, advised the SRT that there are already nationally accredited courses available that provide yoga teacher training. “Yoga is a completely different paradigm to anything else in fitness. It is a spiritual and personal development discipline and the postures are not just stretching exercises,” says Blashki. “Trying to teach postures alone is missing the point of yoga; it’s stretching under the guise of yoga,” he adds.

The yoga representatives were united in their stance to retain yoga teaching as separate to other areas of fitness instruction. The national standard set by the YTAA for level one accreditation (of three levels) is a minimum of 320 hours of specific yoga training, two years of personal practice and two years of teaching practice. Considering this, the yoga representatives moved a motion that they would not and could not support the inclusion of yoga competencies within the national fitness industry package.

This first round of meetings was finalised, but it was reiterated that other avenues would be explored. The yoga fraternity has requested that yoga be excluded from the training package and that interested gym owners obtain information regarding instructor training courses from them.

Remember, it’s a spiritual and personal development programme not simply a random series of movements and gestures. Be aware of what you are paying for.

Carpe’ Diem

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the “ONON” pub (Moon Mueng Soi 1) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the “ONON” Pub every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!

CMSH3 Run 573

There was always going to be a 50-50 chance for success. Burrito Butt, just 2 weeks from her stupendous screw-up with the rice run, teamed up with the Miss Piggy, who has had a jagged past of haring to say the least, to the disbelief of the group yet again.

A small crowd of around 20 weary souls gathered at the car park betting which would occur first: the thunder storm or the start of the run, both of which were approaching rapidly. With RO done creaming his commission off the Hash Cash, the Hares, whom from this point forward will be known as the Bloody Hares, assembled the visitors and virgins for the Hare Brief. When the Bloody Hares told the pack that there was little to no paper; that if paper is found, it would be found tucked in bushes and hidden around corners; that there would be just 4 checks (3 circles and 1 cross check) on the whole run; that at every crossroad/trail paper would not be laid for 50 meters; and that we drove 45 minutes for a 30 minute run, naively we thought that they were joking. Alas, they weren’t.

The pack took off as the first drops of rain fell. Simultaneously the slugs, Kiwi B, Pamela, Geisha G and the Bloody Hares ran for the cars. Running in the direction of the closest hill, the pack began to spread out looking for paper, the first drop of paper that is. Not the best of starts. Eventually the visitor, Naked Sunday, from Palau H3 found the trail and the first circle and proceeded to climb the mountain. He was not seen again. Wombat took off and was finally found looping back on himself and mumbling something about bloody Hares and no paper to the amusement of CHB. This also gave the unlikely dirty duo of Dirty P and RO a chance to parallel run and get ahead.

Through the rain the main pack was lead into the hills to fend off the spiders and wasps. Head Hacker and Bow Wow saw the stupidity of the task and led a smaller pack along the road not far behind the Dirty Duo. At this point it is believed that even the Bloody Hares had had enough as the small amounts of shreds of paper led out into the farms.

Just as they thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Through the farms the Bloody Hares changed the run into a game: find the paper. With the time slipping by and with each drop of paper akin to a mini circle check, the smarter runners began to make their way in the direction of the car park. RO left his Dirty mate behind and found Wombat kicking the dirt in frustration and mumbling something about bloody Hares and no paper. They teamed up to increase the chances of finding paper, and in the process ultimately stumbled on to the ON IN. They made it back in 45 mins and a dispirited looking pack slowly returned in dribs and drabs. Let’s face it, when these Bloody Hares mess up, they really excel at it. Well done, Bloody Hares.

Write up by Wombat

Circle 573

Our Dear Leader, Kim Il Wombat, po’d to attend a party so left the circle to the RA, X-Virgin Sister who just as quickly passed the buck to Head Hacker. He immediately called in the Bloody Hares, Burrito Butt and Miss Piggy. Quoting the visiting Hasher from Palau, Naked Sunday, he characterized the run as “Good run, bad trail!” As a reward, he put Burrito Butt on ice for yet again setting a run with little if any paper and hiding that which she had flung about. Head Hacker then did his famous Groucho Marx walk and demonstrated how Hares are supposed to put down paper.

He then called in the visitors - Music Man & One from Norway, Melody from Florida Mostly and the above mentioned Naked Sunday from the Palau H3. Frank N. Stein was the next winner of a cup of beer for protecting the rest of the pack from lightning by running with an umbrella. He then called in X-Virgin Sister and almost gave her the Champion award for telling Kim Il Wombat to ... He then splashed Who the Hell is Bob for using diplomatic language on the Hash and wearing a nice shirt. He then gave the Crash to Geisha for sporting a fine knot on her forehead. To end Part I, he called in the latecomers Superman, Sun Spot and Bumble Bee.

The RA X-Virgin finally took the circle and brought in Kiwi B and presented him with his 200th Slug Mug. She then splashed Burrito Butt for setting a virtual, n0 paper run and then gave her the [email protected]#* for this and for leaving the circle without permission. She then called in Music Man for being able to find paper. It seems the Norsemen have a talent for finding Burrito Butt’s trails, as on her last paperless run, it was Frankie sniffing out the rice.

Head Hacker took the circle again and called in Sun Spot for being naked in the circle and then put him on ice for being a call boy. He splashed Naked Sunday and Melody for sex in the circle. He brought in Misfortune and iced her and gave her the [email protected]#* for picking fruit on the run and then being a Judas and denouncing her friends as well.

It was raffle time and Misfortune called in Music Man for being even dumber than Superman and buying 200 baht worth of tickets. It didn’t do him any good as Superman won the chance for a trip to Yangoon and Frankie the T-shirt.

After the raffle, RO took the circle and brought in Frankie and Music Man. It seems that both of them are not only from Norway but from the same town in Norway. He splashed X-Virgin Sister for not doing laundry resulting in Kim Il Wombat having to wear her Bunny Hash T-shirt on the run. He called in Naked Sunday and Melody and had them do a Joke from Visiting Hashers and then splashed Superman for spoiling their joke. He splashed Kiwi for taking too long and being late for the circle.

The circle was taken by Head Hacker and he splashed CH Barrel for being frustrated by the lack of paper on the trail and then BF as a returnee.

He gave the circle to Superman who splashed Dirty Rotten SSP for actually wearing the faggy HHH trousers and Kiwi for selling them. Continuing his sartorial critique, he brought in One for a fluorescent Hash shirt and Kiwi for looking like the Queen of the Desert.

Pamela had his turn in charge and he splashed Frank N. Stein for standing uphill on the circle and constantly sliding down into it. He brought in X-Virgin for hiding body parts inside her closed umbrella and Burrito Butt for getting the time wrong.

Head Hacker started Act IV of this tragedy and discovered that the splash beers appeared to be increasing. He found the culprit in Burrito Butt who was telling Speed Bump to pour more beers. He splashed Who the Hell is Bob for his first non-last one in run and gave Kiwi the Yacker for yacking.

The Bloody Hares came in and gave the Wings to Twin Peaks and R Off. We then escaped to the ON-ON at The Tavern.

Directions To Run #575, 5-Jul-2003: Check the white board at the HHH Pub. Hare: Cool B. Starting time is 17:00 sharp! The bus will leave the HHH Pub at 16:00.