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Sixteen Rotary Clubs hold joint installation night

Bridging cultures for Christian youth

A new international college opened at PYU

Sixteen Rotary Clubs hold joint installation night

Lend a hand and make a difference

Michael and Marion Vogt

Sixteen Rotary Clubs from District 3360, Chiang Mai, decided to combine for a stylish and festive installation night. The event was held at the Empress Hotel with 16 presidents at the end of their Rotary term.

On behalf of ‘his’ Rotary Clubs in District 3360, Governor Vivat (left) presented a gift to Governor Suwat marking the pleasure of his presence that night.

Past District Governor Dr. Supawat Poowakul, “Mr. Superman”, says thanks to Past District Governor Chris Dolphin.

From left - the honorary “Sergeants at Arms” of the evening, Rassamee and “The voice”, Lek, did a wonderful job.

For the outgoing and incoming presidents it is always considered an honor and a privilege to serve Rotary International. The experience and the opportunity during this year of being president, meeting Rotarians from around the world, individuals who are truly making a difference in their own communities, is the experience of a lifetime.

The inspirational motto of all presidents is to undertake ‘Service above Self’, emphasized by this year’s slogan ‘Lend a Hand’. To accept the unpaid post of serving as a president, you must be ready for a challenge. All Rotarians must be ready to respond wholeheartedly and without hesitation to the upcoming challenges in their community.

The incoming president of Chiang Mai North receives the president’s badge.

More like a fashion show, the lady Rotarians proudly presented their most colorful Rotary outfits.

One student of the Prince Royal’s College performed ballet.

The Rotary Club of Chiang Mai photographed with Chiang Mai Governor Suwat and Rotary Governor Vivat.

Incoming president of the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thinthai Ngam, Mrs. Hope Watcharaprecha presents a token of appreciation to Rotary Governor Vivat, witnessed by the outgoing president.

“It’s a small world after all” - everyone joined in this very popular Rotary song when the presidents brought in the individual club banners.

All outgoing and incoming presidents assembled on stage.

Rotary International District Governor Vivat Sirijangkapattana asked everybody to try and recruit new members, to conduct more health programs, to always lend a hand to community service projects, and to never stop supporting Rotary International in its fight for eradication of polio in the world.

It was touching to see at least 500 men and women stand up to welcome the presidents on their way to the stage. The ceremony was a simple, yet warm affair, and the privilege of having Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat as the guest of honor made the evening very special for everyone. The lack formality, replaced by a high level of fellowship, was much appreciated. Congratulations went out to the organizing committee for their enormous effort in planning and scheduling.

The new and always smiling Chiang Mai Governor Suwat took the podium, and although not a member of Rotary, he pointed out how grateful he was to have been invited to this important event and to meet a cross-section of the community’s business and professional men and women. He quoted the 4 Way Test, which was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor and was adopted by Rotary in 1943, which asks the following four questions:

1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

These words can make a better world.

Bridging cultures for Christian youth

Surachai T. Bunditkul and Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

The Indo-China Mission Foundation camp for Christian youths began with activities at Thapae Gate to disseminate Christianity to Chiang Mai Christians, both Thais and international citizens.

The audiences enjoyed the show.

The show of Christian representatives is crowned with Thai and international citizens.

Manop Moonsri, the executive director of the Mission Foundation, said this international Christian youth camp has been established to help spread Christianity and foster good relationships between the participating oversea youths. It also was a good opportunity to understand cultures and national performances, which are all parts of national identities.

250 Christian representatives from 15 countries participated in the event, including Sweden, Japan, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Norway.

A new international college opened at PYU

Surachai T. Bunditkul

Payap University (PYU) celebrated its 30th anniversary on Thursday, July 3 with the grand opening ceremony for its new International College. PYU has recognized the need for higher education programs that prepare students for a “global society”, and has now elevated itself from a national university to an international university.

(From left) The dean of the college, Dr. Tawat Boonruang; the president of PYU Dr. Boonthong Poocharoen, and the vice-president for International Affairs Ms. Martha Butt at the grand opening of International College.

International College was established and opened to the public, offering high quality curricula to ensure that the graduates will be ready to lead in an increasingly interdependent world.

The college will open the new B.A. programs this September with four different majors: Computer Information Systems, English Communication, International Business Management, and International Hospitality Management.

Dr. Boonthong Poocharoen, PYU president said, “The first four undergraduate English degree programs will join our already existing, English language Masters degree programs in International Business Management, Teaching English as a Second Language and Linguistics.”

Payap’s International College is designed for both Thai and international students who demonstrate that they have high achievements in English, at the university level. The college is focusing on students living in Thailand and those from neighboring countries.

Studying in Chiang Mai is more convenient, safe and economical than studying abroad. Asian students will have the added value of being able to interact with native English speaking students who enrolled either directly or through the exchange programs.

PYU currently has 71 international instructors from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Myanmar. Last month, the university had 90 international students on campus.

For more information, contact [email protected] or 053-304805 ext. 7233