Pizza Langmo

Cheap and cheerful - very!

Monday night and nowhere to go, the Dining Out Team decided to follow up a funky little pizza eatery that used to be on Suthep Road. We found it had shifted - up the street and down the soi, now being around 200 metres on the left heading towards Doi Suthep after the intersection of Suthep and Canal Roads. Look for the signs, after you pass the office for the Royal Project which is on the right.

The amazing feature about this little place is that it looks as if it had just been plucked out of Palermo. Lots of red, white and green, outside are the Vespa’s and Lambretta’s, and inside the sounds of people talking and eating.

The restaurant has one covered eating area, plus another ‘indoors’ complete with small bar. The ‘cook-house’ is at the rear and is staffed with very happy cooks, all in white uniform and caps. A very professional air behind the scenes.

The tables, which come as large or small, have red tablecloths and you sit at small wooden stools. Supplied at each table are containers with tomato sauce, chilli sauce, an oregano shaker, salt and pepper and a peppercorn grinder. The floors are well scrubbed terrazzo and the walls are freshly painted cream with the occasional gecko.

The menu is quite large and begins with 11 soups! The prices are B. 30-40 and include a cream of chicken, a French onion and a cream of ham. Being a pizza restaurant, the pizzas are up next and again there are 11 choices. These cover a tuna and black olives and a bacon and spinach, as well as the usual Margherita and ham and pineapple. Price? B. 50-70.

Running through the next sections, 10 spaghetti choices at B. 45, 8 fettuccini items at B. 50 including anchovies and mushroom. There are another 8 choices using penne pasta at B. 50 as well, then there are 6 lasagne styles for the same price.

Now the menu is still going with pork chops at B. 60, 3 pork escalopes at B. 60 including one done in a sage and sherry butter sauce, 3 chicken breast items also B. 60 and then moving up in price to B. 80 for a choice of 3 beef items, with a black pepper and red wine sauce being in there.

Three red snapper choices to tempt you for B. 70 and 3 sole fillets for the same price, and finally, the most expensive being 3 salmon steak choices for B. 100. (Whew! Triple figures, at last!)

There are wines for sale, starting for as low as B. 500 for a Talamanca Chilean cabernet sauvignon. Let it breathe for 10 minutes. Beers? Well Singha is B. 35 and Heineken B. 40, while you can really lash out B. 45 for a large bottle of Leo!

We tried many entrees and main courses, and here are some of my tasting notes, “The pizzas were about 7” diameter and came on glazed platters, the grilled pork chop in spicy herb and garlic sauce was very tender and the chicken breast with grape and rosemary was sweet and succulent. The sole fillet came in an interesting capsicum sauce and the pan-fried beef with black pepper and red wine sauce was again a very tasty dish.” All the main courses were served with salad and spaghetti with tomato sauce and French bread. Fabulous!

All the members of the Dining Out Team enjoyed themselves at Pizza Langmo. It is a simple Italian style eatery that provides very acceptable Italian food at a very acceptable price. We had four entrees and four main courses and three desserts for a grand total of B. 575. Cheap! Given its proximity to the Chiang Mai University, you can see just why it is so very popular with the student body. This is a great restaurant for an eat and run on the way to the next appointment, or on the way home. The food was good and the funky atmosphere very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Pizza Langmo, Suthep Road, next to a CMU dormitory, about 200 metres from the Canal Road intersection, telephone 06 916 1724.