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Kids' Corner

Project for smart kids

Samsara Foundation donates scholarships

Boy and Girl Scouts remembrance on installation day

Fun in the Sun

Kids' Corner

Marvin has been unwell this week. He had a sore throat so I took him to the doctor. The doctor was very nice to Marvin and he gave him some medicine to make him feel better. Marvin was very brave when the doctor had to give him a shot too. He said that he didn’t mind because it made him feel better.

Have you ever had to go to the doctor? Write to Marvin and tell what happened. You can send your letters to:

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1) Why do bees have sticky heads?

2) What did the flower say when it fell over?

3) What kind of bow can’t be tied?

4) What is the best year for a kangaroo?


1) Because they use honey combs

2) It’s OK I’m self raising

3) A rainbow

4) A leap year

This week we have a great picture from Brian Woo. He is in grade 4.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Project for smart kids

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

Dumex Milk Products, in cooperation with Chiang Mai Municipality, Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, Anuban Chiang Mai Kindergarten School, Rajabhat Institute Demonstration School, and Varee School organized the “Kids intelligence improvement” program for parents whose children were aged between 1-6 years old. The event was held at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel.

A smart little boy tries to complete the puzzle. (Photo by Nuttanee Thaveephol)

Children enjoy the kid’s zone while waiting for their parents who attended the seminar. (Photo by Nuttanee Thaveephol)

Parents had a chance to attend a seminar on children’s intelligence given by Dr. Chom Chumchuy, child and youth psychiatrist from the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health.

The lecture focused on the natural development of children, the importance of IQ, EQ, MQ, and PQ for children, and how to bring children up to be smart kids.

More and more parents are interested in this program, and the children enjoyed themselves as well, because the organizers had set a Baby Zone and a Kids Zone, where there were toys, dolls, games, and artistic activities for improving children’s skills.

There was also a booth staffed by the Chiang Mai Ram Hospital providing free health check-ups for children, the Dumex booth, and a toys booth as well as the seminar for parents, and the children’s zone.

Samsara Foundation donates scholarships

On the 2nd of July, the ‘Samsara Foundation’ from the Netherlands funded 14 scholarships in Mae Sariang District.

Annelie Hendriks hands over scholarships in the name of Samsara Foundation from the Netherlands.

In Baan Sawan Luang, 8 children can now attend middle school in Baan Mae Lit. The scholarship fund pays for boarding and lodging, uniforms, stationary and books. The school is situated 35 km from their village in the mountains of Mae Sariang. The children will visit their parents twice a year during the mid term and end of year holidays.

Two more of the scholarships are for uniforms, books, stationary and lunches for two very poor children at Baan Phe School in the valley of Mae Sariang.

Three scholarships will go to 3 girls from Baan Mae Lit Middle School which just started their computer vocational school in Mae Sariang. The scholarship pays for boarding, lodging and all additional school costs.

Boy and Girl Scouts remembrance on installation day

Surachai T. Bunditkul

3,000 Chiang Mai Boy and Girl Scouts participated in the “Thai Scouts installation ceremony” at Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium.

The director of Chiang Mai Scouts Suwat Tantipat (Chiang Mai Governor) presided over the ceremony.

The colorful scout groups of Chiang Mai.

Each first of July is “Thai Scouts Installation Day” to commemorate the establishment of the Boy Scout movement in Thailand by King Rama VI on July 1, 1911. This was the 92nd anniversary of Thai Scouts.

The Chiang Mai Provincial Education Office, the Committee Office of Chiang Mai Scouts organized the Scouts swearing-in ceremony. Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat acted as the director of Chiang Mai Scouts and presided over the ceremony involving 3,000 Boy and Girl Scouts from every school in the Muang district of Chiang Mai.

The event began with the Yupparaj College marching band performing the national anthem, and then the Scouts put on a well-drilled parade.

Fun in the Sun

Marion Vogt

One day before Prem Tinsulandonda closed its doors for the summer, the student council organized for the second time a ‘Fun day’.

Great friends, and one as adorable and cute as the other. From left to right: Melissa, Amy and First, all from Kindergarten 1 and 2.

The student council did a great job at face painting - and not only the little ones wanted to have it done; from kindergarten to high school all enjoyed walking around in disguise.

Net from Kindergarten 3 is still a little suspicious about his pony ride, but is being assured that everything is perfectly ok.

Face painting, treasure hunts and pony rides were only a few of the activities that marked the end of two successful years at Prem. This kind of ‘Fun in the Sun’ is a terrific way for the whole school to celebrate their accomplishments, get to know each other better and look forward to seeing each other again on August 13, when the school reopens.

All 240 students worked together in organizing, supervising and participating in everything that the day had to offer.