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Kids' Corner

Week without Walls ...

Kids' Corner

Marvin likes bugs and recently he has been collecting a lot of them. I think that it is very good that Marvin is interested in learning about them and now he knows a lot about bugs. I am proud of him because he is always gentle with them and he only keeps them for a short time before he puts them back where he found them.

Marvin is also very, very, very careful when he is looking for bugs because we talked about how some of them are poisonous. That means if they bite you, you will get very sick. We also talked about how snakes like to hide in the same places as bugs sometimes and they can be extremely dangerous, so Marvin doesn’t look for bugs on his own in our garden. He always makes sure that he has an adult with him. He says it’s more fun looking for bugs with someone so he likes this idea.

Do you like to look for bugs? Write to Marvin and tell him some of the bugs that you have seen. If you have a picture that you have drawn you can send it to him as well. You can send them to:

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1) Why did the banana split?

2) What animals in Noah’s Ark didn’t come in pairs?

3) How do you make a sausage roll?

4) What do you call two rows of cabbages?


1) Because it saw the apple turnover

2) The worms, they came in the apples

3) You push it

4) Duel cabbageway

This week we have a picture from Morgan who is in Kindergarten. She likes to collect butterflies. Can you see them in her picture?

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Week without Walls ...

Story by Renee Lavergne

Towards the end of the school year, sixty-four 7th and 8th grade Chiang Mai International School students piled out of an endless line of buses onto the lush grounds of Maekok River Village Resort. They were bubbling over with enthusiasm and nervous anticipation as they were about to embark on an amazing adventure. Four days of pure fun lay ahead as they would be immersed in the natural classroom of the great outdoors to learn about teamwork, personal excellence, and community development.

Sung Soo (Solomon) Lee from Korea speeds along the mountain bike obstacle course.

The Yellow team poses after conquering their fears during the assault course challenge. Standing left to right: Michal Filbeck, Denise Van Dorp, Caris Cooper, Panisa (Jan) Singhanetr, Joo Ye Kim, Mai Toyosaki, Tana Lucksanapiruk, Sung Soo (Solomon) Lee. Sitting left to right: Lian Hui Lui, Akanit Kuntolbutre.

Each day, the six color-coded teams and their CMIS teacher leader headed out to try their hand at outdoor activities such as canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing, orienteering, trekking and traversing the assault course and cargo net. Throughout the camp, emphasis was placed on team spirit and accordingly each day ended with a ‘team challenge’: an activity consisting of various puzzles each team had to solve within an allotted time frame. Students were also encouraged to participate in community projects and to that end, each team contributed several hours of hard work and sweat to the existing organic farming projects currently underway at the Resort.

By the end of the four days, the atmosphere had considerably mellowed. The students were tired from their hard work and intense fun. Indeed, it was a quiet group that packed their bags and climbed onto the buses home. However, it was also a group of wiser, well-developed students. Evident from the smiles on their faces was the reality that this group of students was returning home with the satisfaction of knowing that they had built new friendships, acquired new skills and had birthed a desire to continue to explore the wider world to which they had been exposed.