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Proporis, a natural extract cosmetic

The Reflection of Women’s Surroundings

Spiritual Skills Seminars announced for Bangkok and Chiang Mai

CMU Walking Street fair launched

NOHMEX to promote Chiang Mai as the handicraft center

Proporis, a natural extract cosmetic

New entrant in the MLM stakes

Supatatt Dangkrueng

Ton Nam Mae Raming officially released its Proporis brand-name cosmetics on July 11. Karun Chumchuwat, managing director of Ton Nam Mae Raming, said the major ingredient of Proporis is an extract from bees, followed by avocado, aloe vera, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, chamomile, vitamin E and herbs. It is designed to prevent wrinkles and heal unhealthy skin.

Karun Chumchuwat, managing director of the new cosmetic Proporis.

There are various kinds of products provided at the Proporis center, from moisturizing creams, herbal soaps, herbal shampoos and conditioners. The target market is teenagers and working people, the young who are always having problems with pimples and older people who are worried about wrinkles and dark skin.

Karun Chumchuwat added that it is going to launch branches in other provinces as well as in Bangkok and they will distribute their products using the MLM (multi-level marketing) strategy. It is hoped that this year revenue would reach 40 million baht.

People applying to become MLM agents.

The Reflection of Women’s Surroundings

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

“Venus’ Party: her story ... his story ... our story”, the collaborative work of Crescent Moon Theatre, B-Floor Theatre Group, and Wow Company (Thailand), was presented as a part of the Monthly Theatre Project of Chiang Mai University’s Art Museum on July 19-20.

“Venus’ Party: her story ... his story ... our story” explored how women relate to the different spaces surrounding them.

The work was a three-part movement-based performance, which explored how women relate to the different spaces surrounding them, beginning with a woman and her body, a woman and her office, and a woman and her husband. It was performed as a physical theatre, and previously had been performed at the Women Theatre Conference 2003 in the Philippines.

The performance was directed by Sineenath Keitprapai, who is experienced in Thai-Japanese Theatre and as a representative from Thailand, attended the Second Conference of Asian Women Theatre in the Philippines in November 2002. The choreographer of this performance was Teerawut Mulvilai.

The Crescent Moon Theatre applies the dynamic style of theatre, communicating in the abstract manner of the stage performers, while B-Floor Theatre Group emphasized the elements of theatre creation, human body, objects, light, and sound, also seeking to communicate universal values of human interaction through a new style of performance. Wow Company (Thailand) intended to conceive a new style of interference theatre, which incorporated popular cultural myths, physical movement, and selected autobiographical experiences of the actors.

All in all, a very ambitious piece of theatre and a credit to all involved.

Spiritual Skills Seminars announced for Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Discover spiritual tools to help answer questions about life. “Have I lived before?”; “Have I had past relationships with my present spouse?”; “Do dreams really have any significance in my life?”.

These questions, similar topics and more will be discussed at the upcoming spiritual skills seminars titled, ‘Is Life a Random Walk’ - Spiritual tools to help answer life’s questions’ to be held on 27 July 2003, at the Novotel Lotus hotel on Sulhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok, and on 29 July at the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai. The events are open to the public.

The seminars will include workshops; small group discussions; question and answer sessions, and local speakers discussing topics like: Dreams the key to heaven; The spiritual purpose of relationships; and Surrender, love and past lives.

The featured guest speaker, Dr. Karen Jensen, of Vancouver Canada, will present an interactive workshop titled, ‘The Grace of God’s Love in All Life’ - how we can recognize the actions of Divine Spirit in our lives.

This event is sponsored by the Bangkok Eckankar Satsang, a local Thai group, with the expressed purpose of promoting the spiritual unfoldment and understanding for people of all faiths who are looking for divine love, wisdom and spiritual freedom in this life time.

For further information please contact Bob, 01 801 8809 or Sukhbir, at 06 5599 232.

CMU Walking Street fair launched

Hopes to increase student incomes

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

Chiang Mai University Students Union (CMUSU) worked in cooperation with other student parties to organize their version of “walking street” from midday until midnight along the main street in the campus.

A model of the CMU clock tower and an electric bus, the best selling items in walking street.

The project between the CMUSU, the 12 Relations Party, and Youth Democratic Party was approved by the president of the CMU, Assist Prof Dr. Niphon Tuwanon, and the CMU university committee, and was christened the Weekend to Relax.

The project intended to provide an opportunity for CMU students to earn extra income by selling products and presenting street performances. It was a place for them to express their creativity through drama or personal creativity.

There were more than 70 booths, many selling handmade products such as elephant shaped pencil boxes, wooden paper clips, clay magnets, hair ornaments, and especially models of the CMU clock tower and an electric bus.

Both sellers and buyers enjoyed the CMU fair.

“I like this special event very much because I can buy many nice things at a reasonable price. Also, this is a special day that my friends and I can stay out longer enjoying all the fun of the fair with movies, music, and food stalls until midnight. Normally, we have to go back to the dorm before the 10 p.m. closing time,” said Aphinya Charoenmuang, a freshman at the Faculty of Engineering.

NOHMEX to promote Chiang Mai as the handicraft center

Looking for government budgets

Supatatt Dangkrueng

Pairatch Towiwat, advisor to the Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NOHMEX) said that they have proposed a handicraft project to the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) to make this project possible and to ask for a budget.

He said that he was one of the group working to develop handicrafts and souvenir products, so they were pushing this project to increase the competitiveness and value added nature of local products.

In cooperation with the Fine Art Faculty, Chiang Mai University, the association is committed to creating brand name designs and types of products in the Lanna style.

Pairatch said that seventy percent of the entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai are in the handicraft and souvenir production industry, so they would like to promote Chiang Mai and northern region as a handicraft city. “We should get the project off the ground by developing brand, increasing our competitiveness, and changing materials and production processes. Chiang Mai could be famous as a handicraft city,” said Pairatch.

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