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Kids' Corner

Scholarships being offered to study energy conservation

Science Contest on again this year

Kids' Corner

Marvin has been enjoying the wet weather lately, as he likes to play in the puddles. The other day we saw a lot of lightning in the sky so Marvin went to the library to find out some information about it. Did you know that lightning can be very dangerous and that it can even kill you? Marvin has been telling us some ways to stay safe and he wants to share them with you too. Here is what you should do when it is lightning.

1) Take shelter in a building.

2) If there are no buildings, crouch down low.

3) Donít use the telephone.

4) Stay out of the water.

5) Donít stand under or near big trees, because they might fall down.

Do you know any interesting facts about the weather? Write to Marvin and tell him about them.

Marg and Marvin

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1) What kind of cat has eight legs?

2) What is a very hard subject to study?

3) What can always stay hot in the refrigerator?

4) Why donít bananas ever get lonely?


1) An octopus

2) The study of rocks

3) Chili sauce

4) Because they hang around in bunches

This week we have a picture from Natalie. She is in the Kindergarten.

If you have a nice picture that you have drawn, you can send it to Marvin and he will put it in the newspaper.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Scholarships being offered to study energy conservation

Supatatt Dangkrueng

Since 1996, students willing to study energy conservation have been eligible for financial assistance being provided by the Energy Saving Promotion Committee. Committee chairman Cherdpong Siriwich recently announced that the committee will continue to give away these scholarships, and this year the committee has budgeted 50 million baht for this purpose. Eligibility for scholarships are being divided into 2 groups, with 10 million baht allocated for domestic scholarships, and 40 million baht for studies abroad. Since this project was launched in 1996, a total of 273 scholarships have been awarded; 68 to study abroad and 205 to study domestically. The first group of students to receive this assistance has already graduated and now works within the power and energy saving field. Benefactors hope that students will continue to study at higher levels and eventually return to work for power and energy saving organizations, providing their knowledge to people in grassroots areas in order to conserve the nationís power and energy. Cherdpong added that this new generation will play an important role in the nationís future by learning how to save natural resources, as the country currently loses a billion baht worth of energy annually through inefficiency.

Science Contest on again this year

Supatatt Dangkrueng

The Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University has again arranged a science project contest, which this year will be held August 19-20 at the faculty. The contest is being organized to encourage students to create scientific experiments and give the future Einsteins an opportunity to exchange ideas, acknowledge each otherís creations and experiment in science. The contest is being divided into 3 classes, a physics project, a biological project, and an innovational approach from an applied science project. Each team should consist of 3 students plus an advisory teacher, as well as an additional, but optional, consultant. The candidates must all be students from schools within the eight northern provinces, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Phayao, Phrae and Nan. All projects will be displayed at the Science Faculty at CMU during August 19-20, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Judging will take place on the final day at 4.15 p.m. at Science Building 1100. All winners will receive shields and certificates. The outright winner of the northern region will participate at the national level later this year.