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Lovely textiles displayed at Long Mar Doo Gallery

Swiss Confederation Day celebrated at the Amari Rincome Hotel

New British Council director welcomed to Chiang Mai

Lovely textiles displayed at Long Mar Doo Gallery

Shannon Wardroper’s Solo Textile Artwork Exhibition took place at Long Mar Doo Gallery, which is attached to Cafe Mong Pearl, next to the Seven Fountains Church on Huay Kaew Rd., halfway between the Canal Rd. and the front gate of Chiang Mai University. It started on Sunday 3rd of August and ran until Friday the 8th.

Beautiful textile artworks and the triptych (shown here on the right) went to Japan for the group exhibition and was entitled “Cost/Benefit.” Also on display was Kimono silk (white), natural dyes, screen printing, roketsuzome, Hmong edges, “float” made of Thai silk, Hmong batik, Hmong edging, and embroidery. Every single one of the artistic pieces was ‘to die for’.

Swiss Confederation Day celebrated at the Amari Rincome Hotel

by Marion Vogt; Photos by Michael Vogt

You do not have to live in Switzerland to celebrate Swiss National Day. You can celebrate it anywhere in the world if you have some enthusiastic Swiss people who love fun and good food. Both can be found in Chiang Mai, and the Amari Rincome Hotel invited everyone to an evening of Swiss specialties on 1st of August.

The Raclette station at the pool - the only one in the whole northern area of Thailand.

Confederation Day, the Swiss National Holiday, celebrated on August 1st, was instituted at the end of the 19th century. The date actually refers to an agreement made at the beginning of August 1291 between the cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden. Traditional observance includes bonfires on the mountains and celebrations in the communities, all occasions for patriotic speeches. A constitutional change, voted by the Swiss in 1993, proclaimed it a public holiday in the entire country.

Instead of the traditional bonfire, the Amari Rincome used a number more appropriate Khom Loi’s, by the poolside.

The night at the Amari Rincome was a fine example of how to celebrate the event. No, they did not have bonfires on Doi Suthep, but they had everything else. Salmon tartar with arrugula salad leaves and citrus flavors, a charcuterie of Swiss air-dried beef, smoked bacon and dried nut ham with condiments, Basel style salmon, marinated in fresh lemon juice and pan fried, served topped with saut้ed onion rings.

La Gritta Restaurant at the Amari Rincome, bursting with Swissophiles and connoisseurs.

A separate Raclette station was outside at the pool where Irish (Swiss for the evening) Chef Adrian, following the explanation of Swiss GM Marc, arranged the only original Swiss Raclette cheese wheel in the whole northern area for the guests. For those who did not go, Raclette is made by cutting a large cheese in half and heating it until it melts. The melted cheese is then scraped onto a baked potato and garnished with pickles.

The very traditional Zrcher Geschnetzeltes was not missing either. While it is possible to use any type of meat to prepare this item, the original was made with cut veal. Traditionally, it came with Rosti potatoes and bacon glazed with Emmenthal cheese hashed potatoes.

Desserts included the Basler Leckerli (Basel cookies) or Rhubarb compote with vanilla ice cream made with lots of honey - very sweet - and tasted just wonderful!

New British Council director welcomed to Chiang Mai

Michael and Marion Vogt

A reception was held at the British Council Chiang Mai on July 31 to farewell Dr Bhaskar Chakravarti, and to welcome the new

From left - Suthipong Chindasilp, director of Niyompanich, Surachai Leosawasthiphong, managing director of The Gallery, Surapong Sugunnasil, former director of the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club, and Norachai Prasertmanukitch, Chiangmai Mail.

 director of the British Council Thailand, Peter Upton. Guests included the governor of Chiang Mai, members of the academic community and other British Council contacts.

Eye-catching beauties - Dr. Taksina Kunarucks, CMU, on the left, and M. L. Preeyapun Sridhavat, Honorary Consul of Peru and owner of the Chiangmai Ballet Academy.

Dr Chakravarti spent three months in Chiang Mai studying Thai when he first arrived to take up his post in 2000. As a result of his time here, he and his wife Leila have formed a deep attachment to the city and the north and will undoubtedly return for visits in the future. Dr Chakravarti leaves to take up a post at the British Council head office in London where he will be director of global estates.

A toast to strengthen all friendships, and to create new opportunities.

Peter Upton has over 22 years of experience in education and arts, and has worked in a number of countries including Hong Kong, the USA, Spain and France. His last post in London was director of education and training in which he was responsible for the implementation of strategic priorities for international education and training and initiatives world-wide, including the Education UK campaign.

From left - David Hardcastle, managing director of Good Morning Chiang Mai, Pol. Lt. Col. Kanokpun Roobkajorn, inspector at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office, with Pol Capt. Napassawan Sripha and Chiangmai Mail’s MD Michael Vogt.

Peter’s interests are not confined to education. He is a passionate advocate of both arts and science, and has a strong belief in developing new areas that showcase the best of the UK to deepen partnerships. He has worked with the Breuninger

Dr. Bhaskar Chakravarti receives a token of appreciation from David Hopkinson.

 Foundation in Germany, HSBC Bank and British Airways on community arts programmes for young people. He said, “I am delighted at the opportunity of working in such an interesting and vibrant country.” Peter has two children, aged 12 and 16, who he says keep him from becoming too serious - and when he has time off he flies micro-lights, goes mountain walking and cooks.

From left - Incoming director of the British Council Thailand Peter Upton, with outgoing director, Dr. Bhaskar Chakravart, and David Hopkinson, British Council director, Chiang Mai.

Suthipong Chindasilp and Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat.

Enjoying a good glass of wine and a chat (from left) Sandra, next to her husband Dr. Chaithawat, and Assoc. Prof. Chesada.


Tourism Authority of Thailand Northern Office Director Chalermsak Suranant exchanges views with Chiangmai Mail Chairman of the Board Norachai Prasertmanukitch and MD Michael Vogt.