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Kids' Corner

Embassy of India increases scholarships for training

Kids' Corner

Marvin has been visiting the library a lot lately because he has found some very interesting information books. He likes to find out lots of information about stuff that sometimes we don't think much about. This is called trivia information. Marvin wants to tell you some of the trivia that he has found out about our bodies.

* More than half of your bones are in your hands and feet.

* About 8 million blood cells are made in your body every second. They replace the 8 million blood cells that die every second.

* Your right lung is larger than your left lung.

* Muscles move in and out in waves to get food from your mouth to your stomach. That means that even if you stood on your head, food would get to your stomach!

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1) What sits on the bottom of the ocean and shivers?

2) How do you get a skunk to stop smelling?

3) Why do bees hum?

4) What is bigger when it is upside down?


1) A nervous wreck

2) Hold the skunkís nose

3) Because they donít know the words

4) The number 6

This week we have a picture by Natee. She is in Year 4.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Embassy of India increases scholarships for training


The Indian government has substantially increased the number of scholarships being awarded to nominees of the Royal Thai Government. Scholarships have increased from 30 to 70 under Indiaís various technical, economic and regional assistance programs.

The Indian government offers short-term training in India in a large number of fields, including information technology, computer education, office management, manpower development, agribusinesses, rural development, income generating activities, empowerment of women, business enterprises, industrial production, textile industry, banking, accounting, auditing, developmental journalism, educational, planning, teaching, and English language.

The duration of training varies from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the course. Selected candidates will be given economy class return air tickets, boarding, lodging, and study tours in India.

Interested persons should contact the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation (DTEC), tel. 02 282-2845, 02 281-0966 for further information and application. The embassy will entertain only applications recommended by the DTEC.