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Lanna Canoe and Kayak Team takes top spots in national rowing competition

Thai Cheerleader Championship, northern round took place last weekend

Latin dance sport bring taught in Chiang Mai

7th Family Fun Rally scheduled for next month

Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CMSH3 Run 580

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Chiangmai SportRoundup

Lanna Canoe and Kayak Team takes top spots in national rowing competition

Nuttanee Thaveephol

Karn Khansuwan and Anusorn Sommitre, national athletes from Lanna Canoe and Kayak Team, earned overall male K2 gold medals last weekend in the Thailand Paddle Boat National Competition at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir, Chiang Mai.

Making the podium - overall male K2 gold medals for Karn Khansuwan and Anusorn Sommitre from Lanna Canoe and Kayak Team, silver medals went to Nakornping Club and bronze medals to Raja Navy Team.

Nakornping Club finished second, whilst the Raja Navy Team took third.

Two sisters also made a big splash in the August 16-17 competition, as Pimchanok and Piyamala Narinthornsorasak from Lanna Canoe and Kayak Team won 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

The Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand, Chiang Mai Sports Association, and the 33rd Military Circle, in cooperation with the Southeast Asia Canoe Federation, Asia Canoe Federation, and International Canoe Federation organized the competition.

Maj. Gen. Thawat Jarukalas, vice-president of the tournament committee said that the event was held to encourage Chiang Mai people to participate in rowing activities and as a way to solve drug problems among youths.

15 teams competed from throughout Thailand, joining 40 competition programs divided into 8 canoeing programs, 24 kayaking programs, and 8 traditional boat competition programs.

Thai Cheerleader Championship, northern round took place last weekend

Supatatt Dangkrueng

As part of the “To Be Number One” project, the Cheerleader Thailand Championship northern stage got underway at Central Airport Plaza August 16-17 with many teams participating.

Teams from 17 provinces in the northern region took part in this northern competition. The judging for northern representatives was held on August 18 to determine which high school team and which university team would advance to the final round on October 18.

The winning team celebrates their hard-earned trophy and prizes.

S.K.T Cheer from Sukhothai Wittayakom School won the high school level competition, earning a first prize of 20,000 baht and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup.

The team from Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat Institute, named Crown, won the audience’s heart and first prize at the university level.

Chiang Mai hosted the second stage of the contest; the first stage was in Nakhon Ratchasima a week earlier. All contestants are vying for HM the Queen’s Cup and Princess Ubolratana’s Cup.

The cheerleader competition is a joint project between the Public Health Ministry’s Mental Health Department, Office of Narcotics Control Board, Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai and other co-sponsors.

Latin dance sport bring taught in Chiang Mai

Pichitpon Tongtuek

Mrs. Chularat Phongtudsirikul, associate general secretary of Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Chiang Mai, said that the YMCA has begun to teach “Latin Dance Sport”, to encourage healthy lifestyles. The Latin - American dancing style has become famous both in Thailand and other countries.

Local youths won first prize in a recent international youth dancing competition.

“It is a very good news that recently our own youths won first prize in an international youth dancing competition ... and that Sucharee Wongchai is now our tutor,” said Mrs. Chularat.

She added that youths aged between 8 & 11 years old can apply for tutoring. Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 2 p.m. and 4:30 - 6 p.m.

For more information, contact 053 2201 819, 053 221 820 ext. 1102, 1104.

7th Family Fun Rally scheduled for next month

From Amari Rincome Hotel to Angkhang Nature Resort

Phitsanu Thepthong

Amari Rincome Hotel in Chiang Mai and Angkhang Nature Resort in Fang announced the public is invited to take part in a great weekend of fun and sports in the form of a car rally being called the 7th Family Fun Rally September 27-28. The aim of the event is to allow people to “get in touch” with the natural beauty of Angkhang Mountain Resort.

This is a wonderful way to spend a weekend and a great opportunity to renew acquaintances, plus meet new friends.

The event is for the whole family, and will include games, activities, prizes and trophies. His Serene Highness Prince Bhisadej Rajanee, chairman of the Royal Project Foundation, will present prizes to the winners.

The application cost is from 730 baht (for a child, aged 3-12 years), 3,100 baht for additional twin room, the same car, 2,150 baht for additional single room, and 1,950 baht for single for additional person, and 3,490 baht net for two persons and one car, including one night’s accommodation at the Angkhang Nature Resort plus breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Prices include 2 coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, breakfast, and one night at Angkhang Nature Resort on September 27.

During the evening entertainment and reception, all participants can enjoy a mini-concert presented by Red Jazz, and led by Daeng Fantastic.

For more information and reservations, please call 053 - 221 044 or email: [email protected]

Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the “ONON” pub (Moon Mueng Soi 1) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the “ONON” Pub every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!

CMSH3 Run 580

Hares: Bone Hur and Burrito Butt. A rumour I had heard is the Kenyan Team for the New York Marathon are shifting camp to use this run for their training. This made me a bit frantic but all looked well, and as we milled about awaiting the start everyone seemed normal: Frank N Stein read his Hash Trash in a crouching position with a cloud of smoke threatening to cover him and the derelict truck he was beside; may have been a good thing it would have hidden the 50 cigarette butts around him?

Kiwi B’d was selling his wares including his latest items, g strings with On On printed on the tiny front, not On In as earlier suggested. Anyway enough gossip.

The run started with great enthusiasm by all. On we went, then On and On and On, after what seemed an eternity of torture we came to the first check. Left or straight we all mused? Wombat raced on straight, kicking up a small dust trail and was never seen again till the end, and on paper the entire time. Our visiting Hasher from Bangkok (who’s name I don’t know if I was told or just drank the correct amount after the run and can’t remember?) led the way left with Daglocks in hot pursuit followed by Better Knot and others at a more leisurely pace (due to exhaustion). By this stage we were on to a dirt road which made a pleasant change from the gravel one and had turned a corner also, and funny as it may seem were also running on paper?!

With the blistering pace the crowd thinned and all was quiet except for Dyke Converter’s calls of “ON YOU” followed by his grumbling of, “The b’d’s aren’t calling”. We met a few smiling locals on the way who offered no end of encouraging words of which being dumb I understood none.

Finally after about 40 minutes we came to “B” where Burrito Butt was smiling and handing out refreshments to the FRBs who were no where to be seen. So ON ON this time for variety on a tar seal road, after dodging multiple cars and bikes and more encouraging locals, still nothing, just On and On and On. Luckily we passed Bone Hur driving in the opposite direction so that spurred us on. Finally we changed to a concrete road to compress our vertebrae the final bit and snap our hamstrings for good measure. Another 1/2 hour saw us arrive back at “A”. Funnily no sign of Daglocks or our visiting friend, they finally staggered in 1/2 hour later after taking a 6km run to a dead end on paper as well. All’s well that ends well it seems?

Write up by Better Knot

Circle 580

We were again able to witness Burrito Butt star in Hares on Ice with yet a new co-star, the unwitting Bone Hur. Wombat opened the circle and immediately put these 2 worthless on ice. Then, to try to show that he’s not a complete [email protected]#$, Wombat gave the hares a chance to give out a splash each before receiving the deluge of splashes that was sure to follow. Nice try, Womsie. They both blew it, gave false splashes and had to drink it down themselves.

While the hares remained on ice, Wombat brought in Scamper for leaving his pants in the back of X-Virgin Sister’s car. Scamper looked a bit dazed at the thought of being in XVS’s car without his pants but did the down-down admirably. Next in was Daglocks to lose his [email protected]#$& and then in came Burrito Butt to be given double honors-both the [email protected]#! and the [email protected]#$&.

JM Hole P took the circle and honored those foolish enough to run the 7 km stretch of tarmac necessary to do the whole run. They were (in no particular order) - Quazzimoto, A Vice, Better Knot, Head Hacker, Dyke Converter, Wombat, Square Rooter, Daglocks, BF and, of course, HP. What Dykie hated was that since it was straight back on tarmac, he was not able to run off paper. The JM then brought in the returnees - Quazzimoto, Nomad, A Vice, BF, Where the Hell is Bob and Square Rooter. We also had a Virgin - Yaa from Eesan and finally he splashed Superman for running long.

The circle went back to Wombat and he brought in BF for throwing butts on the ground. PTC was splashed for leaning and being disrespectful and Kiwi B’d got the yacker yet again. He then punished Pamela for not putting his byline on his critique of Wombat’s run last week.

Wombat then punished the slugs, BS and Kiwi B’d and punished Head Hacker and Daglocks for having a private party and put Better Knot on ice as an accomplice. He then splashed Smiling O and Fish & T for not owning up to being slugs as well. He then splashed a whole bevy of late comers - Superman, Super B, Bend Over, Sun Spot, Quazzimoto and A Vice.

Wombat finally got out of the circle and the Web W, Head Hacker took over. He splashed Burrito Butt for fixing a Hash sign by putting it on top of another Hash sign on top of a red & white sign. Good Work, BB! He brought in Dyke Converter for throwing cans away and then Frank N. Stein for being smarter than the average monster.

X-Virgin Sister took the circle and brought in BF for complaining that the circle was too long and that he wanted to sit down. So she directed him to sit on the ice. She then brought in all the “ladies” for being victims of this run.

The wings were given to HP and Bone Collector and since we were out of beer, the circle was closed.

Helping drinkers feel good

Yet more research highlights the benefits of alcohol

G’day readers, you’ll like this one, a health and fitness article with proof that a drink can be good for you. But before you go on, read between the lines: ‘moderation’ is the word and alcohol is just another form of energy. If you don’t regularly burn off the energy that you consume it will be stored. How much? Just as a sideline, a 330ml bottle of Heineken is worth 130 calories which transposes to 8 minutes of running at a speed of 12.5 kilometres per hour on a flat treadmill. If running is not your thing then walking at a medium to brisk pace (5km/hour) for 29 and a half minutes will burn off the energy in that bottle of beer.

One of these (not all at once) could be good for your health.

As long ago as the late 1980s, the men’s ‘waist loss’ program, GutBusters, claimed that alcohol (a) is not fattening per se, and (b) has positive health benefits. Since that time, much research has supported these postulations. In the first place, biochemical evidence shows that although there are three biochemical systems for the metabolism of alcohol, none result in alcohol being converted to fat. If energy intake is reduced, particularly through the reduction of fat, alcohol can be enjoyed with good weight losses.

Alcohol and health

On the second issue, research has now convincingly shown the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, so much so that an editorial in the January 2003 edition of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine discusses the question of whether alcohol use should be standard medical advice - at least for post heart attack patients. This follows from a large study of over 35,000 health professionals by researchers at Harvard University which showed that not only is heart attack risk reduced in drinkers, but it decreases almost linearly: (a) with the amount of alcohol consumed (at least up to 50g/day) (b) with the number of days it is consumed (regular consumption is healthier than ‘bingeing’), (c) irrespective of whether it is consumed with or without meals, and (d) irrespective of the type of alcohol drunk.

Wine and blood fats

In more detailed work carried out at Curtin University in Western Australia, Dr Sebely Pal has examined the effects of red wine on aspects of ‘bad’ cholesterol in women with high cholesterol levels. Unlike previous studies, which just looked at total cholesterol, Dr Pal has broken this down into sub-components (Apo B 100; Apo B48), which are known to be associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Surprisingly, she and her team have found that de-alcoholised red wine reduces these apoliproteins (carriers of ‘bad’ cholesterol) even more than red wine containing alcohol. However, the wine containing alcohol is still as effective as some of the best known cholesterol-lowering drugs in reducing the problem.

In further examining why this may be the case, Dr Pal’s team has extracted some of the chemicals in red wine (known as polyphenols) that are known to have anti-oxidant properties. In cell cultures in a test tube, it is these that have the biggest effects on apolipoprotein lowering. Other forms of alcohol contain different phenols which may explain the benefits of all kinds. So the glass of wine each day is worth it just for the blood cleaning and it will cost you 90 calories which, again, will need a 21 minute walk to ensure you don’t store the excess energy. Excess energy in the body is stored in the muscles, to a lesser degree in the liver, both as sugars and anything in excess of the storage capacity of the muscles and liver will be stored as fats - all over the body - internally and externally.

Take home message

The good news out of all this is that overweight individuals can continue to drink alcohol in moderation and get health as well as weight loss benefits - provided overall energy intake is reduced.

For reference

1. Pal S and others. Red wine polyphenolics increase low density lipoprotein expression and activity and suppress the secretion of Apo B100 from human HepG2 cells. Journal of Nutrition, 2003 (in press). 2. Mukamal KJ and others. Roles of drinking patterns and type of alcohol consumed in coronary heart disease in men. New England Journal of Medicine, 2003; 348 (2): 109-118.