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Air Traffic Controller tells stories at Rotary meeting

Latin Jazz with Jazzisimo

Loads of fun at Amari Rincome staff party

Dance with an Angel

Air Traffic Controller tells stories at Rotary meeting

Michael Vogt

Retired Air Traffic Controller and long-time resident of Chiang Mai, Fred Lambersoy (Norway) was the recent guest speaker at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club Chiang Mai West. Defining his job as a person who says ‘what-to-do-when’ at an airport, he informed that, despite the technical developments and inventions, the most important instrument a controller has to work with are the eyes.

Receiving a token of appreciation from Rotarian Jacques Op de Laak is Fred Lambersoy (on the right) who was the guest speaker at the Rotary meeting of Chiang Mai West.

The members of the Rotary Club learned that although 5 different languages were officially approved by the Air Traffic Control Association based in Montreal, Canada, every country in the world has the right to use it’s own language, which at times can make it very difficult, or even impossible, for controllers and pilots to steer a plane in a foreign country.

Fred recalled an incident during his time at the old Hong Kong Airport, where a pilot, approaching from a mini airport in Mainland China, did not understand a word Fred was saying, which almost led to disaster. Only when a native speaker came to the rescue, the pilot simply turned around, and flew back. Apparently, this pilot also insisted on using his own rural dialect. We wonder what the passengers on the plane thought about returning home, although they intended to go to Hong Kong.

Latin Jazz with Jazzisimo

Marion Vogt

Every year the U.S. Department of State with the help of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts plans and elects 7 Jazz Ambassador quartets out of an audition of several hundred bands. Jazz is such an important part of American culture that the U.S. State Department sends jazz musicians to other countries as ambassadors. It is America’s classical music, as Dr. Billy Taylor the Kennedy Center Artistic advisor states.

(From left to right) Daniel Kelly, keyboardist, Allison Miller, drummer, Harvey S, bass and Virginia Mayhew with her tenor saxophone.

So, the U.S. Department of State provides the quartets with overseas traveling expenses and a modest honorarium. The tours, which usually last 4 to 6 weeks, are designated for countries that are not often visited by American musicians.

The motto changes every year and this year the theme was Latin Jazz. While Latin dance music and Latin jazz have much in common, there is one major difference. The most important part of any dance music is a steady beat for dancers. The most important part of jazz is improvisation - making up music as it is played. The combination of jazz improvisation and Latin dance rhythmus began about 100 years ago but on August 30th at the studio of Channel 11, Jazzisimo played it to perfection. The fun and the joy of these musicians went from stage over to the audience and when Virginia Mayhew asked the audience after the first songs if they liked it or indeed had any questions, it was surprising to see people checking for wording and background of the performed songs.

All of the Jazzisimo members played solos and Allison Miller, the 28-year-old drummer and drum instructor, who began playing the drums at the age of ten, was another example of an outstanding and superb ambassador of Jazz. When Daniel Kelly, a pianist, keyboardist and composer played his solos, the audience was fascinated by the way his hands and fingers took over the instrument. Daniel Kelly has performed in jazz festivals all over the world.

It is regrettable that this indeed marvelous performance and gig could not be witnessed by a larger live audience, since it is not every day that Chiang Mai has musicians of this caliber in town.

Loads of fun at Amari Rincome staff party

Marion & Michael Vogt

The Amari Rincome Hotel recently celebrated its annual staff party. Almost all of the 150 staff were present and did not want to miss their individual opportunity to win one of the spectacular prizes, such as refrigerators, DVD players, microwave ovens or bicycles, amongst a number of gold chains. The most incredible and rather unusual fact, especially at all Amari hotels, is, that a substantial number of staff was recognized for working 20 and even 30 years for the same company and hotel.

Don’t drop the Mrs.! GM Marc Dumur, Chef Adrian O’Herlihy and RM Chanin put on their dancing shoes and did an acrobatic rendition of a trendy pop song, during which they hand carried their female counterparts. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

One of the highlights of the evening was when 3 executives, GM Marc Dumur, Chef Adrian O’Herlihy and RM Chanin had to put on their dancing shoes and did an acrobatic rendition of a trendy pop song, during which they had to hand carry their female counterparts. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured or needed medical attention.

Dance with an Angel

Zonta Club Chiang Mai’s theme for fundraising dance

“Dance with an Angel” is the theme of the 2003 fund-raising event organized by Zonta International Chiangmai Club. It will be an enjoyable evening of fine food and wine. Entertainment will be supplied by well-known musicians Teh and Bella Intaranan and the Jazzliners Band. The Prem Center Acapella, an enthusiastic youthful singing group, will put in a debut appearance. After these performances, guests will dance throughout the night to great music.

The ‘Wink and a Smile’ dance routine drew encores from the guests at a previous Zonta Fund-raising. The upcoming ‘Dance with an Angel’ on Friday, September 12 at the Imperial Mae Ping Ballroom promises to be even more fun. Chorus Line from left to right: Hope Watcharapreecha, Celeste Holland, Margaret Bhadungzong and (far right) Club President Jiamjit Boonsom.

Not only can partygoers look forward to good food and entertainment, also throughout the evening there will be drawings for prize giveaways. No need for guests to buy lotto tickets, all ticket holders are eligible to win a prize.

Zonta International Chiangmai Club (ZICC) #1586 was chartered on October 25, 1997 and since then has been fully operational. The current members are comprised of academics from universities, international schools and are career women in private industry. The mission of ZICC is to provide needed support to impoverished, underprivileged women and their families living in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. In particular, the programs address the diverse array of medical and social needs required by people inflected with, or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Pooling their wide variety of practical and academic experiences, ZICC members implement the Holistic Care Model approach to promote both physical and mental health care for people with HIV/AIDS. All proceeds support ZICC community service projects such as:

1. The Grandma Cares Project, an outreach to senior citizens established in 1992.

2. A Student Fund, providing uniforms and books to 300 orphans -established in the year 2000.

3. The ‘Thursday Club’, a monthly support group for people living with AIDS (PWAs), established in 1990.

4. The Chalermprakiat School for Girls in Pasang Lamphun, established in 2001.

The event takes place on Friday, September 12 at 7 p.m. in the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel Ballroom. Tickets are 1,000 baht donation. Corporate sponsorship is welcome at 10,000 baht.

A few of the valued gifts in the lucky draw are:

* 2 round trip tickets on Bangkok Airways

* 2 gold necklaces

* DVD player from President Ladda of Zonta Bangkok 3

* 2 complimentary spa treatments from Chiangmai Oasis Spa

* A gift from Mengrai Kilns Chiangmai

* A gift voucher from Ban Sabai Spa

* TG gifts

* Lunch for 2 at the Regent Chiang Mai Resort & Spa

* Gifts from Zontian Accurate Engineering of Bangkok

* Gift from President Jatuporn Limpiyasrisakul of Zonta Bangkok 5

If you haven’t been able to lend a helping hand recently, this is your opportunity to do so. The public can make donations to ZICC community service projects by bank transfer to Zonta International Chiangmai Club (Margaret Bhadungzong) 251 0 50497 - 6 at Bangkok Bank, Thapae Rd. Branch (please fax your bank pay-in slip to fax 053 248033).

Your generosity is much appreciated by the persons in our community who Zonta International Chiangmai assists daily throughout the year.

Buy your tickets today from Zontian Daranee Parker at Parker’s on Huay Kaew Road or Zontian Celeste Holland or Zontian Aree Buchard. You are invited to call event chairperson, Past President Margaret Bhadungzong at tel. 053 260 705.