O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Good Pub Grub, but be warned! O’Malley was a big feller!

O’Malley’s Irish Pub has only been going for three months, but the Dining Out Team felt it was time to see if the ‘bar room talk’ about the food was as we had been hearing. We descended, four of us for lunch. At that time, the Anusarn Market is probably a little less busy than in the evenings, but parking is always available, even in the pay a few baht carpark.

The atmosphere as you walk in is certainly a pub, and an Irish one too. Dark wood panelling and a sit-up bar along one side. On the other some alcoves and free-standing tables covered with green tablecloths (is there any other colour for the Emerald Isle)? Down the back is a pool table and festooned from the walls are beer tankards, tea pots, horse brasses, fishing gear and the world’s oldest golf bag, as used by Henry Cotton’s great-great grandfather. (I made that up, but it’s the Irish atmosphere that makes you into a story teller!)

The menu starts with all-day breakfasts starting at 99 baht and ending up with an eight ounce rib eye steak at B. 220. There is also the first ‘red eye’ Bloody Mary served with breakfast at only B. 40! O’Malley knew his clientele!

Next is a page of starters all around B. 50, including chicken wings, Louisiana or Oriental, chips and onion rings. Soups are B. 50-80 including an interesting sounding Oyster chowder, followed by salads B. 50-80.

Sandwiches and burgers range between B. 50 for a simple grilled ham and cheese through to another eight ounce rib eye open faced sandwich with garlic toast, chips and onion rings at B. 200.

Traditional pub fare (B. 130-180) covers fish and chips, pies and Irish stew, then there are steaks B. 240 through to B. 350 for a 12 oz. Rib eye with the works. BBQ ribs and chicken follow B. 150-200 and then international favourites all under B. 220, and there’s also a 17 item Thai selection all under B. 100.

Owner Scott (Canadian, not American or Irish, by the way) suggested a few items, so we sat back and had a drink while waiting. Now I will let you into a little secret, Miss Terry doesn’t drink alcohol at lunchtime. But in this pub, it would have seemed out of place not to have a beer, so I did - but only one!

We had a couple of starters with a Caesar salad that was delightfully ‘sharp’ and some potato skins all ‘bacony’ and cheese and then shared the ‘House Special’ breakfast with some beautiful back bacon. We began to feel full, but the shock was yet to come!

On a huge plate, out came a rack of baby back ribs, and let me tell you that it was a big baby! It was accompanied by coleslaw, corn on the cob, chips, tomato and baked beans, and cost B. 150. This has to be the hungry man’s bargain of the year!

If that was not enough, Scott then trots out a Beef and Guinness pie, complete with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Again on a huge plate, and a very tasty item too. Our resident ‘pie eater’ gave it the thumbs up. But he hadn’t finished with us - out came a traditional Bangers and Mash, on a non-traditional huge plate as well. Great food, but we had to call a halt. We were all very full. Correction - very, very full!

There was no doubting the size of the portions at O’Malley’s. O’Malley must have been a big feller. No, huge! The ribs looked like half the beast! As well as being more than adequate portions, the food was pub grub of a high standard. Quite frankly, I believe that the food is currently under-priced, so if you are looking for a ‘huge’ bargain in the eating stakes (no pun intended) head for O’Malley’s. We certainly will, but skip all meals for the day beforehand! Recommended highly for a classic pub night (or lunch).

O’Malley’s Irish Pub, (in the Anusarn Market),149/14-15 Changklan Road, Chiang Mai, telephone 053 271 921, email [email protected]