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Kids' Corner

Something’s cooking at Prem: The Kindergarten Program

CMIS student council elects new representatives

Double reason to celebrate

Kids' Corner

Marvin likes to go shopping, especially when he gets a special treat. He knows that he can’t have a treat every time that we go shopping so he has begun to save up his allowance money. This way, when we go shopping he can buy a book or a special toy for himself. He is getting very good at saving up his money and he doesn’t like to waste it all on silly things. Have you ever saved up your money for something special? Write to Marvin and tell him. You can send your letters to:

Marg and Marvin
Chiangmai Mail
156-158 Im-boon Housing Estate
Muangsamut Road
T. Changmoi, A. Muang,
Chiang Mai
Email: [email protected]
Or fax: 053 234 145


1) Why did the jellybean go to school?
2) What did the policeman have on his sandwich?
3) Why was the little strawberry worried?
4) Why is an island like the letter T?


1) He wanted to be a smartie
2) Traffic jam
3) Because his parents were in a jam
4) They are both in the middle of water

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Something’s cooking at Prem: The Kindergarten Program

Katherine Voll

Last Thursday evening parents of the K1 and K2 kindergarten class at Prem Tinsulanonda International School sat down to steaming bowls of vegetable soup, prepared, not by a chef, but by their own children. This was no ordinary meet-the-teacher parent information session.

The home-made soup was just one of many displays of student work. Parents were also presented with life-size self portraits painted by each student, as well as a documentary film showing their own children involved in everyday classroom activities which embody the Primary Years Program (PYP) philosophy.

Siena Oliver (left) and Sophie Berg (right), both 4 years old prepare vegetable soup for their parents.

As the only PYP certified school in the Chiang Mai area, Prem offers a kindergarten program that educates the whole child and stresses experience as a means of furthering intellectual growth. “The children are given opportunities to explore, experiment, and discover with hands-on materials. Their play is their work,” explained K1 and K2 teacher Sara Shadravan.

Because children develop 50% of their mature intelligence before the age of four and another 30% from the ages of four to eight, the kindergarten years are crucial to ensure later academic success.

Cooking, it turns out, is only one of many creative and stimuli-rich ways that the kindergarten classes will learn. Educational field trips, such as last year’s visit to Prem’s on-campus organic farm, will also help expose students to stimuli from a young age. During last Thursday’s extraordinary parent information session it became clear that at Prem the PYP philosophy is more than just talk: it was literally real enough to taste.

CMIS student council elects new representatives

Kevin Morse

Chiang Mai International School’s High School Student Council (SC) held its first meeting on September 3rd to elect its leadership. Each class, grade 7 to 12, first selected several students to represent their views as members of this student organization. Executive officers were then elected from within the council membership. This year’s new president is Grade 12 student Jon Wang from the United States. Vice-president is Anna Collins-Wakeman (Grade 11, USA), secretary-treasurer is Myra Lal Din (Grade 9, Pakistan) and the inter-school liaison is Glory Kim (Grade 11, Korea).

The whole CMIS High School Student Council, 2003-2004.

President Jon Wang, 17, sees the council’s role as one that incorporates community building and social concern while also giving voice to the needs and concerns of the student body. Jon anticipates organizing several “Awareness Days” this year to raise student consciousness of world and community issues such as the environment, poverty and AIDS. For the past several years, the Student Council has assumed responsibility for maintaining the school’s recycling program in an effort to help CMIS do its part for the environment.

The Student Council plays an important role in building and maintaining a high level of school spirit at CMIS. They organize “Spirit Day” events and assemblies each year where the entire student body wears the school colors (purple, black and white) to promote pride in CMIS. English Literature teacher Penny Howell, who has been a Student Council Faculty Advisor since 2001, commented that “the love that the students have for their school is inspiring - that’s honestly why I became involved.”

Last year’s President Vikki Oppel, 17, reflected on her time on the Student Council as being a valuable opportunity to learn about leadership. She commented that she often had to balance a number of differing points of view and “learned to be realistic” and diplomatic. Jon Wang agreed, adding that he is already learning lessons about the value of teamwork and delegation as he assumes his new responsibilities.

The CMIS Student Council is keen to promote and develop relationships between international schools in Chiang Mai and throughout the country. They hope to send delegates to this year’s International School Student Council Convention held outside of Bangkok in October.

The other members of the council are: Grade 7 Anna Wannemacher and Nattikam Atthapreyangkul, Grade 8 Tana Lucksanapiruk and Elisha Stock, Grade 9 Rebecca Couch and Anthony Frederick, Grade 10 Briana Bryant, Kimberly Peguero and Sarah Schachtel, Grade 11 Don Fleury and Grade 12 Sascha Bไr and Sung Guk Moon.

Double reason to celebrate

Turning 6 years old is the best reason to have a birthday party, but having a twin, that’s a double reason to celebrate.

Treasure was found in a pi๑ata.

Dennis (middle) and Dacey Leutwiler (3rd from right, both in the pirate photo) invited all their friends from school, including the headmaster of the CDSC, Mr. Fred Hartmann (very right).

The children from 4 – 12 years of age went on a treasure hunt through Mooban Koolpunt Villa where the treasure was hanging in a tree, waiting to be knocked down like a pi๑ata.

During the hunt, they became more and more like ‘pirates of the Caribbean’ and at the end of the day, Dennis and Dacey were as tired as all the helping hands that had joined in to make this 6th double-birthday a unforgettable fun event.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ are on the loose!