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Cancer patients rewarded by piano duets at Kad Theatre

Lamyai season in full swing

New art gallery opening soon

Cancer patients rewarded by piano duets at Kad Theatre

Pichitpon Tongtuek

The Gift of Life Foundation, the Christian Communication Institute of Payap University and Jade Learning Center promoted the “Giving the Gift of Life - Four Hand Concert” played by two pianists, Paulo Zereu from Brazil and Nat Yontararak from Thailand.

Brazilian Paulo Zereu and Nat Yontararak from Thailand performed piano duets at Kad Theatre to raise money for cancer patients.

Parinya Panthong, Chiang Mai deputy governor, in giving the opening speech before the show said that it was very pleasing to have a Thai man in this concert playing with a world famous pianist. The president of Payap University, Dr. Boonthong Poocharoen, said that the two-hour concert was to raise funds to assist three patients with leukemia.

Most of the audience enjoyed the recital, though some were of the opinion that the MC tried too hard to solicit donations.

Payap University president, Dr Boonthong Poocharoen (left), and Chiang Mai Deputy Governor Parinya Parnthong (2nd left), were in the audience at the piano concert.

Lamyai season in full swing

Local home producer finds answer to glut problem

Marion and Michael Vogt

The Lamyai or Longan fruits are known as one of the best in the world. The sweet, pinkish-white flesh is believed to energize the body and banish fatigue. This year has been a bumper year for this crop, with Lamphun alone expecting a surplus of 75,000 tons.

All helping - with bamboo sticks, ladders or just by giving ‘good advice’.

For the commercial producers, the surplus will be taken care of by 600 million baht farmers’ assistance to help boost distribution to other provinces and overseas. Even the government took action and declared 2003 as a Lamyai fruit year with financial help of five million baht for a fruit promotion on domestic and overseas markets.

The sweetest fruits are always on the highest branches, but if you try hard enough and are adventurous enough, nothing is too high!

For the farmers, this is a wonderful windfall, but for people with a few trees in their garden, the excess fruit becomes an embarrassment. One of Chiang Mai resident’s who has a garden with 20 mature loaded Lamyai trees found a novel solution. He invited his friends including children, grandchildren, the neighbors, all his staff with their families (and dogs) to a Lamyai picking party. Told them to come in their best Sunday gardening clothes and be prepared to clamber up branches (for the adventurous type) or just manipulate a bamboo picking pole (for the ones with weak knees).

Everybody around Chiang Mai has the same problem - what to do with all the fruit? Who will eat it all?

Sunday afternoon the pickers arrived with hats or without, with plastic bags, even with rakes and garden shears. While the rain was coming down in the city of Chiang Mai, the interesting micro-climate in the area behind Maejoe saw sunshine all day.

Henry Q. had plenty of sunny garden beverages prepared like his famous ‘HQ Sangria’ and cocktails he had invented himself. And by the end of the afternoon, the 20 Lamyai trees with the huge luscious fruits looked denuded and the guests left, with their car boots or motorbikes loaded with Lamyai and the memory of an inventive, beautiful adventurous afternoon.

New art gallery opening soon

An art exhibition featuring the watercolors of Suchart Vongthong and Phuksri Srisuphar will mark the opening of Galerie Panisa throughout late October. The public is invited to the “Wonder of Lines and Color, Part I” opening on Friday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m. at the 189 Mahidol Road gallery (across from the Toyota showroom, on the way to the Chiang Mai International Airport). The showing will continue until Friday, Oct. 31 and be open every day except for Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Art will be for sale during the exhibition as well. Suchart, one of Thailand’s top watercolor artists, is the author of the watercolor resource, “Watercolor is...” or “Arie Keu See Nam?” His work spans many styles and often has a strong Thai theme. His wife, Phuksri Srisuphar, is a very accomplished landscape artist, often incorporating wet-on-wet techniques in her work. Interested persons should contact Ajaan Note at 01-287-5046 for more information.