Vol. II No. 41 Saturday October 11 - October 17, 2003
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Military looking at ways to strengthen communities

Permanence in a changing world?

Do you believe in the power of faith?

YMCA’s of Chiang Mai and Kobe celebrate a 30-year partnership

New commander appointed to Wing 41

Military looking at ways to strengthen communities

We’re from the army and we’re here to help you

A seminar titled, “The Thai Military’s Roles in Strengthening Process for Sustainable Development” was recently held in Chiang Rai.

One hundred soldiers from four provinces, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao and Nan, participated in the seminar.

One hundred soldiers from four northern provinces (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan and Phayao) participated in the seminar, which was held at the YMCA International Hotel, Chiang Rai and involved the Senate Standing Committee on Military Affairs, Third Army Region; Chiang Mai University, Mae Pha Luang University, Chiang Mai YMCA and the YMCA for Northern Development Foundation (YNDF).

Participants visited Yao Lao Sib Village, Mae Fah Luang district, Chiang Rai.

During the seminar, participants visited Yao Lao Sib Village, Mae Fah Luang district, Chiang Rai, to see how the military development support works for the villagers.

Permanence in a changing world?

3rd Static Image in an Unstatic World Art Exhibition

Rungsak Dokbua, an artist and a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, feels that the world is now moving so fast that it makes people’s lives more chaotic and confusing with so many high technology devices and distractions that sometimes we feel like we are getting lost in our own society.

3rd Static Image of Unstatic World Art Exhibition’s very own, Rungsak Dokbua says that his work has something unique.

He believes calmness is what we are looking for in this complicated and melancholy society and to respond to a public need, the 3rd Static Image in an Unstatic World Art Exhibition is being held to help counter this difficulty.

This exhibition is composed of three sections: portraits of people, computer generated images and natural abstract paintings aiming to teach people the real meaning of calmness.

“City City Money Conscious”

He said that this is his 3rd art exhibition, the past two were concerned with his personal desire, but this time he would like to give something back to Chiang Mai society. “I would like to warn people about a declining relationship between human beings and nature destroyed by the rapid rise of high technology development,” he said.

This art exhibition is open to the public through October 31 at the Chiang Mai City Art and Cultural Center, and is free. For more information, contact 053-217793 or visit to the web site www.lotus-art-studio.itgo.com

Do you believe in the power of faith?

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

Peerapong Kearewong, the mastermind behind ‘Power of Faith’ claims, “I believe that without faith we cannot do anything, we have no ambition, we have no creativity and no motivation to produce what we call ‘Art’ to help make a better, less stressful and chaotic world.”

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This piece is titled ‘No-Name’.

The ‘Power of Faith’ is an art exhibition of portraits done by 21 artists, 12 from Chiang Mai and nine special guests from Bangkok showing their talents and their real personalities through their works to make Chiang Mai livelier and educate the next generation of young artists.

Peerapong Kearewong, one of 21 artists and the mastermind behind the exhibition.

Every portrait in this exhibition is unique, presenting each artist’s own style and reflecting the warmth in their hearts, which motivates them to produce their art works.

Peerapong said that this art exhibition has no rigid concept other than portraying what the artists believe in.

This exhibition will be on view until October 24 at Chiang Mai University Art Museum. For more information, log on to www.cmu-museum.org or call 053 -944833.

YMCA’s of Chiang Mai and Kobe celebrate a 30-year partnership

Sir Vorakit Kantakalung, general secretary, YMCA of Chiang Mai invited key personnel from the YMCA of Kobe and Y’s Men’s Club of Kobe, Japan to celebrate their mutual partnership and the 20th anniversary of Kobe-Chiang Mai youth work camps.

Key persons from the YMCA of Chiang Mai and the YMCA of Kobe celebrate the YMCA Chiang Mai-Kobe partnership.

The two YMCA’s have maintained a mutual partnership more than 30 years. Youth work camp is an activity that they have done together for the past 20 years. The camps have brought beneficial activities for the northern area such as building up village libraries, bridges, roads, mountain water supply, and a mushroom raising center.

These activities have cost more than 40 million baht. Above the tangible activities, there are many other intangible projects. The high school students who have participated in the work camp have grown up to be key persons, working in many organizations. They raised funds for youth work camps and invited many younger generations of YMCA members to attend the camps.

The relationships between Thai and Japanese students have improved. They have now developed their relations to be based on friendliness in international business and other activities.

On this occasion, Chiang Mai YMCA and Kobe YMCA signed a partnership agreement to continue the program of cooperation on language promotion, camping and youth exchange, staff exchange and training, and cooperation. The result of mutual relationship can be seen following 20 years of mutual work camps, and both groups want to see it continue.

New commander appointed to Wing 41

Old commander given fond send-off

Pichitpon Tongtuek

On October 1, the Royal Thai Air force (RTAF) announced the appointment of the new commander of Wing 41, Group Captain Wisurin Moonla, succeeding Group Captain Arnont Jarayaphan.

Outgoing commander Group Captain Arnont (left) and Group Captain Wisurin (right) salute the troops.

Group Capt. Arnont has been transferred to take over the position of deputy chief of air staff, Flight Control Operations Department, RTAF, Bangkok.

New commander Group Capt. Wisurin Moonla was formerly director of the operations department, RTAF.

Group Captain Arnont and Group Captain Wisurin inspect their troops during the ceremony.

A parade of the Air Force troops in Chiang Mai was held to celebrate this special occasion, with the troops in formal dress military uniform.

After exchanging positions, the previous commander, Group Captain Arnont presented the Wing 41 flag to Group Capt Wisurin, and then carried out his last inspection of the troops.

The final hand-over was conducted at a farewell party for the old commander at Lotus Pang Suan Keaw Hotel, during which time they also welcomed their new commander.

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