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Indian PM condemns Gujarat violence in strongest attempt to soothe Muslim hurt

‘Just Show’ art exhibition goes pop

Dental Art in Chiang Mai

“Quality is cool”

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

Indian PM condemns Gujarat violence in strongest attempt to soothe Muslim hurt

Vijay Joshi
Associated Press Writer

India’s Hindu nationalist prime minister has condemned the massacre of Muslims by Hindu mobs in Gujarat state last year, in the most unequivocal attempt yet by a government leader to heal the rift between the two communities.

Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee waters a tree during a tree-planting ceremony at Huai Hong Krai Royal Development Center Sunday, Oct. 12, in Chiang Mai. Vajpayee concluded his three-day official visit to Thailand Sunday. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong)

More than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in a rampage by Hindu mobs in the western state of Gujarat last year after Muslims set fire to a train carrying Hindu religious pilgrims, killing 60 of them.

“What happened first was wrong, what followed was even worse,” Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who is on a three-day visit to Thailand, told a gathering of the Indian community Friday.

Vajpayee’s Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, which rules Gujarat state, has been accused of deliberately allowing the riots to go on while Muslims were being killed.

On Thursday, police in Gujarat re-arrested 13 Hindu rioters acquitted of killing 14 Muslims by burning down a bakery in March 2002 in Vadodara town of Gujarat state. Police said the 13 were arrested on a court order, and that eight others had fled.

“I cannot think of people burning one another. The people who are responsible are in the dock,” Vajpayee said in an emotional 45-minute speech.

The Gujarat riots deepened the rift between India’s majority Hindus and minority Muslims, and further reinforced the image of the Bharatiya Janata Party as an intolerant, anti-Muslim group.

Although Vajpayee has expressed sorrow in the past for the violence, his comments Friday constituted the strongest condemnation by any senior government figure of the Gujarat carnage and could go a long way in soothing the collective Muslim hurt. The Gujarat riots came at a time when Vajpayee’s government has been pushing to open the Indian economy to attract foreign investors and portray the country as an open and vibrant society.

Vajpayee said Muslims should not feel alienated in India, noting that there are more Muslims in the country than in neighboring Islamic Pakistan. Muslims comprise about 12 percent of India’s 1 billion population.

He said if Muslims have any grievances they can go to court.

However, many Muslims in India say they fear going to courts to seek justice for fear of reprisals by militant Hindus.

During the trial of the bakery burning defendants in Vadodara, 35 of the 60 witnesses - including the daughter of the murdered bakery owner - retracted statements they had made to police identifying the perpetrators, saying they feared for their lives.

‘Just Show’ art exhibition goes pop

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

Thirteen young artists have banded together to create the Temporary Painting Sculpture Printing and Installation Art Exhibition at Northern Village 2nd floor, Central Airport Plaza, running through October 29.

Pilaiphan Sombatsiri presided over the opening ceremony at Northern Village, Central Airport Plaza.

Pitakarn Pongwarut, the mastermind behind this exhibition, claimed that their concepts were different from other artists’ personal inspiration, and they intend to portray what they called ‘Art and Design for Decor’.

This exhibition was arranged by 13 alumni from Silprakorn University, Chiang Mai University and Ratchamongkol Technology Institution - Payap Campus to present their ideas of contemporary art and to apply them for decor motivated by a ‘Pop Art’ doctrine.

Many different textures of flowers portray a liveliness and relaxation of spiritual mind. One of the many works presented in Just Show.

All works are composed of collage, hard edged and garish color techniques together with scientific technology as a popular means used by international pop art artists to create their work.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Pilaiphan Sombatsiri, general manager of Hilton Park Hotel, managing director of Northern Elephant Association and director of Siam Association under Royal Patronage.

Dental Art in Chiang Mai

Art to soothe dental patients

Text by Marion Vogt
Photos by Michael Vogt

The Dental Art Clinic prides itself on its unique ambience. It has been carefully designed to ensure your dentistry experience is pleasant, enjoyable, and perhaps even fun.

Long gone are the days of dentistry when the visit to the dentist’s office was to sit in a dark waiting room reading ten year old magazines and all treatment was synonymous with pain.

A huge window with a ‘winter garden’, to help you forget you are at the dentists.

The reception area at the Dental Art Clinic on Chiangmai-Hod Road, near Central Airport Plaza has Lanna style lounge chairs, an almost open roof with natural light, current magazines, and a friendly ‘dentist’s helper’ who will serve you iced water while you wait. The classical background music ensures that no disturbances like ‘drilling noises’ can be heard and it is more like sitting in a comfortable living room than in a dentist’s waiting room.

It is too nice to be a Dental Clinic - that’s why they called it Dental Art.

Dr. Pathawee and Dr. Sakornrat have created this relaxing atmosphere for the comfort of their patients because they believe every patient deserves it. Their personal agendas for their clients includes:

A pleasant, enjoyable experience without anybody feeling rushed

Personal, dental health care for all ages

A healthy, beautiful smile when patients leave the Dental Art Clinic

Both dentists studied and worked in Germany at the Humboldt University in Berlin and their German, as well as their English is that of a native speaker. Their love for art and antiques made them decide against opening an ordinary clinic but something that is probably only possible in a culture loving city like Chiang Mai. The paintings are changed every couple of months, so people who go for a regular checkup can always find new art to appreciate.

Despite the art, everything is still about your teeth. Dr. Pathawee and Dr. Sakornrat personally advise and counsel every patient and Dr. Pathawee is a specialist in oral surgery treatments. They offer everything, from preventive tooth care, root canal therapy, tooth colouring, crowns, veneers, bridges, full and partial dentures, orthodontics, natural fillings, inlays, onlays, and extensive gum surgery.

The percentage of expats is high at around 40%, coming from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and USA in the main, and the Dr.’s assure there is no two-tier pricing!

Dr. Sakornrat said that since most of their patients work during the day, the clinic also opens in the evenings from 5-8 p.m. and weekends from 9.30-3 p.m. and other times by appointment.

The reward for both of them are patients who experience a confidence boost with healthy teeth, the confidence to smile again and who leave the clinic, curious to come back just to see what new art treasures are on display.

“Quality is cool”

Marion Vogt

Horeca Food Supply Company Chiang Mai announced the delivery of their newest cold truck, which is able to store goods between 4 and 18 degrees.

The new white and red Horeca cold storage truck which can be seen in the streets of Chiang Mai from now on.

Temperature management throughout the handling chain, from producer to consumer, is a key ingredient for any consumer to receive high quality vegetables, meet or seafood. When good cool chain practices are in place, good quality food products can consistently be delivered to the consumers with the result of satisfied clients and increasing selling volume.

The quality of packed fresh fruits and vegetables is only maintained by storage and transport at the correct temperature. At low temperatures chilling induces injuries and freezing can occur. Each product has an optimum temperature which is best for handling and storage. Products with different optimum handling conditions should not be transported together on the same load without expert advice.

Patinya Srisuck (Khun Joon), one of the partners of ‘Horeca Supply’ told us that they have the goal to make their deliveries with cold trucks only, instead of using pickup trucks with a cool box in the back. Horeca Chiang Mai is the one Stop supplier for Hotels and Restaurants in the Northern region.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

Rebecca Lomax

In celebration of its 55th anniversary, Land Rover sponsored a presentation by United Bangkok Artists of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” October 7 - 12 at the Bangkok Playhouse. According to Colin Andrews, president of Land Rover Thailand, “When I saw UBA’s production last year of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, I decided that Land Rover should become more heavily involved in the future. I would not hesitate to say that last year’s production was better than any I have seen, including in London’s West End.”

“Joseph,” which has been rewritten by the authors themselves numerous times, enjoyed yet another variation as directed by Dale Gutzman. Loosely based on the Bible story, Joseph and his dysfunctional family suffer through many trials and tribulations with occasional hysterically funny musical twists before they move from seeing the world in black and white to seeing it in Technicolor.

With the amazing singing and dancing skills of the mostly Thai crew, Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery, then deceive their father into thinking he’s dead. “One More Angel in Heaven” is presented as a country and western piece, with the singers and dancers in fringed shirts and cowboy boots. Rap music and a sad but elegant piece set in Paris, “Those Canaan Days”, calypso and blues run through the show. The real show stopper, however, was the Pharaoh, who emerged from his bed and bad dreams as Elvis Presley, complete with jeweled white suit!

United Bangkok Artists, founded by Khunying Malaival Boonyaratavej and Dale Gutzman, is committed to presenting a quality production in Bangkok every year. UBA is a creative community dedicated to professional productions but also to productions that contain meaningful and inspirational messages. Proceeds from the musical are donated this year to the Somdetya’s Charity fund, founded in 1985 by HRH Princess Srinagarindra, the late Princess Mother. The Somdetya’s fund helps mainly in rural areas with basic needs such as medical care and infrastructure development.