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Happy 1st Birthday Chiangmai Mail from our friends at home and around the world

Congratulation message from Suwat Tantipat, Provincial Governor of Chiang Mai

Your newspaper has been a welcome asset

Congratulations message from Chalermsak Suranant, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern Office, Region One

Wow - has it really been an entire year?

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail

A picture perfect year

Congratulations from Hagen Dirksen, Hon. Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chiang Mai

Happy 1st Birthday Chiangmai Mail from our friends at home and around the world

• I never thought it would happen to me...

Dear Chiangmai Mail,
I never thought it would happen to me... Ok, wrong publication. But news of CMM’s upcoming birthday interrupted my Manhattan fantasy, made me cast back a sentimental eye to the Rose of the North, and feel grateful that some people have made such a commitment to that fair citylet. Keeps Park Avenue less crowded, anyway.

No, just kidding. This is an occasion of which to be proud, by any measure. I only wish the paper had been around since the beginning of my time in the town. Few changes over the past year have made such a direct, positive impact on the day-to-day lives of so many, and none have done as much to further - or to create, really - that subtle but all-important component of the good life, “community.”

On a personal note, I extend heartfelt best wishes to my friends Marion and Michael, and raise a glass to you: ‘Alles Gutes zum Geburtstag’.

Congratulations, Mr./Ms. Mail. It couldn’t happen to a nicer paper. Here’s to many more.
Ruth Bennett, (erstwhile) Vice Consul

• You deserve to be a winner

Chiang Mai Mail - you deserve to be a winner! Congratulations! Because of your dedication and a genuine desire to achieve, you are able to be where you are today. Every one deserves a pat on the back because this is real teamwork and true endeavour. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your success!
Christina Dodd

• Good luck

Dear Editor,
Good luck with your wonderful newspaper. I enjoy it every week and hope to read it for another 30 years.
Greetings from Tilburg Holland

• Time flies when you’re having fun

Dear Michael, Marion and the staff of the Chiang Mai Mail,
How time flies when you are having fun. Well we can believe it’s been a case of more hard work than frivolity that has featured in your lives during the past 12 months since you gave birth to the dream of establishing a northern regional newspaper worthy of your considerable efforts.

Congratulations on reaching this first anniversary and we trust there will be many, many more to come. We look forward to continuing our close association and wish you all the very best in bringing the news to the people.

With best regards,
Brian Sinclair-Thompson, Swiss International Air Lines
General Manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

When’s the Party!

Congratulations and Happy 1st Birthday,
Chiangmai Mail is a service that Chiangmai & Chiangmai Residents always needed ... and now can’t do without! Look forward to many more anniversaries.
David & Wanna Thomas
Chiang Mai, P.S. When’s the Party!


Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers congratulate Chiangmai Mail for achieving a very successful first year in publication.

On On to many more milestones.
Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers

• We pray for your continued success and a very long life

Hi Marion,
In the name of Zonta International Club of Chiangmai, we want to congratulate you for your first anniversary celebration. Even though you are only 1 year old, you have been very successful and are already very famous. We pray for your continued success and a very Long Life.
Somboon Suprasert (Auntie Boon)
Website: www.asianhealingartscenter.com
Reiki and Asian Bio-Energetic Classes (all levels)
any time you are ready...
Chiangmai University, P.O. Box 51, Chiangmai 50202, Thailand
Tel. 01/88 11 004

• May all your efforts join forces with the positive spirits

Dear Friends and Staff of the Chiangmai Mail,
On the occasion of your upcoming birthday we wish to congratulate you for all your accomplishments. We also wish to thank you for your supporting us with excitement, the refreshing ‘being different’ on the slippery surface of the publicizing business, as well as for your friendship.

May all your efforts join forces with the positive spirits, and increase the number of weekly copies!
Lucas Villiger & “Dang” Chathupong Khamnamkhoo

Wineways Ltd. & Darling - The Wine-Bar, Chiangmai

• Regularly look forward to reading your online version

Dear Chiangmai Mail Team:
Many thanks for keeping us updated and informed about the beautiful North of Thailand. We have enjoyed the northern hospitality on many occasions, and are regularly looking forward to reading your online version every Saturday/Sunday.

Keep up the good work!
Sonja and Steve Hernandez,
Monterey, California, USA

• You have been around for only 12 months?

Dear Chiangmai Mail:
It is amazing – you have been around for only 12 months? It seems to most of us as if you have been around forever! We truly hope you will be … Thanks from all of us to all of you for your support; it’s simply great that you are here in Chiang Mai. ‘The Mail’ was long overdue!
Joerg and Sunisa Eisenschmidt,
To Nobody German Restaurant

• Wow, how fast a year passes by

Wow, how fast a year passes by: congratulations to all of the CMM-team for all the interesting news and reports from Chiang Mai, it’s so good to stay tuned into what’s going on in my beloved Thailand while being so far away. All the best wishes from my heart for the next 9 years … on your 10th anniversary I’ll be with you!

Best greetings from Munich, Germany
Nicola Hahn,
Editor & Media Consultant

• It’s very important to have a (local) newspaper

I take this opportunity on behalf of the Chiangmai Chamber of Commerce to congratulate the Chiangmai Mail on its first anniversary. Chiangmai Mail is the first English newspaper of Chiang Mai to entertain the local readers and tourists. As Chiang Mai is becoming an aviation hub and a center of economic development of the Mekong Sub-Region it is very important to have a newspaper to acknowledge and disseminate information.

I wish all the best success to Chiangmai Mail and hope to see the Further development of Chiangmai Mail to become the leading quality newspaper of Chiang Mai and the Northern Region.
Mr. Jumpol Chutima
President of Chiangmai Chamber of Commerce

• (CMM) provides a much-needed source of local and regional news…

Congratulations on the anniversary of the newspaper. It provides a much-needed source of local and regional news, views and information. Keep up the good work and best wishes to all the staff.
Tom and Kitty Delaney from TK’s House Boat

• Happy Number 1!

Congratulations all the way from Dubai on your anniversary! We all move on, circumstances change, but it is our friends and colleagues who make the difference in this world, no matter where we are! It is great to see that your new ‘baby’ is growing up! Keep up the good work, and we will keep reading!
Caroline & Thomas Tapken

Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai, UAE

• Happy Birthday - young CMM!

We wish CMM all the best and many more successful years to come. Impatiently awaiting your special birthday’s issue and waiting anyway until we get it by mail. At least this way we always know what you are doing…
Ursula und Georges Rothstein
from Ursula’s Antiques - Pattaya

• Thank you for placing Chiang Mai on the editorial map

Dear Marion and Michael,
A very Happy 1st Birthday to Chiang Mai Mail and a big thank you from all of us for placing Chiang Mai on the editorial map by providing northern Thailand with its first English language newspaper. We appreciate your efforts, your innovation, and your consistent standards of excellence. Please keep up the good work, and wishing you lots of success.
With best wishes,
Lars Magnusson

• CMM is entertaining and very informative

Dear Chiangmai Mail,
Congratulations on your ‘First Birthday’. We find the paper entertaining and very informative. Best wishes for a long reign;
Tom and Dot Delaney

• Chiangmai Mail has made our job much easier

Congratulations! Having a weekly update on news from Chiang Mai has made our job much easier and our customers that much happier! We subscribe to several monthly magazines covering Chiang Mai in order to keep on top of developments in Chiang Mai for Nancy Chandler’s Map of Chiang Mai, with updates going online and in our indexes, but having a weekly update on news from the Chiang Mai Mail has really helped us stay on top of things! Keep up the good work, especially on covering all those wonderful secret little shops and eating places in Chiang Mai!
Nancy and Nima Chandler
Nancy Chandler Graphics
Nancy Chandler’s new Map of Bangkok is now available at www.nancychandler.net!

• Immediately took a liking to CMM

Dear all at Chiangmai Mail,
Nearly a year ago my newspaper-hawker showed me the first issue of the Chiangmai Mail and I immediately took a liking to this new baby. A few days later in the underground parking of the new Lotus, some nice ladies offered me a ‘sample copy’ and in this one I found the email under which to subscribe. Within seconds after I sent my request I got the confirmation!

As this was about a year ago, I realised the Chiangmai Mail will soon have a birthday cake with one candle on it. Only one, but a very important one, and I hope that every coming year this candle will get another friend.

Congratulations Chiangmai-Mail for your first Birthday!

But I have two wishes for the future: Include a table of upcoming events and come to my doorsteps early on Saturday mornings.
Karl-Heinz Behme [Mr.]
Chiang Mai

‘Good Morning’ ‘Chiangmai Mail’

‘Good Morning’ ‘Chiangmai Mail’ and ‘Welcome to Chiangmai & Chiangrai’! You’ve followed ‘Guidelines’ without a ‘Compass’ to become both a ‘Chiangmai Visitor Guide’ and ‘Northern Citizen’, deeply involved in ‘Citylife’.

With ‘Art & Culture’ you have surprised ‘The Nation’ to such an extent that you certainly will not need a ‘Passport to Suvannaphoum’ and, who knows, may even rival the ‘Bangkok Post’ some day!
Happy birthday from
‘Good Morning Chiangmai News’

• Found a long lost friend through CMM

Dear Michael,
On the happy occasion of your first anniversary, I would like to record my gratitude to you for something very special. In 1978, I lost touch with a close friend. Silence prevailed until earlier this year, when on an impulse, she inserted my name in Google, and amazingly, this linked to a letter I had submitted to your Mailbag. She then contacted you, you kindly contacted me, and two people living at opposite sides of the world were happily reunited after a quarter of a century.

If the World Wide Web’s premier search engine is able to pick out my name from an archived file on your web site, it demonstrates that the influence of your excellent newspaper reaches far beyond Thailand, and judging by my case, perhaps has a special magic all of its own. Renewed thanks to you, and on behalf of all us who enjoy and appreciate your weekly treat of news and information, hearty congratulations, and very best wishes for your continuing success.
Yours sincerely,
Basil McCall

• 1 year Chiang Mai Mail!

May we congratulate you on your great success in the first year of publication of “Chiang Mai Mail”. What a wonderful idea to have such an interesting publication available, one which seems to cover all the things of interest, whether to do with the city or the local activities or the people who are there. (Not to mention the general information and photography on some very interesting topics!) You are providing a marvelous community service and bringing the community together with all the information you provide on up-coming events. The broad scope which you cover (dining, music, art, sports, courses, seminars) appeals to the diversity of people who make up the multi-cultural community of Chiang Mai. Your columnists never fail to be interesting.

We are now unfortunately not living there at present and you cannot imagine how we wait for our copy to arrive by mail each week to let us catch up on Chiang Mai’s latest. We are sure that as time goes on the number of your overseas readers will almost match your locals!

Very best wishes to both Marion and Michael Vogt, who seem to be everywhere, as well as all the dedicated staff, for more and more success in the future.
Sincerely yours,
Michael and Karen Kemp,
(Formerly Regent Chiang Mai),
Four Seasons Hotel, Houston, Texas 77010-3098

• Congratulations

When I was growing up I was told that people who were very wise and enlightened had the powers to be in two places at the same time. I don’t know how wise and enlightened Marion and Michael Vogt are but they certainly seem able to be at two or three places at the same time. There is not an event in Chiang Mai that they do not cover. It seems they are everywhere, interviewing and photographing and what’s more, they always seem to be enjoying themselves.

My sincere congratulations to Marion, Michael and the entire staff of Chiangmai Mail for having produced a weekly, that is not an extended tourist guide but a real local newspaper. Somehow it has already managed to integrate the world of the ‘Farang’ as part of Chiangmai life.

I am sure the Mail will grow and will give us even more local news and articles from Northern Thailand in the future. Thank you for your contribution and I wish you many years of success.
Roshan Dhunjibhoy

• How could Chiang Mai live without you?

Only one year? It seems to me Chiangmai Mail always belonged to the landscape. How could Chiang Mai live without you? This baby is already an adult. Let’s go on and grow older together!

*Jedes Jahr werde ich mich freuen wieder erstaunt zu sein...
*Heureux anniversaire, meilleurs voeux de longue vie et de succes.
*Bravo! Please give us the pleasure of reading you eternally. Thank you.
Pierre Malraisont

MOPI, Mother Of Pearl Industry Co., Ltd.

• Looking forward to enjoying CMM for the next 99 years

A big THANK YOU for a great newspaper and congrats to “One year of the Chiangmai Mail”! Wishing you all the best - the very best - and looking forward to enjoying your publication for the next 99 years.
Klaus E. Kappler,
K.E.K. Gems

• God bless you

Dear Chiang Mai Mail,
Happy Birthday to you on your first anniversary in Chiang Mai. I appreciate each issue of your newspaper and I am happy that Chiangmai Mail gives schools the opportunity for representation, so people in Chiang Mai know what is going on at schools in this town.

Children are the most important people in our society, because they are our future. Thank you for the ‘Kid’s Corner’ and for making kids feel important.

The articles regarding the CDSC, the Christian German School Chiangmai, are pinned at a special designated wall in our school and our students are very proud of being mentioned in the newspaper. It makes them strong and self-confident and that is what youngsters need to face the future and the problems of life, to resist the temptation of drugs, alcohol and extreme political und religious groups.

Your newspaper gives a very good service in educating our students and making them fit for life. Please go on in this way. God bless you!
Fred Hartmann & his team
Principal of the Christian German School Chiangmai

• Chiangmai Mail is getting better

I really think that Chiangmai Mail is getting better and better.
Annelie Hendriks

Samsara Foundation

• One year in the Rose of the North

Our heartfelt congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail on completing its first year of operation in the Rose of the North. Having a weekly English language newspaper has been a delight. So many things are going on in Chiang Mai that we never knew about before, and we constantly recommend your paper to newcomers. You have managed to report the news, feature schools and their activities, highlight sports and social events, and present some very thought-provoking columns (and funny ones, too, thanks to Hillary!) in a colorful and positive light. We look forward to every issue, and wish you all the best in the future.
Becky Lomax and Frank Weicks

• Congratulations for the first year of Chiang Mai Mail

Hello Marion and Michael,
It is hard to believe that you left already 1 year ago. During my visit in Chiang Mai I could see that you enjoy your new life, your new home and your new line of work entirely. For the future, for you and your team I wish all the success that you deserve and that the baby Chiang Mai Mail will continue to grow in order to reach and be loved by all its readers.
Monika Petra Rottmann

MPR Jass, Pattaya MOJOS Guesthouse and Restaurant

• Revolutionised Chiang Mai media scene

To people in Chiang Mai Mail;
Congratulations on (your) one year anniversary! For such a short period of time, you people have revolutionised the media scene in Chiang Mai. I can confidently say that I am one of the keenest supporters. I do wish you the best in the years to come. Keep us informed.
Junji Taniguchi
Site Director, ‘The Princeton Review’

• May (you) grow to be a daily

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail on your very first birthday! I’m sure ALL English-speaking people in Chiang Mai join me in wishing you continued success, continued growth, and increased profitability so that we can continue to enjoy a weekly English language newspaper with local news.
May it grow to be a daily.
Bud and Dang

• Thank you for the support

The Chiang Mai School Cricket Alliance congratulates the Chiang Mai Mail on reaching their first birthday. We thank you for your support over the past year and wish you every success in the future.
Peter Dawson
Secretary Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance

• Happy Birthday CMM

Is it one year already? Being a regular (internet) reader of the CMM it never ceases to amaze me that a small and very dedicated team can, consistently, produce a top quality newspaper each and every week. This message is of course one of congratulations to all at CMM, but I have another message. A message directed at the leaders within TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand). To them I say that you should give very serious consideration to ensure that publications of CMM should be available wherever Thailand is promoted around the world. In all Thai embassies and consulates and all THAI Airways offices. This publication is an informative and well presented newspaper. But it is also a brilliant (tourism) marketing tool for the region.

Whilst offering congratulations on a very successful first year, I do so in the hope that next year my congratulations will also recognise the success of your global expansion, courtesy of TAT, THAI and the internet.
Enjoy the birthday cake folks!
Loving kindness,
BE (Brian) Haffenden
, Director, AW Group Co Ltd (Thailand)
www.awgroup.com , and Founder and Vice Chairman Thamkrabok Foundation Incorporated in Australia www.thamkrabok.org.au

• Doing a very good job

Dear Marion,
You are doing a very good job being only a one-year old newspaper. Congratulations and wish you future success.
Kanokwan Ukosit

• Thanks for helping us get started

The “School for Life”, a project for street children and AIDS orphans in the north of Thailand, congratulates the Chiangmai Mail newspaper on the occasion of its first anniversary this week. Thanks to the tireless work of Marion and Michael Vogt, as well as the support of the entire team, our model project of the Free University of Berlin, Germany, could successfully start - we owe you a lot! In many ways and contributions you energetically supported us, and made a great number of people aware of our school. In my capacity as the co-ordinator I personally would like to thank you very, very much for your help, and wish you all success in the future, as well as a great number of interested readers. Keep up the good work!
Jens Kronberg,
School of Life

Congratulation message from Suwat Tantipat, Provincial Governor of Chiang Mai

Suwat Tantipat
Chiang Mai Provincial Governor

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Chiangmai Mail newspaper,

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the Chiangmai Mail newspaper, on the 1st anniversary of its operation.

On this occasion, I also extend my best wishes to the editors, management and all staff members of Chiangmai Mail for continued success and prosperity in their future endeavors.

As you may have known, the printing industry occupies an important position and roles in the promotion of national economic prosperity, social security as well as the politic stability as can be seen in the form of freedom of the press. Therefore, I thus appeal to all the staff members of Chiangmai Mail newspaper to execute their mass communications duties with utmost conscientiousness so as to produce maximum benefit to their organizations and the nation.

May the exalting powers of the Triple Gems and holiness of Wat Phrathart Doi Suthep temple beings endow the Chiangmai Mail newspaper with success in its endeavors and the attainment of all set objectives. May all the staff members of the company equally be blessed with happiness and prosperity.
Suwat Tantipat
Provincial Governor

Your newspaper has been a welcome asset

Eric Rubin
U.S. Consul General Chiang Mai

To the Editors and Staff of The Chiang Mai Mail:
It is hard to believe that a full year has passed since you began publication. Your newspaper has been a welcome asset to the

 large (and growing) American community in northern Thailand. We all look forward to reading it each week. Your event listings are an indispensable resource, and we very much appreciate your helping us share news of important developments and consular matters. Best wishes on your birthday, with hopes of many more years of success to come.
Eric Rubin,
U.S. Consul General, Chiang Mai

Congratulations message from Chalermsak Suranant, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern Office, Region One

Chalermsak Suranant,
Director, TAT’s Northern Office, Region1

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Chiangmai Mail newspaper,

On behalf of all the people of the North, the Tourism Authority of Thailand would like to congratulate the Chiangmai Mail on their 1 year Anniversary.

It is amazing how fast time goes by and none of us can imagine how we ever lived without the, now very integrated, weekly newspaper. The Chiangmai Mail and its team have been very prosperous and have greatly helped the TAT promote the northern region and its events and activities. We are very thankful for your ongoing support for the TAT and we hope that you will be around for at least another 10 years to keep promoting and supporting our beautiful northern region

All of us here wish you a very Happy Birthday, and many more to come.
Chalermsak Suranant,
Director, TAT’s Northern Office, Region1

Wow - has it really been an entire year?

Congratulations to Chiangmai Mail and to Michael and Marion on this your first anniversary. Wow - has it really been one year since we all excitedly opened that ‘great first edition?’ Mike and I send our heartfelt “Congratulations” for all your hard work in providing Chiang Mai residents with not only a wonderful

 English-language newspaper, but for sharing your love of this city with all of us! How else would we be able to keep up with all the happenings around this incredible town? Thanks to you and your staff for ‘one year of terrific reporting’! (You will note in the picture that I had to take a break from all ‘my wood cutting’ chores to catch up on the local news!) Congratulations’ from the Potter’s mountain cabin high atop Little Yancey Mountain, Red Oak, Oklahoma!
Love Cheri and Mike Potter

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail

David Hopkinson
The British Council Chiang Mai

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail on your first year of operation and our very best wishes for the future.

All the best,
David Hopkinson
The British Council Chiang Mai

A picture perfect year

‘Gokam’ our artistic elephant and all of us from ‘The Maesa Elephant Camp’ want to congratulate Chiangmai Mail on the occasion of their 1st anniversary. ‘Gokam’ even painted a picture for you! Good luck and keep up the good work.
Maesa Elephant Camp (since 1976)

Congratulations from Hagen Dirksen, Hon. Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chiang Mai

Hagen Dirksen,
Hon. Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chiang Mai

I am delighted that an English language weekly newspaper made its way to Chiang Mai, covering a wide range of issues from politics to sports, and of course, the social and cultural aspects of life in Chiang Mai.

The entire team has impressed me with its enthusiasm and professional approach to the job in hand. However, there is always room for improvement! I wish the paper would (or even perhaps could) become more analytical in reporting the local news.

I wish the Chiangmai Mail much success in years to come, and I shall continue to look forward to it every Saturday.
Hagen Dirksen,
Hon. Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chiang Mai