Johannes Daniel Wilms


Michelle Forbes-Harper

The Prem Tinsulanonda International Schoolís third year began with sadness as we mourned the death on July 28, 2003, of our dear friend and colleague, Johannes Daniel Wilms. In our sadness, however, we found that the inspiration and warmth of Danielís life drew our community together as we shared both smiles and tears, remembering the joy and passion of the man we had lost. A memorial service for Daniel was held in the first week of school.

Daniel was a man born to teach, believing that his work in guiding the minds of students to liberal and liberated thought was the greatest of callings. His students benefited from this inspirational and off-beat teacher, who challenged them to think outside the box, to question everything and to be unsatisfied with anything trivial or shallow.

Danielís life was a quest for truth and meaning, and his search led him to many countries and many faiths. He asked many questions, had fewer answers and traveled his spiritual journey through many pathways. He shared his faith with others as teacher and pupil, leading and participating in meditation groups and retreats.

Daniel Wilms was a gifted teacher and we all miss his enthusiasm for people, for places, for ideas, and his appreciation of the richness of life, from the smallest gesture to the grandest event. His ceaseless and infectious optimism were much loved and are now sorely missed at the Prem Center. Our thoughts are with his wife, Chika, and his daughter, Johanna.