Dr. Wanlee Sampawapol presented flowers to the district governor 2003-2004, from Rotary International, District 3360, Vivat Sirijangkapattana, and his lovely wife Sujin when they visited Chiang Mai.

On October 20, Thanit Laipaiboon and Miss Anthika Wongchai celebrated their wedding reception at the Novotel Chiang Mai. They were joined by family and well-wishers who wished them success, health, happiness and endless love.

Orachon Chanwiwattana, GM of Central Airport Plaza hosted a photo session with staff of the Patlanakit Foundation. They are planning to organize a Christmas decoration program on the occasion of the upcoming festive season.

The Ladies’ Lunch Bunch turned out in a big crowd at the end of October when they met at Chez Gibus Grill House. BBQ, french-fries and salad were on the menu of the day and lots of new faces were seen, all chatting away. Announcements of the day were the ‘Terry Fox Run’, the Remembrance Day on November 11 and most important, the upcoming day trip to the ceramic fair in Lampang on Thursday, December 4. More information on this and other upcoming events, please check the Community Happenings page in Chiangmai Mail.

Dr. Thep Pongpanitch, president of Maejo University organized a training seminar for executives on the university level, together with the Searca Institute from the Philippines. Guest speakers during this international training course were Dr. Jesus C. Fernandes, Dr. Alice P. Occidental and Dr. Fernando A. Bernardo.

Karl-Heinz Behme, long time resident of Thailand, celebrated his birthday and ‘official’ retirement with a great number of friends and acquaintances at To Nobody last week. The evening was light-hearted and most entertaining, as well as a culinary experience, and proved yet again that there is more in German cuisine than pork-knuckles. Karl Heinz and Chef Joerg came up with a most unusual menu, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Budget Car and Truck Rental organized a training seminar at the Chiang Mai Hill 2000 Hotel. Upon successful completion of the Training on ‘Improvement on Customer Service’, the participants got together for a group photo.

Fondue House, former Coq o’Rico Restaurant, has renovated and changed styles. It now serves fine Franco-Swiss cuisine centered on fondues, salads, good wines and is the right place for people who wish to spend an evening with friends in pleasant surroundings. Seen there recently were Reverend William J. Yoder, Dean of McGilvary Faculty of Theology (Payap University), with his son Pitak Potong (right) and his family. In the background Chanon (Mai) Pongcharonkul, owner of the Fondue House with the chef.