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Business enterprises...

Business enterprises...

Dear readers;
I really am looking forward to showing my friends around, who all promised to visit me ‘one day.’ Walking around and getting more accustomed to life here, some business opportunities come into my mind which I would like to share with you. (You see, I do not leave out a chance to lure some people here in order to have company.)

Back to business: Belt-manufacturing! Guys wear skirts and as we can see in the Western world on women, these usually don’t need a belt, they come with a zipper and are carried by the waistline.

Dear Scots, I haven’t forgotten you and know that your kilts are kept up by a black belt, but hey guys, your waistline is different compared to your female counterparts.

Here, the skirt, called Longyi, comes oversized and loose around the hips, will be tightened up in the front and then somehow put or wrapped together in the front so that each man has a sort of a little bag of fabric in front of his belly button. Throughout the day, this needs to be adjusted and tightened.

Coming here, you will see men on the street, opening up the fabric-knot and wrapping it all together again. I’m sure you had the experience that you have a bath towel around your hips; one end tugged in and suddenly without warning it went loose and the towel down, you standing there as god created you. I’m waiting for the day this happens to someone in the middle of the street, while I am around with a camera around my neck - that’s a promise!

Coming back to business opportunities, there is no belt manufacturer for the local market, now you know why or maybe not?

Another business opportunity which would fail would be a socks manufacturer. Skirts don’t come with socks. Please picture in your mind a tourist in Thailand, shorts, white legs, socks and slippers, going to the beach or hiking. Well, that would look the same. Here they wear sandals with no socks, making sense, as feet get wet during the rainy season, but get easily dry without the need to dry them with a towel or to hang these up for drying. No socks on sale for the local market.

That’s on my shopping list for the next R & R in Chiang Mai.
Greetings from too far away,
Ike Burnett