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Petanque rolls through Wing 41 in Chiang Mai

We are the Champions!

Football grudge season!

Skate Thailand Open 2003

Fitness Tips

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Petanque rolls through Wing 41 in Chiang Mai

Phitsanu Thepthong

70 teams from Chiang Mai, nearby provinces and Bangkok, took part in the annual Petanque competition at Wing 41, fighting for the HRH Princess Chulabhorn trophy.

The Thai national team from Bangkok practice before the games begin.

This event was the 18th in the series, and was opened by Wing 41 commander Group Captain Wisurin Moonla, of the Third Flight Operation Division, Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) at its Pingnapha Petanque field.

Funds raised from the competition will be used for Royal charitable projects. This contest has been held annually since 1984, and in 1995 the Royal Thai Navy team won the games for the fourth consecutive year, claiming the trophy permanently. Following this, in 1996 the Princess has presented her trophies for the winning teams, both male and female.

The competition categories were divided into teams of men, women, and seniors aged over 55 years.

We are the Champions!

Staff reporters

The precision pool shooters at O’Malley’s won the recently concluded Chiang Mai Pool League season, and as is custom, the awards presentation evening was held at the winning team’s venue.

Scot (O’Malley’s owner) and Mark accept the Chiang Mai Pool League Championship trophy on behalf of the O’Malley’s team. (Photo by Chin Ratitamkul)

Mark and Scot accepted the championship trophy on behalf of O’Malley’s from Home to Roost’s Darren, who was representing the entire Chiang Mai Pool League committee, which consists of Darren and John from Outback.

Representatives from the Rock Hard team receive their runners-up trophy. (Photo by Chin Ratitamkul)

“(Home to Roost) finished bottom of the league … we came 3rd bottom, so there were no cries of cheating there,” John told the Chiangmai Mail.

O’Malley’s edged out Rock Hard for the title, both teams ending the season with 11 points, but O’Malley’s took the championship by virtue of the tie breaking system.

No Name Cafe edged out Blue Sky for the final place on the “podium”.

Frank, owner of the No Name Cafe, accepts his team’s third place trophy from Darren and John.

David from Good Morning Chiang Mai set the jovial tone of the night with his opening speech, and after the awards presentation, a few pickup games on the baize, and an undetermined amount of liquid refreshments consumed by all, John from the Outback closed the proceedings by inviting everyone back for fun and games when next season gets underway.

The next Chiang Mai Pool League season is scheduled to begin the second Friday in January. New players are always welcome, but if you want to propose any amendments to the rules (or other constructive suggestions), you’d better hurry, as these must be given to Darren (Home To Roost) or John (Outback) in a fully worded format no later than today, December 22.

Football grudge season!

Last year the students and teachers of the Christian German School Chiang Mai wanted to see who were the best footballers. The students in particular wanted to show that sometimes youth and enthusiasm could triumph over age and experience.

The annual students versus teachers at the Christian German School Chiang Mai ended in a draw, again.

The first three matches resulted in one win each, and the decider ended in a one-all draw. So this year a definitive result was wanted. Teams were picked from the best available players and the match began. At full time, including injury time, the scores were deadlocked. A ‘Golden Goal’ formula was used and after the penalty shoot-out the scores were a three-all draw.

However, after the match, both sides had equally enjoyed the experience, and until next time they are prepared to say they were equal to each other. But wait till next match!

Skate Thailand Open 2003

Runner-Up round held in Chiang Mai

Natchawi Srirat

Bully Sky Ice, Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex hosted the runner-up round in Skate Thailand Open 2003 on November 15. There were 31 events on the day.

Champions of their class. (Photo by Phornphimon Thimsat)

Udom Puasakul, deputy governor of Chiang Mai presided and said, “I would like all the athletes to realize that sport is a great thing to do, using spare time in the right way, getting away from drugs and creating discipline and unity.”

The events were divided into categories depending on age and style, such as Alpha Solo Female 7, Gamma Solo Mixed 7-11, Delta Solo Female 8, Delta Solo Female 10-13, Freestyle 1 Footwork Female 9-11, Freestyle 1 Footwork Mixed 13-14, Freestyle 2 and Spotlight L.E. Family. Each person could enter more than one event.

Figure skate and speed skaters showed it was necessary to have extreme concentration, more than many other types of sports, as well as graceful movement. Only one mistake could ruin the whole performance.

Figure skate and speed skating are still new in Thailand but when the famous actress Suwanun Kongying brought this type of sport to the forefront, many youngsters wanted to emulate her.

Fitness Tips: Refining the fat argument – Part I

Fat in food remains a controversial issue – but hark, the plot thickens (with the blood)

by David Garred

G’day Readers,

Let’s see if we can clear up a few things with the fat and overeating issue this week. Please note that a part of this article will get a little complex, I’ll tell you when, but the extra detail is in there for clarity. I’ll tell you when to stop scanning and start reading again so you don’t miss the point of the article.

To recap from last time, the story so far:

• Dietary fat has been thought to be a ‘bad guy’ for health since the early 1970s, causing heart disease as well as increased weight;

• Advice to reduce saturated fat (mainly animal fat) for health has been justified;

• The advice to reduce all fats on the other hand (for health and weight loss) may have been premature, BUT

• …advice to increase all polyunsaturated fats may also be unjustified and unproven in the scientific literature, THEREFORE…

• The fat story continues to unfold as scientific research becomes more refined…

* (This is where things get a tad deep.) Fatty acids are a family of several hundred chemicals, which can be grouped into a number of different families. The first family grouping is based on ‘saturation’; that is whether each carbon atom in a chain of atoms is fully ‘saturated’ with a hydrogen atom (saturated fatty acids or SAFAs), only partly saturated, with some hydrogen atoms missing, forming double carbon bonds (polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs), or only has one double carbon bond (mono-unsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs). The next family breakdown is based on where the carbon bonds occur. One family, known as N-3 (or Omega 3) fatty acids, have the bond three carbon atoms along the chain, and are known to have anti-inflammatory effects in the blood. These come from fish oils and a group called alpha-linoleic acid, which is contained in green leafy vegetables. N-6 fatty acids on the other hand come from a group called linolenic acid, which is contained mostly in seed oils such as safflower, sunflower, etc.

Now read on…

Practical implications

Until recently, heart healthy diets had been based around decreasing SAFAs and maintaining or increasing MUFAs and PUFAs. But new studies on the Mediterranean diet have shown that this is not enough. In one famous study carried out in Lyon in France, heart attacks were significantly reduced in people with a low N-6/N-3 ratio, and a low saturated fat intake. There is also evidence to suggest that some of these PUFAs and MUFAs, particularly olive, canola and fish oils, may be used up earlier in the energy cycle and may in fact have advantages for weight loss. Hence, new recommendations are beginning to suggest the following:

• Saturated fat (from animal meats, coconut and palm oil) should still be reduced (to less than 10% of total food intake) for heart health and weight loss;

• The ratio of N-6/N-3 fats should be reduced for heart health (eg. By decreasing seed oils and increasing fish and plant foods, particularly green, leafy plant foods). However, this is unlikely to help weight loss per se;

• Fish oils, olive oil or canola oils in moderate amounts will help heart health and may help weight loss if replacing other oils;

• Peanuts and other PUFAs could be helpful for heart health in lean people, but may need to be used in moderation where body weight is a consideration, because of their high energy density.

Take home message:

The fat message is not as simple as it used to be. Reducing saturated fat is still the only objective recommendation that can be made. Further take home message, most of this was put into the Modern Medicine column about 6-8 weeks ago by Dr. Iain, do you see a pattern forming? The Doc’s column will cover a great variety of subjects but you can guarantee that he’s on the money with all of them.

Last tip for the week as a passing thought, the only way to beat being overweight is a lifestyle change.

Here is what you need to do.

Daily activity.

Regular exercise.

Eat a healthy and diversified diet.

Be positive and make the effort, you’ll reap the rewards gradually after the first day, both physically and mentally.

Carpe diem’
For reference
Asherio A. Epidemiological studies on dietary fats and coronary heart disease. American Journal of Medicine, 2002;113(9B) :9S-12S

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