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BHP Steel Limited renamed BlueScope Steel Limited

WTO praises Thailand for free trade policy

BHP Steel Limited renamed BlueScope Steel Limited

Following the necessary approvals and an overwhelmingly positive shareholder vote at the company’s Annual General Meeting last week, the company previously known as BHP Steel Limited has changed its name to BlueScope Steel Limited.

Chairman Graham Kraehe said that the adoption of the BlueScope Steel name marked the start of a new chapter in the history of the company.

“This is an exciting time. It is very pleasing that the reception for the new name has been so positive amongst our shareholders, customers and employees. BlueScope Steel is a name to take us forward with vision, innovation and the ability to grow and develop in new directions,” said Kraehe.

One of the objectives was to find a name that reflected the dynamic environment and potential that has been unleashed as a result of the company’s public listing last year.

Managing Director and CEO, Kirby Adams said, “BlueScope Steel is a great choice for a company whose products add color to the community. Blue is the company’s corporate color and is retained in our logo. Scope suggests opportunity, innovation and the potential of the company.”

Adams further explained, “The change of company name marks a new chapter in the history of our organization. BlueScope Steel is a company focused on the future, looking ahead, providing inspired steel solutions for our customers and strength and color to our communities. Our change of name represents an important and significant step in the evolution of our company.”

BlueScope Steel was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 15 July 2002 as BHP Steel. As a condition of its de-merger from BHP Billiton, the company was required to change its name by 30 June 2004.

About BlueScope Steel Limited

BlueScope Steel Limited is the leading steel producer in Australia and New Zealand, supplying some 80 percent of the flat steel products sold in these markets. BlueScope Steel’s principal customers are in the building and construction, automotive, packaging and general manufacturing industries. The company’s steelworks at Port Kembla is Australia’s largest and one of the world’s lowest cost producers of hot rolled coil. Steel rolling, coating and painting plants are located in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and the company has a network of roll-forming facilities across the Asia Pacific region that is unmatched by any other steel company.

About BlueScope Steel in Thailand

BlueScope Steel’s businesses in Thailand, BlueScope Steel Thailand and BlueScope Lysaght Thailand are a manufacturers of quality flat steel products. BlueScope Steel Thailand was established in 1995 through a joint venture between BHP Steel Limited and Loxley Public Company Limited. Its manufacturing facility at Mabtaput produces premium quality flat steel products such as Clean COLORBOND and ZINCALUME steels for the construction and manufacturing industry. The Company’s roll-forming business, BlueScope Lysaght Thailand, is a market leading supplier of innovative building and construction solutions. For further information about BlueScope Steel Limited: www.bluescopesteel .com

WTO praises Thailand for free trade policy

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has praised Thailand for its advocacy of free trade policy through moves to promote trade liberalization. The kingdom’s moves to support trade and investment liberalization through the opening up of its markets for expanding foreign economies should also be admired, stated the report.

The world trade watchdog has also praised Thailand for its news attempts to boost free trade, and to promote access to the market mechanism.

Meanwhile, international diplomats said that Thailand’s economic policies had been considered significant, as they had made the kingdom now become a leading trading partner among developing countries. The diplomats pointed out that Thailand became the world’s 24th largest exporting country and 22nd largest importing country of goods and services last year. (TNA)