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Attend an ‘afternoon tea party’ with two stars

Chiang Mai Choral Society features custom designed jewelry at December performance

Dutch sending out retirees to help in management cooperation program

Lanna holds ‘Beautiful Fish Days’

Painting exhibition for charity coming soon

Life is a dream

International performance art festival held at CMU art museum

Attend an ‘afternoon tea party’ with two stars

The dream of many young girls (and boys?) might come true on December 22 when Central Airport Plaza holds a special “Afternoon Tea Party with 2 Stars” at Charin on the 4th floor.

How to get there and meet the ‘men of your dreams’ in person is very easy: Every time you shop at the ‘Junction X’ (minimum 300 baht) on the ground floor you will receive a coupon where you have to write the names of the 2 movie stars (Saksit Tangthong and Aon Saravuth) plus your own.

Last day is the December 15 and 10 times 2 people will be invited to meet the actors in person.

Saksit Tangthong

Aon Saravuth

Chiang Mai Choral Society features custom designed jewelry at December performance

“A Celebration of Christmas in Music and Dance” on December 12 and 13 at GongDee Studio

Waranan Pongcharoenkul of the Orchid Jade Factory in Chiang Mai has created a line of both traditional and modern carved jade and semi-precious stone jewelry which has been donated to the Chiang Mai Choral Society.

The jewelry will be sold at the intermission to the Society’s annual December performance, and proceeds will go to support the Society and the work of Rejoice Urban Development.

Staff from the Orchid Jade Factory will be on hand during the night of the performance to describe the jewelry and discuss the symbolism of the various carved pieces.

The Chiang Mai Choral Society will perform “A Celebration of Christmas in Music and Dance” on December 12 and 13 at GongDee Studio.

Admission is free but donations will be accepted. The Society welcomes applications for membership. Interested singers should contact Rainy Riding, director, at 01-883-2423 to schedule tryouts.

Dutch sending out retirees to help in management cooperation program

Horeca, the one stop supplier for hotels and restaurants, which always wants to stay on top of things, recently held a training seminar for employees and management staff.

Gijs van Gurp, a very fit, knowledgeable, 60-year-old (or young?) Dutch national came to Thailand to advise on: How to improve service and quality of the existing delivery system.

The Netherlands Management Cooperation Program (NMCP) is sending out retired people from the Netherlands, who are very experienced in their field, to developing countries.

Any company (of course under certain conditions) in a developing country can call for “help” from the NMCP. It is a great way to receive professional help from experienced specialists, who, due to retirement, have enough time to get involved again, instead of just sitting home.

Due to the very fast growing sales, Horeca Chiang Mai applied for assistance in order to avoid possible logistic problems in the future.

Lanna holds ‘Beautiful Fish Days’

BYOF - Bring your own fish

An educational exhibition showing the many natural resources that Thailand has to offer and which attract tourists from around the world can be seen December 4-7 at Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall and hotel complex.

This beautiful species is rarely seen.

700 different species of tropical as well as ordinary fish can be seen and there will be people from the fisheries department and helpers from private sectors around to cooperate and explain.

Of all the world’s natural resources, water is the most essential thing for all living creatures, including small species that maintain the balance of nature. Today many fish species are on the way to extinction. This exhibition aims to stimulate youths to use leisure time for education.

If you want to learn more about your fish at home, have an aquarium which is not bigger than 20 - 24 inches, than just bring it along and be taught what natures has to offer.

Painting exhibition for charity coming soon

Art has a huge impact in Chiang Mai

M. Vogt

The New Life Foundation, under the patronage of H.R.H. the Princess Mother (better known as Somdej Yah by the Thai people) is organizing a painting exhibition and sale to raise funds for their charitable activities.

This Foundation was established in Chiang Mai some 38 years ago to take care of people with physical and/or mental handicaps.

The New Life Foundation is now also taking care of the second and third generations of these villagers and provides scholarships to give these kids a better chance in life.

The president is Khunying Bupphan Nimmanhaeminda, a wonderful active person despite her 81 years. The exhibition will take place at the Amari Rincome Hotel from December 4-18, as well as partly at Gongdee Gallery during the Nimmanhaeminda Fair from December 4-7.

Artworks from 11 painters will be shown, such as Engorn Hormsuwan from Bangkok, joined by 8 of her students, one of whom is Khunying Bupphan’s daughter Wanthip.

Even two foreign painters with very interesting techniques have kindly agreed to participate, Rene De Wolf from Belgium and Pierre Wittmann from Switzerland.

Eight multipurpose greeting cards from some of these paintings will be for sale at this event: one set of 8 for 100 baht. Of course all to raise funds for charity!

Life is a dream

“Luminous Anonymity” solo painting exhibition by Doris Kraushaar Dec. 13-31

“Colors are mirrors. As we look at them we reflect upon and understand the world and ourselves. If we look deeply inside, they will make us understand their principals.” Die Kabbala by V. Heinrich Benedikt

Dream house

Colors create feelings and different moods. Each color has its own expression and language. They bring us in touch with reality. Each color has the same value, one color is not “better” then the other, each one stands for itself, reflecting their part of reality. Colors are healers and medicine at the same time.

White is the height from where it all starts and black is the void, the last and the deepest darkness.

Red is the color of movement. It beholds aggression and destruction, the danger of escalation, perhaps devastation. It stimulates us. Red is also the color of passionate love. Whatever qualities it carries, light or dark, it is always the expression of movement and life.

Blue is the color of a mothers care. If we look at blue it creates tranquility and space. Quickly our moods disappear; it calms and clears our mind. It is the color of the sky and sea, of still waters. It rests in itself and invites the human eyes to plunge inside. Blue is a mild but cool color.

Yellow is the opposite of blue, it is expansive, shining and full of brightness. It is lightening a room, it touches us. It overcomes borders leading us to the light. Yellow represents sensitivity, like children, curious, observing their surrounding, blending into it. It wants to be integrated and only in connection with other colors will it express its brightness.

Red, blue and yellow are the basic colors from which the whole spectrum emerges.

Orange is the combination of red and yellow. Yellow enters the red offering light and creating a new identity. It is the color of joy, love for life.

Green a symbol of growth and life. Connecting us with our center. It is a mixture of blue and yellow. In green two worlds blend together, the world of spirit and substance, light and darkness.

Violet is the combination of blue and red, the marriage of cold and warm. Red enters the blue and blue protects with devotion and cools it. It is the ecstatic embrace of female and male. Violet connects world and soul.

Brown is the combination of red and green, covering red. The color of bark, rust, earth. It is associated with the source of organic existence, the nutrition force of life. The expressive shapes are penetrated by the colors and stimulate the viewer’s fantasy. Giving space for new perceptions.
Life is a dream.

International performance art festival held at CMU art museum

11 countries represented

Chin Ratitamkul

The international Performance Art Festival was held at Chiang Mai University (CMU)’s art museum November 20-23. 14 artists from 11 countries took part, including Thailand, Belarus, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, China, Philippines, Poland, Japan, and Vietnam. This was the first time Thailand had a chance to exchange with artists from the former Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc.

Indonesian Wawan Christiawan poured liquefied wax over his body and called it “Action Poetry” performance art.

Chumpon Apisuk, the director of Asiatopia Working Committee, explained performance art as a show of procedures as a work of art itself. “When we go to the art museums or studios, all that you can see are completed works of art,” said Chumpon. By comparison, performance art shows movement, emotion and imagination from the beginning until the end of the performance. The artists could apply any art techniques such as drawing, painting, spraying, sculpturing, and dancing.

Wawan Christiawan, an artist from Indonesia, called his performance art “Action Poetry”. He said that it did not only come from subjective consciousness as an ideological response towards socio-cultural problems, but also was a manifestation of the artist’s interior self-exploration.

It was an unusual activity performed in the usual world. It could be read as multi interpretable text. It took the risk of becoming “something” or “nothing at all,” Wawan concluded.