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Kids' Corner

I like

Y’s Men Charity Tea Party

St. Martin’s parade with home made lanterns

Kids' Corner

Yesterday Marvin was asking me if I still had my roller blades from when I was a little girl. I had to tell him that when I was a child that there was no such thing as roller blades because they were only invented in 1980. I had roller skates but we didn’t have roller blades. So Marvin went to the library to find out when things were invented. This is what he found:

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1) What does a polite mouse say?
2) Which fruit is always sad?
3) Why is a baseball game like a pancake?
4) You can’t buy it in a shop but it is delivered to your house everyday. What is it?


1) Cheese and thank you
2) Blueberries
3) They both depend on the batter
4) Electricity

Bye from Marg and Marvin

I like

by Alice Vandermeersch

The poem and story were written by Alice Vandermeersch. She is a grade 4 Thai-Belgian student from LIST (Lanna International School)

I like...

I like to have fun in the sun.
I also run in the sun.
I like to eat food on a nice small plate.
I like to play games with my sister.
I like watching TV, and DVDs and videos and CVDs.
I like dogs and cats.
I like flying in the air with my Dad.

You look good like that

A long time ago lived a farmer that had one cow. The cow made lots of milk and stuff. The cow ate lots and lots of grass. One day there was a postman who gave a book to the cow. It was a book about super modern cows. One day the cow opened the book and she wanted to be like the super modern cows. The cow went to the shop to buy food to make cows thin. The cow got thinner and thinner and thinner. The farmer went to see the cow. He said, “Can you get fatter like before?” The cow said, “No!” The farmer went to his house and put a balloon with ice and he put it on his head. A person looked at that cow, “This cow looks bad,” said the person. The cow looked at herself; she was very thin. She wanted to be like before. She ate grass again and she got fat. She went to see the farmer. She looked at the farmer and the farmer was glad. Then the cow got fatter and made milk like before. The End.

Y’s Men Charity Tea Party

Street children sing for their suppers

Phornphimon Thimsat

The Y’s Men Club of Chiang Mai held its “Y’s Men Charity Tea Party” on Sunday, November 23 at the Sports Club of Wangtarn Housing Estate in Hang Dong district to raise funds for the YMCA Street Children Project.

Entertainment was mainly musical with recitals on piano, violin, folk guitar, a Beatles style performance presented by Kittiwat Leelayuth, and a vocal performance by the children of the YMCA Street Children Project.

Many generous people participated in this party and part of the income generated from ticket sales went to the fund for the street children.

YMCA Street Children Project sang to entertain guests.

Kittiwat Leelayuth performed a guitar solo “Beatles style”.

Suphaluck Proumgantha, the president of Y’s Men Club addresses guests at the charity party.

St. Martin’s parade with home made lanterns

Dominique Leutwiler

One of the highlights at the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) is the annual St. Martin’s parade, which takes place around this time of the year. It’s when the kindergarten children and the children up to 3rd grade take an evening stroll with their self made lantern.

Yeah! I am taller than you and mine is burning lighter than yours ... that’s what they seemed to have said.

This year the event took place at Mooban Pinerie Home, where one of the mothers decorated a beautiful setting for the picnic that was part of the little St. Martins parade and was well visited from family and friends.

Everybody brought food and the buffet ended up as a real international meal. After a cozy dinner on the lawn of the Pinerie Home, the children started their parade through the village, singing different St. Martin’s carols. For once the streets around the ‘mooban’ were illuminated with home-made lanterns and the air was filled with the songs of their proud little owners.

During frequent stops, the children could take a rest and listen to the story of St. Martin told by the kindergarten teachers. After a 45 minute walk and already close to bedtime the three to eight-year old children were ready for a good nigh sleep.

Everybody had fun and enjoyed the evening thanks to a well organized event.