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Nimmanhaeminda Art and Design Promenade

San Kamphaeng Lanna style tourist attraction

Iranian art and culture at CMU Museum finishes December 7th

Art for New Life

Nimmanhaeminda Art and Design Promenade

Showing the true spirit of Chiang Mai

Marion Vogt
Photos Staff reporters

This year’s Nimmanhaeminda Art & Design Promenade, the fourth time this event has been held, opened with a huge crowd in attendance. It was a mixture of entertainment and business in the cozy Soi 1, and not so crowded this year as participating booths were limited to 80, compared to the 87 from last year.

MCs of the night, Michael Vogt, MD of Chiangmai Mail, and Anchalee Chaturanon, PR officer from the Amari Rincome Resort, welcomed everybody and introduced the committee and the main sponsors including Thai Airways International, the Nation Group, TAT, Chiangmai Mail, Amari Rincome Hotel, Souvannaphoum Magazine, Saenkham Restaurant & Terrace, The Grand, and Speed Press.

The Nimmanhaeminda Fair 2003 was slightly different from the last year, with contemporary Asian style being the fashion of the 21st century and with the who’s who of designers exhibiting it was not surprising that this year wholesale buyers from overseas were seen negotiating with the designers and artists.

The food outlets and coffee shops were crowded with people from Bangkok and well known models and would-be stars, enjoying the atmosphere and easy-going mix of foreigners and local artists.

The entertainment program during the four days included a heavily artistic jewelry fashion show, a northern Thai Fashion Show by ‘Ginger Shop’, presentations of contemporary Lanna Fashion, Western Fashion designed by an award winning young designer from Bangkok, imaginative Japanese solo dances by Hasae Hannoka from Japan, and piano recitals.

Marc Dumur, one of the initiators of this fair, and Vichit Chaiwong, owner of Gongdee Studios, both expressed the concept that the yearly fair should keep its personal touch. There is no intention to extend it. With four days during the first week of December and the limited space, it will keep its exclusivity, its jazziness and make it even more attractive for local artists, models, writers, international wholesalers and ordinary Christmas shoppers to come and spend some hours out of the ordinary in the cozy little Soi. A pleasant surprise at the opening was the presentation of a donation of 30,000 baht from Khun Bua of Suanbua Resort to Khunying Chao Raviphan Sujaritkul, the Director of the northern welfare center for mentally retarded.

VIPs at the Opening Ceremony (From left front row) Sangthien Mahavan, Director Chiangmai Travel Center; Wanphen Dirksen, Chao Duangduen na Chiangmai, Khunying Chao Raviphan Sujaritkul and Mrs. Kalantakasuwan; (Back Row) Executive Assistant Manager of Amari Rincome Hotel, Jeff Chanin Sattayarom with his GM Wim Fagel, Jumpol Chutima, MD of Rimkok Resort Hotel and President of the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce, Hagen Dirksen Hon Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Marc Dumur.

Chalermsak Suranant, Director TAT Northern Office Region 1, during his welcome address, before sounding the Sabadchai drum three times to declare the 4th Art & Design Promenade officially open.

Presenting fine jewelry, combined with beauty and grace - thats the kind of show Dr. Troy organises so well.

One of the models on probably the longest catwalk of the world - over 400 metres!

MC’s Michael Vogt, MD of Chiangmai Mail and Anchalee Chaturanon from the Amari Rincome Hotel.

Chiang Mai children enjoy the advantage of growing up with art with one of the exhibitors, teaching the little ones how to draw and paint.

This model really got the looks.

A Ginger model wearing Lanna style casual wear.

One of the 80 booths, with everything your heart desires from fashion to ceramics, jewelry to candles, and even tables and chairs.

Model wearing contemporary Lanna fashion

San Kamphaeng Lanna style tourist attraction

The future’s in the past says District Officer

Chin Ratitamkul

In an ongoing effort to promote the city of San Kamphaeng as a tourist attraction in Chiang Mai province, the slogan “If you come to Chiang Mai, you must go to San Kam Phaeng” was created. This program will take place from December 20 until February 21, 2004.

(From left) Chalermsak Suranan, Chiang Mai Region 1 TAT Director; Pornchai Atthapreyangkul, Chiang Mai MP; Suwat Tantipat, Chiang Mai Governor; Surachai Jongrak, the San Kamphaeng District Officer; Vikorn Promchana, President of San Kam Phaeng SME group.

Chiang Mai MP, Pornchai Attapreyangkul, explained that the project “San Kamphaeng culture and craft land” had been launched to recall San Kamphaeng’s previous histroy as a center of famous local handicrafts.

Presentation of various San Kam Phaeng products and fashions.

Chiang Mai Governor, Suwat Tantipat, said the province was well prepared for both Thai and Foreign tourists. Part of these preparations includes transportation arrangements to San Kam Phaeng, costing only 8 baht per person (Saturdays only). This project would stimulate the community economics and tourism, Suwat concluded.

District Officer Surachai Jongrak explained that it would present the San Kamphaeng as a craft center for silk, cotton, pottery, painted umbrellas, mulberry-pulp paper, wooden carving and more, featuring a trendy combination of Lanna culture and modern style. “We will show that San Kamphaeng will be full of liveliness again, without abandoning its identity and traditional local knowledge.

The area will be divided into in 4 zones. Zone 1, the old San Kamphaeng district office, will be decorated ‘Lanna style’, and present a variety of San Kamphaeng products. Zone 2 will have the center stage, showing local performances, reflecting San Kam Phaeng history. Zone 3 will be walking street and shops, while Zone 4 will cover an area of 1.5 square kilometers, portraying the original way of life decades ago.

Iranian art and culture at CMU Museum finishes December 7th

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

The grand opening was held on December 1st, presided over by Deputy Governor Thongchai Wongrianthong, Asst Prof. Dr. Niphon Tuwanon, and H.E. Rasoul Eslami, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Thailand.

Deputy Governor Thongchai Wongrianthong, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nipon Tuwanon and H.E. Rasoul Eslami, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at the CMU museum.

The Deputy Governor said that he was delighted that CMU is contributing to art and culture. On this occasion, Chiang Mai residents would have a chance to explore a rare, but highly valuable Iranian exhibition.

Iranian artist demonstrating how to weave Persian carpets.

The exhibition featured two distinguished Iranian artists, Ms. Jila Rassam Arabzadeh, a well known carpet designer, and Ms. Farah Kimia Ghalam, a miniaturist and handicraft maker.

“The art of carpet weaving reflects the most original symbol of Iranian art and talent, and it is a great opportunity for Chiang Mai people to experience one of the world finest arts. This will also enrich the good relationship between our two countries,” said H.E Rasoul Eslami.

Many kind of art creations were on display at the Museum.

Art for New Life

At Amari Rincome Hotel until December 21

Text and Photos
Marion Vogt

Art for New Life, an international exhibition has opened at the Amari Rincome Hotel, with over 100 paintings spread throughout the hotel. The difference between this exhibition and all the others currently in town is the mix of the many different and interesting painting techniques.

Somboon Suprasert on the microphone, introducing the painters who kindly agreed to help raise funds for the elderly with a physical or mental handicaps living in the New Life Foundation villages in Hangdong, Chiangdao and Lee.

The two foreign painters, Ren้ De Wolf from Belgium and Pierre Wittmann from Switzerland, include ancient Tantric and Reiki meditation symbols which complement the more flowery artworks from Khun Engorn and her students.

A beautiful example of the colorful watercolor paintings of Engorn Hormsuwan, called ‘Roses, fresh from the garden’ (From left) Amari GM Wim Fagel, Engorn Hormsuwan, Wanthip Nimmanhaeminda, MD of TWE company; and Danai Leosawathiphong, MD of Siam Royal Orchid.

Wasakorn Pibyosinwat presented a Chinese brush painting to increase the friendship between Thailand and China. It had everything - the symbol of Thailand, a golden swan for the pandas in the zoo, a bird’s nest in a tree to increase the possibilities of the ‘young couple’ to become happy parents and some bamboo twigs and leaves to feed them. To round up this artistic friendship painting, the Chinese rice paper was carefully topped with a Thai rice paper.

Cory Croymanns-Plaghki, during her opening address. (From left) Cory Croymanns-Plaghki the organizer of the exhibition, Somboon Suprasert, Patcharawal Simawara, Chao Dararat na Lamphun, and Khunying Bupphan Nimmanhaeminda, the 81 year old President of the New Life Foundation.

During the exhibition, I had the opportunity to taste a wonderful green tea called ‘Jiaogulan’ - try it if it is available.

Wasakorn Pibyosinwat in front of her Chinese-Thai brush painting to honor the arrival of the panda friendship ambassadors.

Exactly 39 years ago, some very courageous and kindhearted people established ‘The New Life Foundation’ under the patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother, with the help of the American and Thai governments. Now, in 2003, this foundation is still growing stronger and stronger. It was their objective to look after people with physical and mental handicaps, and to teach them how to take care of themselves in their own villages in Hangdong, Chiangdao and Lee.

Today, the New Life Foundation also cover daycare centers for pre-school children, a Scholarship Fund and two Homes for the Elderly.

The exhibition at the Amari Rincome Hotel will continue until 21 December and a set of eight cards featuring some of the paintings will be on sale for 100 baht. All donations are welcomed and a tax-deductible receipt can be issued.