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Operation Angel tree

Operation Little Chef - a new concept in learning?

Environment Day highlights the problems

Operation Angel tree

CMIS celebrates the holiday season with giving

In the midst of the business of preparing for the end of the semester, Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) students and teachers have taken time out to share the Christmas spirit with Thai children in need.

CMIS students with gifts collected this Christmas for needy children in Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces.

As in the past few years, CMIS is a local sponsor of a goodwill initiative called the Angel Tree project, which collects gifts for underprivileged children in the region. For the past six weeks, a small Christmas tree has been on display in front of the CMIS Office. Attached to the tree were tags with names, photographs and the ‘Christmas wishes’ of children in rural Thai villages. Many of the children asked for gifts of warm blankets, watches and soccer balls. Teachers, students and their families were encouraged to ‘sponsor an angel’ by taking a tag from the tree and returning it with a wrapped gift by the end of November.

CMIS Director Supaporn Yanasarn with members of the Operation Blessing Thai foundation who run the annual Angel Tree project.

The CMIS community responded to the challenge again with enthusiasm and generosity. Homeroom classes organized fund-raisers to buy gifts; the after-school Girl Guides group had a bake sale; individual parents, students and teachers brought in gifts and cash in support of the good cause. More than 100 gifts were collected from the CMIS community, and more continue to be collected.

The Angel Tree project is organized by the Operation Blessing Thai Foundation which takes charge of the distribution of the gifts to the needy children. Their focus this year will be helping children in Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces.

Khun Nutcha of Operation Blessing thanked the school community for their part in the program saying, “These are the only gifts these children receive all year. We know this will be something very special that they will remember all their lives.”

If you would like to contribute to the Angel Tree project this year, contact Khun Nutcha at Operation Blessing, telephone: 053 262 940.

Operation Little Chef - a new concept in learning?

The PLEARN Center opening soon

By Jim Messenger

Chiang Mai has many new language schools. They offer a vast array of courses aimed at the traditional language learning market. A new venture is the PLEARN Center (of Language Arts and Culture).

Starting off with the idea of bringing fun back to learning, PLEARN is saying it has some pretty innovative concepts. For instance, they came up with the idea of linking kids with food. “What’s so special about that?” you’d say. Well they turn this into play, teaching kids how to make easy meals at home, when Mom’s not around, added games, some nutrition info, English and voila (they speak French too?) LITTLE CHEF. It’s great and it works because it’s fun, says PLEARN.

Operation Little Chef!

There is also English for Horseback Riding. What??? Yes, learning the basics of horse riding, in a country setting, on a horse, in English. Why not? Who said language learning had to be dull?

Turn now to English through Songs. Here people learn the meaning of their favorite song, how to pronounce it correctly, some cultural background and they sing too!

There’s also After School Workshop for Teens, where each day is a different project in science, math, geography, arts etc. The kids work in English, learn new words and develop what they’re doing in school.

Expats have not been left out of the loop, there’s Khun Gai’s Thai without Tears language course.

Sound interesting? Well they’re having an Opening Party on Sunday, December 21, from 1.30-5 p.m. It’s free. You can come sample a class, take part in a Christmas theme party with carols, a quiz, raffles snacks, and drinks. Fun! Food! And Friends!!! Everyone is welcome, but please call to reserve a place beforehand.

The Center is located in S.P. House, 432 Superhighway Road (opp. Carrefour and the Payap entrance, between the Hino and JVC signs). Telephone 053 247 800. If they’re too busy, leave a message and they’ll get back to you quickly.

Environment Day highlights the problems

But do we have the answers?

Phornphimon Thimsat

Environmental problems are the greatest challenge the government and private sectors have to face. This has been acknowledged for many years with His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen showing their concern over environmental issues.

Students being made aware of environmental problems.

On December 4, 1989, the King told people about the environmental situation in Thailand and in the world. His Majesty was also very concerned about the environmental problems that Thai people meet, and requested his subjects to coordinate their efforts to solve the problems not only for Thailand, but also for the world. Following this, December 4th of every year has been decreed as the Thai Environment Day.

Chiang Mai set up an Environment Day exhibition at the Chiang Mai City Art and Cutural Center. Various booths from many schools and organizations presented their concerns and offered their solutions to solving the environment crisis. As well as showing respect to Their Majesties, the exhibition was making the general public aware of environmental issues.