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Two major drug dealers killed carrying 800,000 ya ba pills

60 day arms amnesty yields over 3,000 weapons

Welcome in the New Year with the PM

Pesticides under review again

Dredge the Mekong called for by Quadrangle groups

GMS cooperation still not fully implemented

Chiang Mai Pattana group to contest mayoral elections

Expat businessman donates 1 million baht to Chiang Rai Police Station

Chiang Mai State Railway not affected by cheap air fares

Unique Akha style New Year celebration

Franchise B2B Thailand Road Show at Chiang Mai

More Consulates wanted for Chiang Mai

The most beautiful girl in the North is well-rounded

Chiang Mai Winter and Provincial Red Cross Fair 2004

Mae Hong Son province plans to reopen its district airport

Reunion Day Sunday, December 21, at Wat Suan Dok

Chiang Mai people join the “Waen Kaew” spectacles project.

Taiwan eases work permits for Thai workers

Traffic jams on Doi Inthanon during the long weekend

Two major drug dealers killed carrying 800,000 ya ba pills

More extra-judicial killings? Both on police blacklist

PRD, Chiang Mai and Natchawi Srirat

Hang Dong police report the extra-judicial killing of two major drugs suspects, while seizing 800,000 amphetamine tablets in Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong district.

Sombat Puang-ngern, 40 years old, together with Tee, his Chinese aide, were killed in the early hours of December 16 by the drug suppression police, during a drug bust about kilometer 32 on the Chiang Mai-Samoeng Road, in Tambon Ban Pong, Hang Dong district Chiang Mai province. Sombat and Tee were on the police blacklist of major drug dealers, and had been followed by undercover police.

Assistant Police Chief of the National Police Bureau, Pol. Lt. Gen Priaophan Damaphong led the investigation and his police inspected the crime scene, where they found a pick up truck and the bodies of the two suspects

Both bodies were still holding 9 mm handguns, with both men dying from gunshot wounds. Inspection of the pickup truck driven by the suspects revealed a travel bag which contained 800,000 ya ba pills, hidden underneath the back seat. Assistant Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Priaophan said that the ya ba pills found were still fresh, apparently just produced and smuggled over the border.

He also added that some of the drug barons have returned to the drug trade, but police already are keeping a close eye on them. “If they return to drug smuggling, we will suppress them immediately. At this time, all drug dealers are much more careful. Some of them are putting government organization stickers on their vehicles to try to avoid police interception and check point inspections. The police still have to follow up suspects who are still at large and on the blacklists,” he added.

60 day arms amnesty yields over 3,000 weapons

Grenades and rocket launchers also handed in

Chin Ratitamkul

Police Colonel Tarin Chantratip, the deputy commander of the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Division, revealed that eight categories of arms and weapons were handed in during the 60 day amnesty period. The weapons were on display at the police division during a press conference earlier this week.

Weapons surrendered to the Chiang Mai police.

The government has cracked down on firearms licensing as part of the suppression of dark influences, and a 60 day amnesty was granted from October 17- December 15, 2003. After the deadline, prosecutions will take place against anyone holding unlicensed weapons.

Chiang Mai Provincial Police Division presented the results of the amnesty which included 141 pistols, 3,329 rifles, 15 rocket launchers, 2,292 bullets, 26 grenades, 104 tubes of explosive devices and 236,762 bullets.

Pol Col Tarin said at the press conference that the inspection committee would continue to enforce gun laws, and would give the seized weapons to the provincial authorities.

Welcome in the New Year with the PM

Thaksin Shinawatra to begin another ‘countdown’

Natchawi Srirat

The countdown to 2004 in Chiang Mai will be celebrated in grand style this year at the 700 Year Anniversary Sports Complex, at a party presided over by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Dr. Apiwat Wattanangkul, of JSL Co., expounding on the attractions of the party.

“Happiness belongs to all Thais, happiness occurs everywhere in the Kingdom of Thailand, if there is love and understanding between one another. All Thais have the right to be happy, no matter where they are,” says the slogan which the organizer JSL Co. has issued for this party.

The celebrations will start on 31 December at 12 noon, and will last until 1.30 a.m. on New Year’s day. The motto for the party is “2004 - The Power of Love”, with the host being PM Thaksin Shinawatra, a Chiang Mai born boy back in his hometown for New Year.

The party’s main activities will be divided into three parts; the first is “Star 2004 Singing and Dancing contest”, the second is the activities from the sponsors’ booths outside the stadium, with the finale being the actual Countdown to 2004 in the main stadium. Many actors and actresses from Channel 7 TV will join in the fancy parades.

Many interesting and performances will be shown during the day and at night. The highlight of the performances will be a Mini Concert called “The Power of Love” by the famous singing duo Nicole Theriault and Jirasak Panpoom

Dr. Apiwat Wattanangkul of JSL, the organizers said, “This year, we will make a grand party for all Chiang Mai people to celebrate New Year with PM Thaksin Shinawatra; everyone will be amazed. We chose 700 Year Anniversary sports complex because we need more space for the grand party, and we want to make it bigger and better than all the other parties.”

Main sponsors of the event are the Chiang Mai Provincial Authorities, Channel 7 TV, JSL Co., Isuzu, AIS, Singha Beer, Thai Airways International, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand, and the Chiang Mai people themselves.

Pesticides under review again

Biological controls favoured by Royal Projects

Chin Ratitamkul

An International Symposium on Uses and Effects of Pesticides in Southeast Asia: Ecological, Biomedical and Economic was held during December 11-13. Dr. Santhad Rojanasoonthorn, Chairman of the Organizing committee, said that the harmful effects following the use of pesticides was a very important issue for Thailand as well as for the SE Asian Countries.

Dr. Santhad Rojanasoonthorn, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.a

The major concerns are the improper use of pesticides and the harmful residues, which remain in the agricultural products, water and soil. Farmers need the knowledge and understanding of pest management as an essential issue in the food production system.

The symposium, to commemorate the 72nd birthday anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, had four objectives. Firstly to assemble an international group of experts to develop an integrated, interdisciplinary ecological approach; an overview of the uses of pesticides and their environmental, socio-economic and biomedical implications; to make recommendations for the policies or practices to reduce the harmful effects and optimize benefits of pesticide use; and to publish a special issue of an appropriate international peer-reviewed journal in both English and Thai.

Dr. Santhad gave a flower to HSH. Prince Bhisadej Rajani.

HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani, the chairman of Royal Project Foundation who presided over the symposium, said in his opening address that today, the word “food safety” is increasingly important. Training and research related to pesticides and their appropriate and safe use has been commonly practiced in areas under the Royal Project supervision.

The Royal Project also promotes alternative methods such as biological control of pests and diseases, and by promoting organic farming. HSH Prince Bhisadej said that the integrated views and experiences from this meeting could be used in optimizing the use of pesticides in this region.

Dredge the Mekong called for by Quadrangle groups

Thailand unhappy with Chinese 13 percent VAT

PRD, Chiang Rai

Northern investors have suggested to the government to revive the plan to dredge the Mekong River rapids, after a Chinese ship got stuck in the shallows.

450 delegates from Bangladesh, Burma, China and Laos as well as 10 northern Chambers of Commerce attended a Quadrangle Economic Cooperation forum at The Empress Hotel last week, to discuss further steps in the Quadrangle cooperation, presided over by former minister Korn Dabbharansi.

Rachan Veeraphan, committee chairman of the 10 Northern Chambers of Commerce, said that the Mekong River dredging needed urgent attention, as it caused a number of problems for Thai Export traders.

The Thai side also suggested that China should reconsider the 13 percent value added tax that China charges over Thai agricultural products, along with an unfair pesticide clause for Thai fruits and vegetables.

GMS cooperation still not fully implemented

Visas, transportation fees, legal requirements and language problems

Natchawi Srirat

The trade and transportation connections along the Mekong River were the main points of discussion among the member countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) at the workshop held in Chiang Mai in December.

Ms. Wirawan Tanratanakul, National Economic and Social Development Board, Northern Region, the moderator at the workshop.

During the past years, many proposals have been thrashed out and passed by the GMS members aiming to develop these countries.

At this joint meeting, four main areas were highlighted, according to Ms. Wirawan Tanratanakul of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NSDB), Northern Region. The first is the Visa on Arrival - Thais who want to go to China, currently face problems at the immigration check-points, as the Chinese will not allow them into China without already having a visa. This in direct contrast to the joint agreements between the Chinese and Thai governments that any Thai tourists or businessmen can go to China and be granted a Visa on Arrival. “But these problems are still in existence because of a lack of communication between the Chinese Government and immigration officers,” she said. Wirawan added that this particular problem needed to be solved urgently, as it severely affected trade and tourism relations between the two countries.

It has also been found that there are very high expenses for shipping procedures from China to Thailand. Chinese cargo ships need to pay double fees, to transport cargo from China to Thailand, causing high operating expenses. This appears to stem from problems coming through Laos territorial waters.

It was also proposed that member countries have the same standard of roads, traffic signs, and accept international driver licenses, even an international license plate and insurance, with all these points needing to be cleared up before the road corridor construction is completed. A number of other countries will join the GMS, including Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. There are plants to link all the countries with a road system expected to be completed by 2007.

The final point was that of the language barriers, it being obvious that inter-member trade and transportation will need a common language to be able to function efficiently. (Perhaps now is the time to implement English as the lingua franca? You can post your Chiangmai Mail abroad.)

Chiang Mai Pattana group to contest mayoral elections

Garbage, floods and social problems platform

Saksit Meesapkwang

Dr. Niwat Tantiyanusorn, the head of Chiang Mai Pattana (Development) Group and mayoral aspirant, said that he had found that there were a number of issues that needed to be solved urgently such as garbage management, flood control, and social problems. Although many problems had been addressed, many solutions had not been found, or were not successful.

Chiang Mai Pattana Group wishes to introduce themselves to Chiang Mai people as candidates for the upcoming election, divided into a consultancy and an administrative side. The four people entering the administrative race are Dr. Niwat Tantiyanusorn, Dr. Anusorn Kunanusorn, Dr. Ketthai Lagapim and Dr. Wichai Wongchai. The consultancy side consists of many skilled and extensively experienced persons. Tasks would be properly analyzed, and solved in the right direction, they claim.

Dr Niwat said that this election for the Chiang Mai Mayor breaks away from history for the local administration system, as residents can now vote for the mayor directly.

Nirun Kamsemanan, director of the Chiang Mai Provincial Election Commission, said elections for the Mayor of Chiang Mai municipality and for the President of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration (PAO) will take place early 2004.

The current Chiang Mai Municipality Council will be on duty until December 24, 2003. Elections will have to be done within 45 days thereafter, and a likely date will be February 1, 2004. As for the Chiang Mai PAO, the current administration team will leave office on February 4, and again, after 45 days, elections are expected to be held mid March 2004.

For campaigning purposes, Chiang Mai Municipality has set aside a budget of 1.1 million baht, which will be used for seminars, flyers, signs, posters, billboards, and for additional publicity.

The election commission director added that there his commission will ensure that there are no violations of the election law by candidates, sponsors and even by the public.

Expat businessman donates 1 million baht to Chiang Rai Police Station

Thanawan Chumsaeng, PRD, Chiang Mai

Capt. Charles Arthur Joseph Wonder, owner of a shipping business who has lived in Thailand for many years, and is married to a Thai woman, gave one million baht to the Provincial Police Bureau, Region 5, to help build an information center, and establish an information network, and to buy new equipment to develop information technology for the Chiang Rai Police.

Police Major General, Warasith Pornlert, Deputy Commander of Provincial Police Bureau, Region 5 was detailed to receive this very generous money donation, and said that the money would be used by the Chiang Rai Provincial Police to help develop an effective security, intelligence and suppression system.

Chiang Mai State Railway not affected by cheap air fares

It has always made a loss!

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

After two weeks of Orient Thai’s special promotion flights of 999 baht from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Chiang Mai Railway Station said there was no negative effects for them.

Suthep Suphanpayak, Head of Chiang Mai Railway Station, is struggling to finding a way to prop up the railway business.

He explained that he could not reduce his ticket prices to fight the low cost airline, because the railway business had been in s loss and debt situation for many years, without any apparent way to reverse the trend.

Chiang Mai Railway Station was prepared to buy new bogies and locomotives to upgrade the quality of its services as well as to reduce the problem of time delays, but Suthep Suphanpayak, Head of Chiang Mai Railway Station, said that he is waiting for the approval from the State Railway of Thailand, needing a budget of 20-30 million baht. He stated that a new locomotive would cut two hours of travel time to Bangkok, reducing it to 11. However, when air travel takes one hour, he is probably flogging a very dead equine.

The facelift for Chiang Mai Railway Station is expected to be completed at the end of this month. This project includes a larger car park, an air conditioned food center, souvenir shops, advanced ticket reservations and an information area.

Unique Akha style New Year celebration

Visitors and overnighters welcome

“Look Khang”, the Akha hilltribe traditional New Year celebration, will be held early next month, and local organizers hope to welcome visitors and tourists from the low and flat lands.

Suthat Luangmool, chairman of Mae Fah Luang Culture District Council, says that the unique new year celebration takes place annually on January 2, and has been held for more than 100 years.

Preserving this tradition, the leaders of the Thai Akha hill tribes of the Doi Tung Development Project, the Mae Fah Lang Culture District Council, and the Akha hill tribes people in Chiang Rai, will jointly organize the traditional New Year, starting at 10 a.m. at Samakee Kao Village, Tambon Mae Fah Luang, Mae Fah Luang district, Chiang Rai province.

On the day, the activities will bring Akha hill tribesmen and women from 17 villages under the Doi Tung Development Project, to join in celebrating their new year and Akha hill tribes shows, demonstrations of picking up bamboo worms, and other forest products will be on show.

Interested people who want to stay overnight in the village can receive more information from Peerasak Yoolue, the village headman of Ban Samakee Kao, telephone 06-1890880 or 05-03572440.

Franchise B2B Thailand Road Show at Chiang Mai

274 franchise opportunities on disply

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

The Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, hosted a “Franchise B2B Road Show 2003”, to introduce Thai Franchises and make people understand this type of business.

Deputy Chiang Mai Governor, Thongchai Wongrianthong opening the Franchise B2B Thailand Road show, with (L) Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat, FSA Secretary general.

More than one thousand people attended the road show, eager to learn terms and policies of 50 franchisers, and to find out the most suitable one for them.

Peerapong Kitivethpokawat, Secretary-general of Franchise and Thai SMEs Business Association (FSA), said that there were about 274 franchisers, with 200 of them Thai, and the rest international.

“I think there is a bright future for people who are interested in having a franchise, as we can see strong growth in this area during the past three years, and we expect a further increase of about 30 percent within the next five years,” he said.

The franchise system and the image of franchisers seemed to be the main obstacles blocking a successful and full implementation of this business, which needs to be solved immediately. The FSA Secretary-general commented that the franchisers should not treat themselves as a cooking school, but they needed to focus on how to develop their products to make a process easier and more convenient.

FSA had been preparing to export some Thai Franchises such as Neo Suki and Black Canyon to America and countries in South East Asia.

For those interested, Peerapong said they should be aware that there is no free lunch in this world, so if some franchisers offer special privileges by cutting out royalty fees, it is better to stay away.

Another clue to long term profitability was that the franchisees should look at franchisers’ capacity and willingness to make their product successful and well-known in the market place, not to only increase their profits.

More Consulates wanted for Chiang Mai

Visa problems slowing tourism being claimed

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

To make Chiang Mai a real aviation hub, there is an urgent demand to open more consulates to reduce visa processing times. This problem was highlighted in a group discussion looking at how to develop the tourism industry between neighboring countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS). Other items mentioned included ineffective tour guides, and a shortage of information center staff for tourists.

In Chiang Mai there are only four consulates - China, India, Japan and America - capable of issuing visas for local residents and foreign tourists, which was considered not to be enough, particularly if Chiang Mai wanted to be a leader in the GMS.

Somrith Haikhum, President of the Chiang Mai Guide Association, said that more and more tourists were changing their destination from Thailand to Vietnam and Cambodia, making Thailand only the third choice in this region.

“If we would like to rebuild our reputation, we need to change our standpoint, becoming the first or last stop for tourists wishing to visit Cambodia and Vietnam. Chiang Mai has a high potential international airport that can serve many wide-bodied aircraft so visa processing needs to be more convenient,” he explained.

Two representatives from Burma and Laos both agreed that they would like to open consulates, but they still lacked effective officials and staff to do this.

“Laos cannot open a new consulate in Chiang Mai right now, but tourists wanting to go to Laos can get a Visa on Arrival at an immigration office after paying a $30 visa fee. Also, we might have to consider giving a “plus” to tourists who would like to travel deeper into other districts in Laos,” the President of the Lao Tourism Authority said.

Improvinging the standard of tour guides is another problem, and both Burma and Laos requested Thailand to help them train their staff by exchange or joint workshops.

The most beautiful girl in the North is well-rounded

Well, that’s what the Public Relations Department says!

Chiang Mai is looking for the most beautiful girl in the North when it hosts the Miss Chiang Mai beauty contest. The contest will bring the beauties out looking for a chance to win 100,000 baht in cash, a diamond crown, a golden hairpin, a robe, a trophy, and more.

Wichien Noonrod, head of Chiang Mai Provincial Public Relation Office (PRD), said that during the provincial Winter Fair and Red Cross Fair 2004, to be held from December 30, 2003 to January 11, 2004, a Miss Chiang Mai 2004 beauty contest will take place.

He added that interested young women need to be Thai Nationals and be able to speak a Northern native language, be aged between 17-25 years old, a minimum of 163 centimeters tall, and have completed at least a 12th grade education.

The first round of the contest will be held on January 8, 2004 from 7.30 p.m. at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, and the final round will be held on January 10, 2004 on stage at the Winter Fair.

If you think you fit the description, then you should contact Tosapak, the promoters. The PRD hand-out said “All well-rounded contestants from now on until January 6 can contact Tosapak Co., Ltd., Imperial Mae Ping Hotel and Chiang Mai City Hall.” For more information contact 02-6702525.

Chiang Mai Winter and Provincial Red Cross Fair 2004

Chiang Mai Provincial Authorities will hold the Fair during December 30 2003 - January 11, 2004 at the grounds behind the City Hall.

One of the highlights will be another Miss Chiang Mai Beauty Contest. The stage will be decorated in Lanna style with the theme for the pageant being “Chiang Mai Beauties with Lanna in their Hearts”.

Chiang Mai has invited well known entertainers Kala, Clash, Taxi, Micro, Pamela and others to entertain the fair goers. There will also be many OTOP products on display and sale from every district.

Government organizations and private sectors will also present small exhibitions, showing just what they have done this year and have been joined by the National Science Museum. The Ministry of Justice will hold “Justice Meets People” to provide knowledge on the law for those interested.

Chiang Mai province will have to deal with a number of problems, such as traffic jams, limited parking, and dust. The provincial authorities will expand parking areas and design suitable access to get to the fair. As far as the dust problems, water will be sprayed day and night, say the organizers.

Mae Hong Son province plans to reopen its district airport

However most will be for light planes

PRD, Mae Hong Son

Supot Laowanasiri, Mae Hong Son governor, said that they have a plan to renovate and re-open the old airports in Pai, Khun Yuam, and Mae Sariang districts early next year.

The airports were built and used during World War II, but only Mae Hong Son is being currently used. The three existing district airports could only support small aircraft.

Governor Supot said the reopening of these three district airports was aimed to increase the number of tourists to Mae Hong Son.

This would not require a high budget he said, The plan is to develop Pai airport first, producing a greater tourism potential for the towns in Mae Hong Son. Last year foreign tourists had exchanged 14 million baht in foreign currency.

As a trial run, 30 small aircraft landed at Pai airport as part of an aeronautical rally.

Reunion Day Sunday, December 21, at Wat Suan Dok

Juvenile problems acknowledged

Natchawi Srirat

At 9.30 a.m., Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat will be graciously presiding over the opening ceremony of Reunion Day, which Chiang Mai YMCA Association will host together with children and juveniles organizations network for Chiang Mai area.

At present, there are many child and juvenile problems in Chiang Mai area, and the numbers of these social problems are increasing, being seen in aggression, crime, prostitution and drug related problems.

These problems are thought to be the result of social changes amongst family, school, and friends, influencing children’s behavior and attitudes. To counter these problems, the children and juvenile organizations network will hold activities to give them the opportunity to be more confident and push them to realize their own innate potential.

Some of the objectives of the day are to teach child rights, to help and stimulate children who are at risk, and show them how to develop themselves in the current society, to create awareness of the current social problems and their effects.

Chiang Mai people join the “Waen Kaew” spectacles project.

Better vision for poorer people

Natchawi Srirat

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) together with UBC and Major Cineplex Group organized the Waen Kaew glasses Project, which commenced in April this year in Bangkok, and ended in Chiang Mai on December 12, when the closing ceremony was held at Chiang Mai University’s Convention Center. Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat presided over the festivities.

M.R. Thanatsri Sawasdhiwas, honorary advisor to the project, presenting his views on the project.

40,000 spectacles and more than 7 million baht were donated to give impoverished people an opportunity to see the world more clearly.

According to the Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing), poor vision is one of the main problems in the country’s development. Therefore, a glasses bank was established in 1994, asking for donations of glasses, for people who had problem with their eyesight, especially in rural areas.

Pichai Joonlapongsatorn, Deputy Governor of EGAT’s Human Resource and Administration; Dr. Kanthima Kulchorn na Ayuthaya, the Director of Agencies Communication Department of UBC Company Group; Anawach Ongwasith, Senior Director of Marketing Department Major Cineplex Group, the sponsor for the project and Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat as the representative from Chiang Mai giving all the donated glasses to Dr. Pongpan Wongmanee, the Director of Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing).

Having learned of this project, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn established the fund. Although more donations poured in subsequently, the economic crisis took its toll, causing the project to be put on hold.

On the occasion of the Princess’s 48th birthday this year, EGAT and the glasses bank together with UBC and Major Cineplex organized the “Waen Kaew Project”, to celebrate this special occasion and as a way to fulfill the Princess’s intentions.

“Waen Kaew” project will still continue to help people in rural areas have spectacles and better eye sight, by donating glasses and providing medical services.

Taiwan eases work permits for Thai workers

But will Thailand reciprocate?

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

The Taiwanese government has opened up Taiwan for Thai workers by granting a work permit for any individual wishing to work in Taiwan.

Orachorn Rattanamanee, head of Chiang Mai Employment Service Office, said that Thai and Taiwanese governments have agreed after the 8th committee summit between Thailand and Taiwan that they would both publicize the opportunity of direct employment.

This agreement would assist workers who had already completed their contracts and wished to continue working in Taiwan, to run the visa process themselves, without going through an employment agency.

The government has encouraged Thai workers to do their best to please their Taiwanese employers so that when their contracts completed, Taiwanese employers can extend their contracts immediately, without going through an employment agency and thus reducing costs.

Those who are considering going back having been offered direct employment should contact the Labor Department to issue a bank guarantee and a reference first, before processing the visa, and should not forget to bring all the documents required to apply for residency.

For more information, contact Chiang Mai Employment Service Office, 1st Floor, Administrative Building, Chiang Mai City Hall at 053-222865-5 ext. 17-19, during working hours.

Traffic jams on Doi Inthanon during the long weekend

Bring your woollies says Inthanon National Park

PRD, Chiang Mai

A flood of travelers visiting Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain, during the long weekend resulted in kilometers-long tail-backs.

As well as all car parks being filled to capacity, the pine garden area and the field in front of the administration office were invaded by travelers’ tents, even though this was against all regulations.

Surachai Tuamsomboon, Head of Inthanon National Park, said that all the Park’s accommodation had been reserved until next year, but that they would prepare tents for travelers wishing to stay for a night (but not in the pine garden or the field). The charge would range between 300-800 baht per tent.

Inthanon National Park has also prepared a New Year festive season countdown party, featuring hill tribe traditions. Warning signs have been place to alert visitors to bring warm clothes.