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High School Soccer Championships

Chiangmai’s Own Tiger Woods?

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Tony shoots top scores at Half Moon

Chiangmai SportRoundup

High School Soccer Championships

Janet Powell

The Prem High School Girl’s successfully defended their CMAC soccer championship in a thrilling shoot-out with CMIS. Throughout the day, after a victory over APIS and a loss to Lanna, the girls defeated a very strong Grace team in the first round of the playoffs. In the final, Prem came back in the second half against a talented CMIS forcing a shoot-out and ended up as CMAC champions.

Coach Gregg Kerr would like to thank fellow coach Miranda Rose for the combined coaching effort and credits the girls with outstanding team play and sportsmanship throughout the season.

The Prem High School Boys team surprised many people in CMAC this year finishing in third place overall. To get there, they drew with NIS, defeated Grace - coming from behind in both contests. In the playoffs, they lost narrowly to eventual champions APIS and defeated NIS in a shoot-out to clinch third place. High goal scorer for the team throughout the day was Patrick. Coach Terry Kegel credits his team for their hard work and dedication throughout the season.

The High School boys team came 3rd but the mood of everybody was number 1

The middle school and high school teams after an end of season scrimmage.

The winning girls soccer team

Chiangmai’s Own Tiger Woods?

Prem Student Wins Chiang Mai Schools Golf Tournament

Katherine Voll

Two weeks ago Nont Panayanggool walked away with a gold medal in the Age 8 and Under category of the Chiang Mai Schools Golf Tournament at the Chiangmai-Lamphun Country Club. Nont represented Prem International School, where he’s a quiet but active third grader. Nont’s national rating is now 9th in Thailand for the Boys 8 and Under category.

Nont Panayanggool Gold Medal winner in the Under 8 years Golf competition

Nont has worked hard for his success; he practices three times a week at Sansai driving range and has played since he was three years old, or just big enough to hold a club. In 2001 he represented Thailand’s Northern Region in the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Open 2001 at the Rose Garden Country Club, Nakornpatorn where he was the youngest golfer in the tournament. But despite all of this, Nont is still just a kid who goes out on the golf course to have a good time. “I like playing golf with my father,” Nont explained. “It’s a lot of fun,” he added.

While other children may idolize tennis phenomenon Srichaphan, Nont’s hero is Spanish golf champion Sergio Garcia, who also began golfing at age three. For Nont, golf will be both hard work and a dream to strive towards. Nont competes this coming month in the Thai Junior Golf Promotion Club Tournament, Northern Region.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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Tony shoots top scores at Half Moon

Machine Gun Gary second, but almost drowns

Stephen Constantine

It was another excellent night at ‘The Half Moon’ with a fantastic turnout. All games were played with good spirit and some superb pool was played by all.

(L to R) Champion Tony, second placed “Machine Gun Gary” and third placed Ben with Toy in front.

There were a few surprises with local favorites Tung, Paul, Steve, Jurgen, Guy and Doug bowing out in the early stages. Ron put up a brave fight but Tony proved to be too strong on the night and no-one could deny him his first winner’s trophy. It looked good initially for Machine Gun Gary but Tony and a degree of alcohol may have got the better of him.

To prove everybody wrong and to give everybody time to practice, the next competition will be held Saturday January 3, 2004.

Champion Tony collects his cheque and trophy from Toy.