Kurt’s Restaurant

A new face in an old location

The Anusarn Market area is becoming quite a gastronomic haven, and the latest to brighten up an old venue is Kurt Hausammann, a restaurateur from Bern in his native Switzerland. His eponymous Kurt’s Restaurant is where the former Formula 1 Restaurant was situated, but be prepared for some very outstanding differences.

Newly painted yellow ochre walls with green chairs and maroon tablecloths with bright (plastic) flowers and other spots of green trim certainly brighten the place up. In fact, when we visited, the paint was hardly dry in some sections! There is a sit-up bar along one side, whilst outside there is al fresco dining for smokers, or for those who like to watch the world stroll past.

The menu is enormous, with over 200 items covering many cuisines, so be prepared to have an aperitif while you digest the multi-paged menu! It is in three languages (German/French/English) and begins with Appetizers ranging between B. 50-220, with the mixed salad at the low end and Norwegian salmon at the top.

Five soups follow (B. 90-100), including a Consomm้ Celestine and a traditional pea with sausage. Some cold items are next (B. 150-250), with some very international items such as a herring salad and a Swiss cheese platter with seasonal varieties that includes emental and gruyezer.

Being Swiss, Kurt also offers the national fondue dishes (B. 380-420), but with an additional twist called a Chinese fondue.

Next up are a couple of pages of Mains (B. 140-340) with pork chops and schnitzels at the low end and fillets of beef at the top end that come with choices of herb butter, pepper sauce or B้arnaise, and baked or french-fried potatoes.

German specialities follow - two pages of them - B. 90-220 with the pork knuckle and potato salad the top ticket number and a pot-stew with peas, meat and sausage the bargain at B. 90.

The following pages are an Italian effort with pastas B. 110-140 and pizzas in two sizes generally around B. 90 and B. 180 for the large which includes the original pizza (the Margarita), and the one with everything, tomatoes, smoked salmon, shrimps, capers, olives, anchovies and mozzarella at B. 220.

It has not come to an end yet! There are 34 Thai items with most of them around B. 100, including the famous Chiang Mai kow soi chicken curry. The Thai items have a good spread of rice, noodle and stir-fries to suit the Thai members of any family.

Finally (gasp!) there are two pages of desserts and a cheese platter, which Kurt said usually has a choice selection of around ten cheeses, but this is, of course, subject to availability.

To make sampling a little easier for us, Kurt produced a ‘tasting’ lunch with a Cuvee Lagarde wine to go with it. This wine was not known to me, but was interesting in that it was French, but made with “New World” techniques - who said the French wine industry was irretrievably stuck in its ways!

Some of the dishes we tried included a brilliant goulash soup (in fact one of the best I have tasted in a long while), a pizza full of melted cheese and a wiener schnitzel that was Madame’s favourite dish. If that were not enough, Kurt also had us try some Thai selections with a glass noodles and spicy chicken being very flavoursome. When we discussed them all, there was not one dish that we did not enjoy.

Kurt’s Restaurant was an eye-opener. The menu is huge and the range very extensive. We tried many different items from different cuisines and quite frankly we were impressed by them all. Swiss, German, Italian or Thai dishes were handled equally well. Kurt obviously has some very good cooks who have learned from this experienced restaurateur. This place is worth a visit, and with the range of items any family will find dishes that will suit all palates. Servings were good sized and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely recommended.

Kurt’s Restaurant, 149/23 Anusarn Market, Chiang Mai, telephone 053 274 402 or 06 071 0562, email kurthau [email protected] hotmail.com. Open 11 a.m. to around midnight. Market parking.