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Kids' Corner

National Wildlife Day in Chiang Mai

Kids' Corner

Marvin was amazed the other day when he found out that a turtle could live for over 100 years. That’s longer than most people live! So he went to the library to find out how long different animals live and this is what he discovered:

Opossum 1 year
Mouse 3 years
Guinea pig 4 years
Rabbit 5 years
Kangaroo 7 years
Pig 10 years
Dog 12 years
Cat 12 years
Lion 15 years
Polar bear 20 years
Horse 20 years
Asian elephant 40 years

Have you ever seen any of these animals? Write to Marvin and tell him about it. You can send your letters to:

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1) What can you serve but not eat?
2) Where do American snakes live?
3) How did the girl hurt herself when she was raking leaves?
4) Which color can talk?


1) A tennis ball
2) In the U SSSSS A
3) She fell out of the tree
4) Yell-ow

Bye from Marg and Marvin

National Wildlife Day in Chiang Mai

Animals say thank you

Chin Ratitamkul

Nikhom Buddha, the coordinator of the Wildlife Fun Thailand, Northern Region under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, said that December 26 each year is National Wildlife Day, and this year a seminar and activities were held at Chiang Mai University.

Live concert to launch the wildlife preservation campaign.

After World War II the numbers of Thai wildlife have decreased sharply due to modern hunting weapons and an increasing number of humans.

Thailand enacted legislation to protect and preserve wildlife in December 26, 1961, and the Thai government declared that day to be National Wildlife Day.

Wildlife painting contest.

Chiang Mai Regional Forest Office, Department of Forestry, and the Wildlife Fund Thailand held an exhibition at Huay Kaew botanical park, including painting and photo contests, as well as distributing posters, brochures, and leaflets to stimulate people to realize and help conserve the wildlife habitats.