Amazing Sandwich

Amazing combinations!

Whilst the Dining Out Team does receive many invitations to dinner, this week it was an invitation to come for lunch, and to share a sandwich! With such an intriguing start, we were looking forward to meeting Thomas Berends and Ghai Baiphosuwan, the proprietors of the Amazing Sandwich. We were also needing a good lunch!

The Amazing Sandwich is a very specialized restaurant, set in a tiny single shophouse on Pra Pokklao Road. Look for the sign-written awning, and the four tables outside, as otherwise you might miss it! Park wherever you can.

Inside, the first impression is just how clean the establishment is, cream walls with large mirrors and bright red tablecloths making it look bright and cheery and larger than it really is. Six tables fill the dining area, with the main point of interest on each one being a plastic cup with slips of paper and several pencils. This is the central concept of the entire establishment, as each slip is an order form - and the pencils are there because you never have a pen or pencil when you need one - especially at lunchtime when you’ve left all writing implements in the office!

The order slip is like a menu, detailing the various choices you have - and by the time you factor in the different combinations and permutations you have literally thousands of unique sandwiches at the tip of your pencil. We were a party of three and none of our choices were the same. It’s not impossible - but highly unlikely!

You begin with your choice of bread as the base for your sandwich, from white sliced, whole wheat sliced, baguette, burger bun or large baguette (10 inches for all those who believe that size matters).

Next up as you run through the order slip is the meat, egg and fish section, with 14 on offer including roast chicken breast, tuna, salami, duck, deli ham, etc. These excellent fillings are followed by eight cheeses, with garlic cream cheese and blue cheese catching my eye, as well as the usual mozzarella and an interesting chilli mozzarella.

After these, you choose your vegetables, fruits and nuts, dressings and herbs and spices, plus side orders if you wish with french-fries, beans, and salads. By the way, there are also cooked all-day breakfasts, quiches and sweet pies available. Amazing!

The Amazing Sandwich continues its ‘amazing’ menu with drinks including fruit shakes - lychee, banana, grape, orange, strawberry and pineapple and a range of the ‘Lassi’ style beverages and an interesting iced tea with lime and lychee. Of course there are the standard canned drinks too at B. 25 per can.

For those who work through lunch and would like to have the sandwiches delivered, that is also made easy with a special fax-in order form. Fax the order through before 10.30 a.m. and they will deliver right to your door (orders over B. 350).

We pencilled in our choices and sat back. The orders appeared quickly, with very well filled warm rolls, and I enjoyed both my choices and those of the rest of the Dining Out team. The roast pork loin in particular caught my fancy and then a new, not yet on the menu, curried pork that was sensational!

We left the Amazing Sandwich sure that we had found the ‘ultimate’ sandwich. With eight different cheeses and 14 different choices of meats, eggs and fish, for starters, and then choices in vegetables, dressings, herbs and spices, I worked this out to be almost 270,000 variations on the theme of the simple sandwich. Amazing! Yes, the Amazing Sandwich. We enjoyed the experience, and with the opportunity to be able to fax in your orders and have them delivered to your office, this makes the Amazing Sandwich even more desirable. Great concept and great delivery. And I do hope they put the curried pork into the main menu - fabulous! By the way, the sub (10" baguette) is huge! Work up a healthy appetite.

Amazing Sandwich, 252/3 Pra Pokklao Road, Chiang Mai, telephone and fax 053 218 846, 06 924 2434, email [email protected]

Hours 8.30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. on Sundays.