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Can you help?

Noise Pollution on a big scale

Please keep us informed

Can you help?

I was rescued from being eaten, and now I am looking for a loving home. I am still so little, only about 7 months old. Iím a male carrying the name Ginger. Due to my bad experience, initially Iím a bit wary to strangers. But that quickly disappears once I see the people being kind to me, especially when they bring food as I love to eat. I have no problems with cats and other dogs, I love to have their company. Who is willing to adopt me into their loving home? In return I will give you lots of love and will guard over your family and property.


Hi out there, Iím also one of the dogs rescued from being eaten, and now looking for a loving home. My name is Ben, male and 4 - 5 years old. Though still a bit skinny due to the bad circumstances Iíve faced, within a month on enough nutritious food youíll see how I can flourish. I love to be with people and children. My task as guardian over family and house I take very serious. Cats are no problem, and other dogs I love to have under my care. Are you willing to provide me the love and care Iím so badly longing for?


If yes please call somebody from the LuckyDog Club and they will be happy to introduce us.

Ginger or Ben

Tel. 0 5343 2362, 0 9997 8146

Noise Pollution on a big scale

I live in Nimmahemin Road and last Saturday (10-Jan-04) I woke up around 7.30 a.m. by the dreadful noise of Jet fighters. It sounded as if they were flying right through my sleeping room.

Chiang Mai at war? An airplane coming down? The Cambodians attacking the city? Or just a stupid pilot showing off? Whatever it was, I am sure I was not the only one being woken up by this tremendous noise.

What happened? What kind of fighters were those? 30 year old F-16s? With a training pilot?

I am sure that also Thailand has a no-fly zone, which means right through the city? Also citizens have rights. And my rights as a civilian were violated.

They are violated daily with noise pollution, not only by motorbikes, blaring speakers in department stores, but now also by juvenile crazy show off pilots? This has nothing to do anymore with guarding the sky, this is 100% violation which should be followed up by the superiors of Chiang Maiís Wing 41.

A very angry annoyed Chiang Mai citizen

Please keep us informed

Dear Chiangmai Mail Team:
Thanks for letting us take part in what is going on at City Hall, regarding the election campaign. Since I cannot read Thai, I feel a little hesitant when Thai friends start talking about the mayor and what will happen in the future. Since reading the paper yesterday I know at least that the Ďold mayorí Boonlert is running again for mayor and that 4 others will compete against him. You also gave us a short overview what one of the other candidates plans to do just in case he gets elected.

Would it be possible (maybe you already planned this) to also let the foreign community know the plans of the other 3 candidates? Which party they belong to and, if possible, from which political background they come from? What do they plan for the future of Chiang Mai?

Even if foreigners are not allowed to vote, we live in this city, we love it, and we want to know what is going on.

Thank you for your efforts
Sam Roberts,
Chiang Mai