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Lunch bunch at Annelie’s House

People who make a difference

Lunch bunch at Annelie’s House

Annual fundraising gala dinner for ‘Education for Rural Children’ was announced

A. Hendriks

Twenty-four ladies from all over the world, but all residents of Chiang Mai, came to the first lunch bunch of 2004 on January 14th at Annelie’s house, located in the countryside near Doi Saket. The outcome was 24 dishes of as many different tastes, which everyone had brought with them. It is always a wonder that without any planning ahead the selection and amount of appetizers, salads, meat and vegetarian dishes and deserts are always perfectly balanced.

A very personal chat with the head monk.

This time, many newcomers to the CM area were present, which mixed very well with the ones who have already lived here for many years.

After two days of unexpected rain, the garden and the environment around Doi Saket looked fresh and less hazy. All this added to the pleasant biking tour, which 6 women undertook after lunch. The soybean plants are growing fast now, which makes the countryside less brown and black as it always is around Christmas. And the farmers were preparing the rice field for their second rice crop. It was an almost idyllic bike ride which made the ladies stop at a local wat for their personal monk chat. They were presented by the head monk with fruits, a special kind of tea and a small handmade bracelet.

The January 2004 Lunch Bunch Group met at Annelie’s house in Doi Saket.

The topic of the January lunch was the announcement of two major fundraisers. February 1 will be a fundraising day for “Thailand-100 years of Cricket” in the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club (contact Linda Buck tel. 053 426 101) and February 28 will be the annual gala dinner of the ‘Foundation for Education for Rural Children’ at Le Grand Lanna Restaurant to raise money for a library-study-center to be used by schools at Baan Huay Singh in Mae Sariang district (contact Renee Vines tel. 01 9558 5204).

The next lunch bunch will be February 11 at Audrey’s Pai Sabaai Bakery near Wat Umong.

Getting rid of calories - nobody looks as if they needed that.

People who make a difference

The Rotary Club of ThinThaiNgam

Text by Marion Vogt
Photos by Hope Watchara

Chiang Mai has 10 Rotary Clubs with dedicated members of the community who share their free time to make a difference for others not as fortunate as themselves.

President Hope won the prize for best costume while standing next to Kermit the Frog at the masquerade night.

One of these clubs is the Rotary Club of ThinThaiNgam, whose president, Hope Watchara told us a little bit of what her club achieved during the past 12 months.

US Consul General Eric S. Rubin also became an honorary member of Rotary ThinThaiNgam.

People who join a Rotary Club have one thing in common: they want to make a difference in society, and Rotarians use their spare time to do the best they can in their elected office for the community.

During the Winter Fair, the Rotarians joined up with the Red Cross.

Projects in the last few months have included a fundraiser and fun Christmas party at the Rydges Hotel. The members called it Fancy Xmas night and even Kermit the Frog showed up for the masquerade contest. Members were seen dancing, mingling, exchanging gifts and having a good time until the wee hours of the morning.

Governor Suwat Tantipat (center) became an honorary member of the Rotary Club ThinThaiNgam this year (he did not have to renounce his gender!), as President Hope Watchara (right) stood next to him.

Two new honorary members were pinned: US Consul General Eric S. Rubin and Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat. And while the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai ThinThaiNgam is a ‘ladies only’ club, they will happily take donations from men as well as allowing them to become honorary members without surgical gender reassignment.