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Kids' Corner

Fifth Annual Gala for the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children

Double Donation

Payap University hosts international learning seminar

Kids' Corner

Marvin was very excited as he looked through his special “Guinness Book of Records” this week because he discovered that the biggest restaurant in the world is actually in Thailand. It is called the Mang Gorn Luang or Royal Dragon Restaurant and it is in Bangkok. The restaurant can seat up to 5000 people and it has 1200 staff to help look after customers. It opened in 1991 and it serves about 3000 meals every hour. Wow, that’s a lot of meals every day! Another special thing about this restaurant is that the waiters wear roller skates so that they can move around faster.

Have you ever been to this restaurant? Marvin would like to go there, so write to him and tell him about it. You can send your letters to:

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1) Why did the hen go to the doctor?
2) What did the shepherd say to his sheep?
3) Where does a sheep take a bath?
4) What did one scarecrow say to the other scarecrow?


1) To get a chick up
2) Hey you (ewe)
3) In a baa-tub
4) Hey man!

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Fifth Annual Gala for the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children

Text by Renee Vines
Photos by Annelie Hendriks and Renee Vines

The Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC) will hold its fifth gala dinner on February 28, 2004, at Le Grand Lanna.

A special project for the funds raised from the event is the construction of a Library Study Center at the Huay Singh School in the Mae Sariang District. This facility will serve children from three villages and provide a place where all can have access to books and a comfortable place to study. The current library leaks in the rainy season, is too small and has almost no books.

The old dormitory

Previous galas have been spectacularly successful. The first gala was held in 1999 when a group of volunteers at Viengping Children’s Home became aware that the Orphanage needed a vehicle and a new Toyota truck was purchased and presented to the Director of Social Services for Thailand.

Encouraged by this success, the group decided to hold a second Gala to build a two-room weekend school at Ban Mae Jong in the Doi Saket district used by over 100 children.

The third annual gala raised money to build a two-room pre-school at Sadosa, a Karen mountain village in Mae Chaem. The very young village children now stay in a modern concrete building where two teachers work with them on developing skills, including the acquisition of the Thai language, since their first language is Karen.

The new dormitory

FERC became aware of the vital need of a dormitory at the Thai elementary school, Pang Hin Fon, on the mountain. The funds for this project were raised at the fourth (2002) Gala. At this event, additional money was raised for the renovation of an existing building to serve as a Resource Center at the Ban Mae Jong week-end-school.

The Gala is now a firmly established Chiang Mai institution, with over 200 people attending each year. The evening includes dinner, an auction of items donated by local business, and entertainment. The first four Galas were held at Twelve Gables, the home of Gary Dilley. When the organization became a legal Thai Foundation in 2002, Gary served as its first Chairman until his death on February 1, 2003.

This year’s event will be held in the grounds of the new Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai, which will open in November 2004. Le Grand Lanna Restaurant will cater the evening. The exquisite grounds will provide expanded possibilities for the evening. Among these will be the opportunity for guests to enjoy dancing following dinner.

FERC hopes that additional funds will come from the evening to contribute to its ongoing scholarship program. FERC has provided money for uniforms and other necessary school expenses to many children and is sponsoring its first CMU student, who is now in his second year with plans to become a teacher. The Foundation is eager to expand this program and will be accepting applications in the near future.

The mission of The Foundation for the Education for Rural Children is “To provide access to basic education in rural Thailand.” Through the various building projects and the scholarship program, this mission is becoming a reality. Committee members are Marc Dumur, Luxami Dumur, Annelie Hendriks, Celeste Holland, Rebecca Lomax, Jo Steele and Renee Vines.

The ticket price remains 1,500 baht and tickets will also be on sale at the Amari Rincome Guest Relations, at Chiangmai Mail office (Marion) and from committee members. There is also a 5,000 baht patron ticket for those who wish to support the work of FERC more substantially.

See you at the February 28th Gala.

Double Donation

Becky Lomax

The Foundation for the Education of Rural Children was the lucky recipient of two donations, each for 150,000 baht, when the Foreign Anti Narcotic Community (FANC) and DHL Worldwide Express, Thailand, teamed up and raised money for them.

Pitat Reanphong (right), DHL Service Center manager, Chiang Mai office, matched the donation with 150,000 on behalf of DHL.

Brian Lamb from New Zealand, president, and Melissa Northam from Australia, secretary, traveled to Chiang Mai to present the check from FANC to Foundation board members Marc Dumur, Jo Steele, Becky Lomax, and Annelie Hendricks.

Pitat Reanphong, DHL Service Center manager, Chiang Mai office, matched the donation with 150,000 on behalf of DHL. The donation will be used for scholarships for needy children identified by the Samsara Foundation, which Annelie Hendricks also represents, and by Fr. Miguel Garaizabal of Seven Fountains Center.

From left: Marc Dumur, Jo Steele, Becky Lomax, Melissa Northam from Australia, Annelie Hendricks and Brian Lamb, president DHL from New Zealand presented a 150,000 baht check to the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children board members.

FANC held its annual charity ball in Bangkok during the holiday season, and featured a DVD with photos and video footage filmed by Henry Caspiel with text written by John Irvin, both of the United Nations.

The video was filmed at Ban Mae Jong School in Doi Saket District, about 30 minutes from Chiang Mai City, one of the schools that the foundation built with money raised at its annual gala.

Partygoers at the FANC ball bought 150,000 baht worth of raffle tickets, a 50% increase over past years. DHL, Thailand, noted the needs of the children and the programs of the foundation, and the company matched the 150,000 baht with an additional 150,000 baht.

The foundation will hold its next gala on February 28 at Le Grand Lanna.

Payap University hosts international learning seminar

Phisut Itsaracheewawat

The Service-Learning program is a well-known and globally recognized program that is used worldwide allowing students to apply what they have studied in their lecture room to the real professional world.

Dr. Betty C. Abregana, associate director Asian Christian Higher Education Institute, gave the keynote address at the 22nd International Conference for Service Learning. (Photo by Chin Ratitamkul)

The 22nd International Conference of the International Partnership for Service-Learning was held at Payap University from January 3-10 gathering educators and service providers from around the world to discuss how service-learning lays the foundation for leadership that in turn builds stronger, healthier and more peaceful societies.

This year, Payap University had attracted some famous and distinguished speakers including Dr. Saisuree Chutikul, chairman of the Payap University board of trustees and member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Another speaker was Dr. Adel Safty, dean of the International Institute of Leadership and Public Affairs at the University of Bahcesehir, Turkey and permanent UNESCO chair in International Leadership, author of Leadership and Democracy.

Yuthachai Damrongmanee, Payap University’s Service Learning program director, said that institutions of higher education around the world are discovering that uniting academic study and volunteer service is producing a new kind of leader, aware of the problems facing communities, nations and the world, and committed to addressing them in a cooperative and inclusive way.

This program is opened twice a year so students above junior level can register for it. Yuthachai added that this program aims to help improve students’ capacity to receive hands-on experience and work closely with a local community. “We have received good responses from all local service providers. We will assign a job for all students and then they will narrow their topic down and find the right solution for each provider to strengthen their business,” he concluded.

Since 1982 more than 4,000 students from over 400 colleges and universities in the U.S. and 25 other nations have participated in IPS-L (International Partnership for Service Learning) for academic credit recognized by the students’ home institutions.

IPS-L was founded in 1982, as an incorporated, not-for-profit organization of colleges, universities, service agencies and related organizations, united to foster and develop programs linking volunteer service and academic study.