Yodkrai Seafood

A Thai seafood surprise!

One of the exciting aspects with restaurant reviews is going along and (for Miss Terry Diner at least, as I do not arrange the venues) finding new and different restaurants. Yodkrai Seafood was one of these, with none of the team members having dined there previously. We were, literally, flying blind. Or perhaps that should be rephrased as ‘fishing’ blindly, this being a seafood restaurant.

We had been told that there was no English signage on the restaurant either, but to look for the large crab sign, and it was actually not too difficult to find it. Head towards Doi Saket after the San Dek intersection, and it is on the left about 300 meters up Doi Saket Road.

The restaurant is on a corner, with glass on two sides and a mirror wall on the other, so it looks very airy. It is also very clean, with tiled floors, white laminate tabletops and violet chairs. The other fact noted on first walking in was that it was full of local folk. Remember that they were not hampered by language - local people are there because they know the restaurant and its food.

The menu is fortunately in English as well as Thai, so there were no further problems. The crab section covers several dishes, ranging in price between B. 109-299, with papaya salad with horse crab at the low end and stir-fried crab in curry sauce and a spicy stir-fried crab with black pepper top end dishes. Shellfish items are next (B. 49-69) and include boiled cockles and steamed sea mussels and fresh oysters.

Prawn dishes are next (B. 89-199) and come baked, roasted, in soup (tom yum) and grilled. Octopus also features (B. 79-129) including an interesting cured and smoked dish. Several fish dishes (B. 89-179), steamed, fried, and roasted offerings of various fish types. Finally there are items called “others” with the vast majority under B. 90 including vegetarian items.

We began with a stir-fried crab in curry sauce, a papaya salad with sea bass fillet, grilled prawns with garlic and deep-fried prawn cakes (tod mun goong). These came with rice and some salad greens.

I have to admit that I have always considered crab in the shell as too much work for too little return, and Yodkrai’s curry crab was no exception. Very tasty, but I needed some crab crushers (and an apron) to do justice to this dish. The prawn cakes, however, took no special skills, other than popping them in the mouth, and were sensational. I even forgot about the dipping sauce that went with them, the taste of the cake itself was so good.

Likewise the prawns with garlic. Another superb dish, and I unashamedly poured the remaining sauce all over my rice, to get the last succulent flavours. The sea bass was also good - and spicy. The papaya salad (som tum) is what imparts the chilli fire. You have been warned. Madame, who likes the spice, enjoyed this very much.

The Dining Out Team left Yodkrai Seafood very pleasantly surprised. We had honestly no idea of what it was going to be like before we went. When we saw that the only signs were in Thai, we began to doubt if this was going to be a successful evening. The English in the menu partially reassured us, and the charming service girls, who tried just so hard, reassured us a little more. But the food was the final factor to set this Thai restaurant apart from others. Sensational food in exceptionally clean surroundings. Even the loo!

This is a restaurant to which you can safely take anyone. It was not expensive, the food was great, especially the tod mun goong (best I have tasted in Thailand) and the grilled prawn with garlic which was superb. We loved it. Highly recommended (and when they supply crab crushers, make that ‘very’ highly recommended)!

Yodkrai Seafood, Doi Saket Road, 300 meters from the Superhighway San Dek intersection (look for the large ‘crab’ sign), telephone 053 245 952, 09 494 1226 (Kh. Tooiee), open 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. every day. Parking down the side soi.