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Varee Chiang Mai Sports Day

70 years of Maejo University celebrated

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Building a future for cricket in Thailand

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Varee Chiang Mai Sports Day

Text by Louisa Strain
Photos by Narongchai Art-ya

Varee Chiang Mai School held its own mini Olympic Games last Friday in a fun action packed day of sports and athletic activity.

Run For It! From left to right are Chao, Persia and Pack

The brand new school’s first ever sports day started with a spectacular grand opening, in which students dressed in vibrant team colors red, blue, yellow and green paraded around the field in a dramatic display setting the day off with a bang.

Grade 7 student Cherngchai Panpompo, lighting the flame, indicating the start of the games.

In true Olympic Games style, echoing the great Greek tradition, grade 7 student Cherngchai Panpompo lit a torch and ceremoniously ran around the track to light the flame indicating the start of the games.

The whole day was filled with fun and entertainment for students and teachers alike with everyone joining in the action to cheer and clap their teams to victory in the various events, including: athletics, football, share ball, volleyball, table tennis and many more.

The red team: top to bottom/left to right are: Deer, Eye, Karn, Mai, Brooke, Gig, Jo, Anne, Nuch

The colorful teams were cheered on by the most glamorous of cheerleaders complete with pom-poms, putting America’s most stylish cheerers to shame.

Each team demonstrated their amazing singing, dancing and sporting talents in beautiful performances involving the whole school from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

“The Champions” the boys are left to right Champ, Au and Yothin and the teacher at the bottom is Siam Tanjapatkul

13-year-old Chonticha Petcharonsangkul, dressed in a stunning blue cheerleader outfit said, “Sports day is very, very fun. I love getting dressed so beautifully.” When asked who would win the event Chonticha said, “The blue team is the best!”

Varee Chiang Mai’s school director, Mr. Sawang hopes that sports day 2004 will be the first of many at the school, which only opened last May. He said, “Sports day is great fun, I am happy to see the students enjoying themselves.”

Students and teachers worked very hard for weeks to ensure the day was as fun as possible for everyone. As Mr. Sawang said, “I am so proud that the students have worked so hard and so creatively to play and cheer, joining together in the spirit of the games. I hope Varee Chiang Mai School will continue to be successful in sports and activities.”

We are proud to have some remarkably talented young sporting stars as students. 17-year-old Thanapol Pudhipanrid is already on his way to becoming a young golfing champion, winning gold medals for the school. He was also lucky to be a spectator of his favorite game at the Heineken Classic tournament in Melbourne Australia. He said, “My dream is to be a professional golfer. Tiger Woods is my inspiration.”

All students enjoyed themselves despite the heat, winning many prizes and trophies in the sporting activities. Gifted grade 3 student Jenny and winner of an astonishing 4 gold medals for the yellow team said, “I love all sports; I have been running since I was a baby. I am proud to win for the yellow team.”

However, fun was not just to be had for the students. Teachers and parents took part in the action, much to the amusement of spectators in a special relay race.

Director Sawang himself joined in the spirit of the games by playing his favorite sport, football, with the teachers.

The whole school deserved a gold medal for their incredible effort and participation on the day. P.E. teachers Dechatorn Pootrakul and Jaturong Toesuwan said, “The students planned everything themselves. We are so proud of what the students accomplished on Varee Chiang Mai’s first sports day. We hope that sports days in the future will be even bigger and better.”

70 years of Maejo University celebrated

Charity tourney bowled them over

Saksit Meesupkwang

The Agricultural Business Faculty of Maejo University held a charity bowling competition on Sunday, February 15, to mark the occasion of the university’s 70 year anniversary celebration. The funds raised from this competition would go to help support and develop the academic curricula to ensure the quality of the university services.

Assoc. Dr Thep Pongpanitch (center), president of Maejo University, cutting the ribbon.

The competition was participated in by university students and alumni from throughout the country as well as university staff. The winner of this event received the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra trophy, with the first runner-up receiving the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative Somsak Thepsutin trophy and the second runner-up was presented with the trophy of Pramual Rujanaseree, the deputy minister of Interior.

Chiang Mai Pool league

Building a future for cricket in Thailand

17th Chiang Mai Sixes celebrates a future for cricket in Thailand

Geoff Thompson

This year’s Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes will be the 17th birthday of an event that began in a modest way with 16 teams taking part back in 1988. Three of those teams have appeared in every tournament and will be there again this year when the Sixes takes place as usual in the grounds of the 106 year-old Chiengmai Gymkhana Club, from Sunday April 4 to Saturday April 10.

The three stalwarts reflect the broad international reach of Chiang Mai’s longest running international sports event - they are Darjeeling CC out of Dubai, the Drifters from the UK, and the perennial Wombats from Australia.

A potential 32 teams have registered for the 2004 Sixes, which would make this the biggest tournament yet, and has caused the organising committee to make it officially a full 7-day event this year.

Participating teams are expected from Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh (for the first time), China, England, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, the U.A.E and Wales. Other teams this year include 4 former Sixes Cup winners (Gloucestershire Gipsies, Lords Taverners, Drifters and Perth Postels) as well as many other returnees to what has become one of the amateur cricket world’s most popular events.

But far from looking back, the 17th Chiang Mai Sixes will take as its theme “Building a future for cricket in Thailand”, celebrating development of the sport of cricket in Thailand, which has already begun successfully among Thai school children.

Chiang Mai Sixes’ participants, sponsors and organizers were responsible for funding the first initiative to introduce cricket into junior schools around Chiang Mai starting in the year 2000. Since then, under the auspices of the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance (CMSCA), this programme has grown by leaps and bounds and now has the recognition and support of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the cricket world’s governing body for this region.

Already, 4 Thai schoolboys from the CMSCA’s programme have represented Thailand at junior age levels at tournaments in Dubai, Singapore, India, and Malaysia. And this year the CMSCA gained an award from cricket’s world governing body the International Cricket Council (ICC), for ‘The Best Junior Development Initiative” in the Asia Region.

The success of the CMSCA’s development efforts among school children in Chiang Mai, despite official recognition and encouragement, continues to rely heavily on private donations and funding. Ambitious plans are afoot to expand the coaching programme to include more schools and to develop a local cricket ground for coaching and tournaments among young Thai cricketers.

The CMSCA continues to seek a major private benefactor to recognise the huge potential of Thai cricket. In the meantime, its “Baht for Bats” funding drive will be asking Chiang Mai Sixes participants and sponsors to continue their generous and vital support.

This year, under the auspices of the 17th Sixes, the 5th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee Cricket Cup will be held - an annual tournament among local school teams playing a junior version of cricket which is being used to introduce the sport to Thai youngsters. The Sawasdee Cup tournament is also played at the Gymkhana Club ground on an adjacent field to the main Sixes event.

Several star international cricketers are, as usual, expected to play with the teams in the Chiang Mai Sixes, and negotiations are currently underway with a number of possible guest stars. It is hoped, too, that a main sponsor for the 17th Chiang Mai Sixes will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, cricket fans are reminded to make a note to join the vibrant social and sporting fun of Sixes week in Chiang Mai this year, from April 4-10. Admission to the cricket is free, although a donation to “Baht for Bats” will be requested at your discretion to aid Thai cricket development. Refreshments, programs and souvenirs will all be on sale at the ground where sheltered seating is provided, and a new, visitor-friendly ‘Sixes Boundary Bar’ is planned. The cricket action runs from 8:30 a.m. every morning through to approx 5:30 p.m.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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