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Kids' Corner

High School Trip to Northern Thailand

Thai-UK Education Festival 2004

Kids Ark Foundation Gala at The House

Kids' Corner

Marvin’s dog Max hurt his leg the other day so we had to take him to the vet. When we got there Max was making crying sounds but there were no tears coming out of his eyes. Marvin asked the vet why and this is what he said:

“All mammals make tears to keep their eyes clean. People think of crying mainly as what happens when lots of tears are made so quickly that they spill out of our eyes. We especially think of crying as something that happens when we are hurt or unhappy - a response to our emotions. As far as scientists know, humans are the only animals that do that. So Max tells us that he is unhappy in other ways like putting his tail between his legs.”

Do you have a dog? Write to Marvin and tell him about what your dog does. You can send your letters to:

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1) What did one camera say to the other when it saw something interesting?
2) What kind of bow is impossible to tie?
3) What do you get when you cross an elephant and a dog?
4) What is an elf’s favorite song at school?
1) That’s flash-inating
2) A rainbow
3) A very nervous mailman
4) The elfabet song

Bye from Marg and Marvin

High School Trip to Northern Thailand

David Brown
Photos Jerome Schmidt and Gillian MacQuarrie

From the 20th to the 22nd of January, 22 High School students accompanied by David, Jerome, Yadt and Gillian went northwards on an educational visit to Chiang Dao, Doi Angkhan, Chai Prakan (where we were given a most generous lunch by Pichai Taveeapiradeeviroj, Aaron s father) Mai Sai and Chiang Saen (visiting the Golden Triangle and the Opium Museum).

Ricky and Aaron at the Golden Triangle supporting David Brown.

On the first night we stayed at Doi Angkhan in the villas high on the mountain side; a wonderful but cold experience! Later we spent two nights at a Resort outside Chiang Rai which was our base for further exploring. A memorable trip was from Taton to Chiang Rai by ‘speed’ boats with many laughs, especially when two of them went aground and had to be pushed off the sandbanks.

Beautiful flowers at the Royal Project. Torrin, Suzanne, Aaron, Ricky, David Brown, Jennifer Grant, Mr. Yadt, Max Shao Wei.

We kept daily journals which we wrote up every night and later collected flowers and leaves which we have pressed for future exhibition. The learning we did was not only just the school subjects, but also the experience of living and learning together, away from home. Some of the students’ comments might give you an insight into how they felt:

Daily journal work and homework was part of the trip.

“The Royal Project was beautiful and interesting but the gardens at Mae Fa Luang even more so. I don’t really know the names of the places we visited but that is not so important to me for the things I want are the memories. The memory of my life here at LIST with my Friends.” (Ricky)

All the High School being entertained at lunch by Pichai Taveeapiradeeviroj (centre), Aaron’s father at Yong Thai factory, Chai Prakan.

“The spectacular scenery of the Golden Triangle was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. It was a great and wonderful experience. Thanks LIST for organizing such a fabulous trip and letting me go on it.” (Jenny)

Everyone was in a good mood.

Do these comments tell you a little about how the students felt? They were a great group to take away on a trip. Many thanks to the staff involved. Aaron’s father for giving us a meal and fruits, Surin and all others involved and Thank You High School Students for just being yourselves!

Thai-UK Education Festival 2004

British Council’s 4th annual education fest

Taweechai Tansenee

The British Council’s 4th Thai-UK Education Festival concluded on Thursday 12th February. Over a two week period a number of different and informative events took place in the North.

British Council Director (6th from front with necktie) belongs to the Dream Team or better still, Dreams and Teams, at the Chakkham Secondary School fun games in Lamphun.

The launch was held in the gardens of the British Council in Chiang Mai and was attended by over one hundred UK visitors and alumni. Entertainment in the form of dancers and drummers was provided by the Yes Good Idea troupe, followed by the launching of the Education UK kom loy (hot air balloon).

The annual Education UK exhibition involving 36 exhibitors was held at the Lanna Hall at Central Airport Plaza. The exhibition included LearnUK workshops on a range of topics connected with study in the UK including IELTS and a Mobile Phone Logo, Ring-tone and Animation workshop.

DNA Science Camp at the Faculty of Science, CMU.

Later in the week, twelve UK School Heads arrived in Chiang Mai to visit seven secondary schools in the area, including Prince Royal College, Montfort College, Yupparaj School and Chakkham Secondary School in Lamphun. During their stay there were many opportunities for the Head teachers to exchange ideas with local school Directors and staff concerning education reform, particularly in terms of leadership issues, as well as explore the possibility of establishing links between Thai secondary schools with counterparts in the UK.

Exhibit at the Education UK Exhibition.

Another activity was a DNA Science Camp for 70 secondary school students from the North that took place at the Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University (CMU). The camp was facilitated by staff from National Science Museum who had been trained in creative science teaching techniques during earlier visits to Thailand by British Lecturers Mark Windale of Sheffield Hallam University and John Scholar of Reading University.

Contributors at the Policies for Effective School Leadership

Dreams and Teams - a project to develop leadership skills - was launched at the Chakkham secondary school in Lamphun and the opening was presided over by Dr Saisamorn Poomsaard, Director of the Bureau of Innovative Development in Education. For four days leading up to the event, 15 secondary students from Bangkok and their teachers joined 10 students from Chakkham to prepare a sports festival. The project is a British Council initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Education to develop leadership skills among secondary level students, who then train and mentor primary level students through the medium of sport. The project will eventually extend to include students from schools in the North.

A relaxing and fun reception in the beautiful gardens of the British Council

The festival concluded in Chiang Mai with a seminar at the Rydges Hotel entitled “Wired Communities - ICT in Teaching and Learning - Experiences from the UK”. The seminar explored ways in which ICT can be more effectively integrated into education and link the classroom to the wider community. It featured keynote presentations by three UK speakers with backgrounds in the public and private sector - Grace Kempster, Director for Information Services at the British Council in Manchester; Marion Brooks of Cambridge Education Associates and Neeta Patel, Director of the Internet Business Development Group at the British Council in London. The panel discussion which followed was chaired by Charoenrit Sanguansat, Chief of Administration Support and Coordination Division. The panelists included Dr Noppasit Jakpitak, Director Institute of ICT, Chiang Mai University; Dr Pornchai Jitnavasathien, Managing Director Chiang Mai Education Centre and Poatawat Wilaihongsa, Managing Director, Lanna Computer Supply.

The event was part of a series of Leading Edge seminars and was opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. David Fall, as part of his first official visit to Chiang Mai.

Kids Ark Foundation Gala at The House

Chiang Mai is full of special people from all nationalities and ways of life who live here and try hard to make a change to the better of others, less fortunate than them.

Rita and Holm Gustafsson.

One of these unique couples is Rita and Holm Gustafsson from Sweden. They settled in Chiang Mai four years ago, after they had retired and decided to set up a charity foundation called “Kids Ark Foundation” which supports orphans who’s parents have died from AIDS.

The main goal is to help these children receive a basic education to improve their chances to get jobs or even further education. At the moment “Kids Ark Foundation” is supporting around 170 children who are living with relatives.

For orphans, they have recently opened a small home here in Chiang Mai where four small boys live. If you now ask, “How can I help?”, that’s very easy, e.g. you could meet them at their gala night.

Hans Christensen, who is yet another person with a big heart, has started a program trying to create income for the families where the children live. Through his export company he sells ‘small snuff jugs’, lovely decorated and better known in the ‘plastic variety’ for people who have a cold. But from his ‘snuff jugs’, all profits from sales are returned to “Kids Ark Foundation”.

In order to raise funds for Kids Ark, they have decided to host a gala dinner on March 6, where chef Pom from The House will create a memorable dinner, and the “house orchestra” Sabai together with friends will entertain throughout the evening.

There will also be an auction where donated gifts will be auctioned off, as well as a fashion show. The evening will finish with live jazz and dance and all profits will go directly to “Kids Ark Foundation”.

Besides Rita and Holm Gustafsson, guests of honor on that evening will be Princess Jao Doung Duen Na Chiangmai and the honorable Ambassador of Sweden Jan Nordlander.

If you would like to be a part of that night, check with ‘The House’ (GM Khun Joe), but remember, there is only limited seating available.