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North meets South - ‘Icons of Serenity’ exhibition successfully opened

Lifecycle of people in Thailand

International Women’s Day and Zonta Rose Day

North meets South - ‘Icons of Serenity’ exhibition successfully opened

Marion Vogt
Photos Michael Vogt

Henry Quick from HQ Art Gallery, opposite Wat Phrasing, was proud to again present two artists who have received numerous awards as regards their artistic knowledge, their love for the environment and their feelings for the old Lanna kingdom.

Wattanapong Yotaitiang, Suriya Siemmai and Henry Quick from HQ Art Gallery.

It is very easy to see that this is the work of two different people, yet both use mostly oils mixed with organic materials, and acrylics and both focus on nature.

Wattanapong’s paintings are ‘Lanna style’, using symbol; that can communicate well with the being of Lanna, with elegant patterns, red and gold. He exhibits two series, one called Lanna Spirit and the second, ‘color in winter’, reflects on Wattanapong’s personal feelings for the winter sky in Chiang Mai. Pastel shades, different size canvases, mysterious spiritual and emotional evolution and solid blue shades, in all mixtures of the night.

Other artists at the ‘Icons of Serenity’ were (from left) Rafaela Kraushaar, Felix Kastler and Doris Kraushaar.

Suriya Soemmai’s work is so different, yet so outstanding, that would I have to choose a painting, I probably would need days to find a favorite. He caught the tranquility of coastal life and the love for the region he represents is felt by the onlooker in every picture. Even for non-artists, his pictures just ask for a second look. The style, the color combinations, the use of glitters, sparkles and gold shows a somehow surrealistic touch. Well worth a visit.

This collection of contemporary paintings can be seen daily, Monday to Saturday from 8.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. until March 31st.

Lifecycle of people in Thailand

Marion and Michael Vogt

A photographic exhibition in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden and the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) opened last Friday at the Chiangmai City Arts and Cultural Center.

Ivar Sviestins, the artist, reflects on the ‘age ladder’ and its representation of mankind.

Swedish photographer Ivar Sviestins was inspired by ‘the faces of Thailand’ and decided to show a reflection on the lifecycle of Thai individuals. His photos range from a newborn baby to an elder of 73 years old.

Ivar said in his opening address, “Taking portraits of people is a very sensitive and intimate affair. I ask everyone to take off the make up and show me his face without a smile. The face tells a story by itself. It tells a story of laughter, worry, hope and fear, a map of experiences can be seen. We don’t need to hide, since time passes and affects all individuals. We cannot explain beauty. Is beauty a simple layer of skin that covers our body and changes over the years? Or does it come from within? I hope with my photographs I can inspire some of the watchers to reflect the precious gift of life that we are given and the beauty of life’s impermanence.”

Bengt G. Carlsson, minister from the Sweden Embassy in Bangkok highlighted the universality of his fellow countryman and reflected on the ongoing ‘love affair’ between Sweden and Thailand. He congratulated Thomas Lundh, the Global Photo Project Organizer that he took this opportunity to bridge the gap between arts and science.

The exhibition can be seen daily at the Chiangmai City Arts and Cultural Center until March 31. After the exhibition in Thailand, Ivar Sviestins plans to photograph the faces of people in 19 more countries around the world, all of which will be assembled in a grand exhibition.

International Women’s Day and Zonta Rose Day

Creating awareness for the status of women

Cory Croymans

International Women’s Day on March 8 is a day that provides an opportunity to add our individual and collective voices, in solidarity with women around the world, to efforts to promote individual rights and fundamental freedoms for women and girls.

Through the integration of the Zonta commitment to the United Nation’s sponsored initiatives for women, legislative awareness and advocacy on international, national and local levels for the Zonta global and local service projects, we can strengthen our work to advance the status of women throughout the world.

This day (March 8) is combined with Zonta International Rose Day to promote each Zonta Club’s efforts to advance the status of women. It is a tradition of each Zonta Club worldwide to create awareness of these two events to the general public.

What is the Rose Fund? It is critical to the ongoing efforts of the Zonta International Foundation. The Rose Fund was created in 1998 as the Foundation’s annual operating and program support fund. It is, of course, named for the Zonta Rose.

The Rose Fund is particularly important to the foundation because contributions to it are unrestricted. This means that the board of directors has some flexibility in the use of the contributions. The foundation’s general management and fund- raising expenses are paid from the Rose Fund.

In addition, these contributions can be used for any program with a shortfall in funding; to expand existing programs; or to develop and initiate new programs.

Contributions support the International Service Fund, Amelia Erhart Fellowship Fund, the Rose Fund and other programs.

This year on Sunday, March 7, the Zonta International Chiangmai Club will acknowledge the importance of these two events with a dinner at 6.30 p.m. at the Penthouse of the Amari Rincome Hotel. Tickets are available at 600 baht from Charter President Somboon Suprasert at tel. 053 801 232 or Past President Margaret Bhadungzong at tel. 053 247 083. It is also possible to buy tickets at the event which starts at 6.30 p.m. at the Penthouse of the Amari Rincome Hotel on Huay Kaew Road.

Zonta members are looking forward to meeting you!