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Kids' Corner

Adventures in Science at CMIS: School Science Fair

Prem receives Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorization

British Council Teen Network awards event

New protestant priest visits Chiang Mai

Kids' Corner

Marvin has been collecting stamps for a long time now and he has about 200 of them. Last week I bought him a special book to put them in called a stamp album. The stamps come from many different countries of the world and he has some very beautiful ones. When he was putting them in his album he had to decide how he was going to sort them. At first, he though that he might put all the ones with flowers on them together and all the ones with people on them together, etc. Eventually he decided to sort them into groups depending on which country they came from. The stamp album looks really nice. Do you have a stamp collection or some other kind of collection? Write to Marvin and tell him about it. Send your letters to:

Marg & Marvin
Chiangmai Mail
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Muangsamut Road
T. Changmoi, A. Muang,
Chiang Mai 50300
Email: [email protected]
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1) What do you call a pig with
three eyes?
2) What do cows eat
for breakfast?
3) What do elves have for tea?
4) When are houses like books?
1) A piiig
2) Moosli
3) Fairy cakes
4) When they have storeys (stories)

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Adventures in Science at CMIS: School Science Fair

Chiang Mai International School students had a chance to demonstrate their math and science learning skills on March 1 - 4. The school’s Auditorium was transformed into an interactive display hall featuring individual and class projects. Elementary students displayed their work on Monday, while High School exhibits were brought out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hands on demonstrations throughout the science fair at CMIS.

The subject matter of the displays was diverse and covered the range from chemistry to biology to physics, mathematics and computer studies. A three-meter high geodesic dome was built by students and staff near the auditorium door. Three-dimensional computer animation projects were on show at a bank of computers. Students could be seen holding their noses around the biology animal dissection display (frogs and squid!), and gasping with delight around Bunsen burners in the chemistry lab demonstrations. Models of volcanoes and spacecraft were popular attractions as well. An air-powered water rocket was launched regularly throughout the event, and all sorts of other student-built machines were on display.

Students could be seen holding their noses around the biology animal dissection display with frogs, fish and squid.

A small army of CMIS teachers and students spent many weeks preparing for the event, and should be very proud of their work. The Chiang Mai International School Science Fair was truly a demonstration of hands-on education at its finest.

Science is adventurous as you can see that even boys can get excited by it.

Bunsen burners in the chemistry lab demonstrations left the girls with open mouths and astonishment.

Prem receives Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorization

Katherine Voll

Last week, the International Baccalaureate Association awarded Prem Tinsulanonda International School its Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorization, making it the first PYP authorized school in Chiang Mai.

Prem Junior School Headmaster Sean Murphy

PYP is designed for students, grades 1 - 6 in preparation for the IB Diploma Programme (grades 11-12). Prem is already IB Diploma authorized and will graduate its first class of year twelve IB students this spring.

“The PYP incorporates learning and teaching from around the world. It endeavours to create truly global students,” said Rachel Schuster, the PYP coordinator at Prem.

Prem PYP coordinator Rachel Schuster

The programme is inquiry-based, which means that students take responsibility for their own learning and are taught in a variety of ways that develop them personally as well as academically.

In order to earn this certification, Prem had to go through an intensive two-year process in which they developed the curriculum in accordance with PYP philosophy and staff attended authorized PYP workshops. It was a long process, admitted Rachel Schuster, but one which was well worth the effort.

Prem kindergarteners Gaia and Thomas exploring letters using blocks, but will soon benefit from the PYP programme.

Prem is currently working on its Middle Years Programme (MYP) authorization, which is designed for students grades 6 - 10. This programme would link the PYP with the IB Diploma Programme. If Prem is granted MYP authorization, it will be one of the first schools in Asia to be a fully authorized IB school at all levels.

British Council Teen Network awards event

A fun event mixing learning and magic

Autsadaporn Kamthai and Jiraphat Warasin

The British Council Chiang Mai organized their Kids and Teens’ Days for young learners and the Thai-UK Teen Network on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14, at its premises.

Teacher Mike (left), with Kody, the symbol of British Council and the hard working students who received certificates.

The event included a certificate presentation for its young students who had finished their courses. The certificate awards for Little Learners was held in the morning and Primary students in the afternoon of March 13 and Secondary students in the morning of March 14.

The youngsters of all ages were addressed and encouraged by Peter Upton, director of British Council Thailand and David Hopkinson, director of British Council Chiang Mai.

To show that education could also be fun, there were many enjoyable activities such as the dunk tank, fishing games, Sumo wrestling, team games and the bouncy castle. A magic show from Robin Magic also gave the children (and the adults) fun, bewilderment and excitement.

New protestant priest visits Chiang Mai

Klaus Kappler

The premises of the CDSC ( were the venue for the new pastor of the German-speaking Protestant Congregation of Thailand (, Burkhard Bartel to hold his first service here in Chiang Mai.

Pastor Bartel held his first Chiang Mai service at the ‘Christliche Deustche Schule Chiang Mai’ (CDSC)

Pastor Burkhard Bartel, accompanied by his spouse Isolde, is the successor of Hans Gerdts, who took care of the protestant Christians in Thailand for one and a half years.

In an open interview with the headmaster of the CDSC, Fred Hartmann, Pastor Bartel introduced himself and Isolde to the 55 Christians who joined this event.

Pastor Bartels assignment began on January 1, 2004, and he has so far been appointed for a period of 3 years. His contract, however, has the option for a prolongation for 2 times 3 years, resulting in a maximum possible period of 9 years.

Besides taking care of the Christians here, Pastor Bartel is also responsible for the Christians in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, as well as for teaching scripture in the German-speaking Swiss School in Bangkok. The German-speaking Protestant Congregation of Thailand also takes care of German-speaking prisoners in Thailand.

This is done in cooperation with the German Embassy in Bangkok, as well as with the Austrian Embassy.

The congregation plans to offer 4 services per year in Chiang Mai with Pastor Bartel. The next service is being held again on the grounds of the CDSC on May 2, 2004 at 4:00 p.m.

Further information about the activities of the German-speaking protestant congregation of Thailand will be given by the parish in Bangkok, phone number 02-2580680, fax 02-2611746, or by e-mail: [email protected] or by contacting Mr. Kappler, phone 053-441745.