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Local interest gears up for another Chiang Mai Sixes

Prem girls win basketball tournament in exciting overtime finish

Maxxis Asia Enduro held at Thapae Gate

It’s not what you know it’s who you know!

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Local interest gears up for another Chiang Mai Sixes

12 countries are represented this year

Geoff Thompson

Just as the weather heats up every year, the Chiang Mai cricketing community prepares for its annual runabout in the sun at the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, held at the venerable Chiengmai Gymkhana Club during the week of April 4 - 10, this being the 17th year of this popular festival of cricket.

On an adjacent ‘field’ to the Sixes, the 5th Sawasdee Cricket Cup competition between local school teams will be held from April 6 - 10. Schools expected to take part include Montfort, Prince Royal’s College, Wat Rong Or, Sahagon 2, Saimoon, Nam Phrae, and Chol Prathan Phataek and Prem Center. An exhibition junior ‘hardball’ match is also scheduled for the morning of Saturday April 10 to demonstrate progress in local junior cricket development.

In all, 29 teams will contest the various trophies at the Sixes this year. Most will jet in from overseas. However, as usual Chiang Mai has a team (or teams) to cheer for at all levels of the tournament. In the main event, and vying for honours in the Sixes’ Cup, Bowl or Plate competitions are local entries Te Pakeha and the Lions of CMW.

In the more social atmosphere of the Sixes’ Spoon trophy competition, local claims are upheld by Gymkhana Cavaliers and the UN Irish Pub team.

In the social Spoon Division, Gymkhana Cavaliers are the defending champions. The Cavaliers’ captain Eric Little (front row, centre), is coaching coordinator for the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance (CMSCA) which runs the junior cricket program for Thai school children. Several other Cavaliers are also involved with the junior program. Maurice Bromley (left) is Sixes’ tournament director.

The Ladies Challenge match has become a regular fixture and is contested every year between the local Chiang Mai Chassies and a team of visiting ladies who gather under the title World Women’s Dixie Bells.

Last, but certainly not least from a local point of view, the Sixes sponsors a parallel competition, now in its 5th year, entirely among Chiang Mai teams - it is of course the Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee Cricket Cup. This junior event is part of the program to introduce cricket into Thai schools, and usually attracts school teams from Hang Dong, Doi Saket, Mae On and San Pee Sua, as well as the Muang district.

Apart from the local interest at this year’s 17th Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, many overseas teams will take part. In all, 12 countries are represented this year - Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Dubai, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Spain, South Africa, Wales, and of course Thailand.

It promises to be another glorious week for cricket and for socialising. Admission is free at the Gymkhana Club ground, and local spectators are encouraged to come along and support the Sixes, one of the most popular events of its kind worldwide, and Chiang Mai’s longest running annual international sporting event - April 4 - 10.

Prem girls win basketball tournament in exciting overtime finish

Katherine Voll

In a nail-biting finals match-up versus the Grace A basketball team, Prem senior girls pulled ahead in overtime to win 24-20, placing them first in the CMAC year-end tournament.

The champs: Prem celebrates their victory!

Yupin Laosue (Prem) was a top scorer, sinking an amazing eight of eight free throws, and Naomi Hossain (Prem) scored two sensational last-minute three pointers to even up the score 20-20, sending the game into overtime.

Renee Pun (Prem) played remarkable defense, blocking several key shots, and Hannah Smith (Prem) brought the final score to 24-20 with a perfectly timed lay-up, clinching the victory.

The fierce sense of competition, but also great sportsmanship displayed by both teams in this final game reflected the atmosphere of the entire tournament. The tournament, hosted by Lanna at Grace, was a fun one to watch for spectators from all schools.

In the final tournament standings, Prem placed first, Grace A team second, Grace B third, CMIS fourth, APIS fifth, and Lanna sixth. Great job to all the girls who played!

Prem player Hien drives hard to the hoop.

Maxxis Asia Enduro held at Thapae Gate

Motocross - an international motorcycle mania

Autsadaporn Kamthai

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in cooperation with ORTEV Inc, from Japan promoted the “Maxxis Asia International Enduro 2004” during March 18-21 in Chiang Mai.

Motocross racers headed to Thapae gate for the opening

The welcoming ceremony was held at Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai where deputy Chiang Mai governor, Thongchai Wongrianthong, along with Chalermsak Suranant, director of TAT’s, Northern Office, Region 1, presided.

98 racers from 13 countries in Asia, USA, France, England, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland participated in the competition. The Maxxis racing was certified by the Federation International Motorcycle (FIM), as a truly international event.

TAT’s Tokyo branch and TAT, Northern office, Region 1 supported this event because they realized the potential of Chiang Mai province for holding international events, especially international sports related tourism.

The route started behind the Mae Ngad Dam, Mae Taeng district and finished in Phrao district. It was mostly set out in national park and non-residential areas to prevent traffic jams and pollution.

Motocross (aka Moto-X) is very popular overseas and in last three years international Moto-X events have been arranged in Mae Hong Son province in the North of Thailand.

It’s not what you know it’s who you know!

Linda Buck

I am sure most people in Chiang Mai are aware that from April 5 until April 11 the town will be invaded by over two hundred guests, here on the pretext of playing cricket. If you were thinking about spending seven hours a day at the Gymkhana Club watching this event, I thought I should point you in the right direction of people you must meet - the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance coaches.

Peter Dawson and David Buck listening to how Bill Beasley got his bowling hat trick - again!

Chairman Puttivat Poshyanonda: He loves the game, has played for Thailand and is very knowledgeable. Unfortunately he is the buffer between ‘keen’ coaches and the parents who think it might be nice if their children sat a few exams.

We have two lady coaches, ‘Awn’ who is not only a good coach, an incredible help with the everyday running of the Alliance but she also fits the coaching t-shirt beautifully!

‘Mook’ is relatively new, having been taken on as a translator, she very quietly let on that she has a diploma in physical education! Her husband Ray Twine coaches for the Alliance, but his first love is tennis, so be warned, not only could you be boring your pants off watching cricket, but you could have to listen to the art of playing tennis - torture for someone who came to have a few quiet beers.

Peter Dawson, a great organizer of meetings, teaches softball cricket, by his own admission is clueless about cricket proper but can give you a good account of nightspots to visit whilst in Chiang Mai.

Eric Little, they don’t come any keener than Eric, but you will need a translator if you are a non-Aussie speaker. He takes great photos too!

David Walker, a Brit who thought he had come here to retire-from experience it is best if you don’t approach him before noon.

Graeme Monaghan, another Aussie with a great cricketing past - don’t approach Graeme unless a) you have a great love of the game, b) you have an hour to spare.

Bill Beasley, again an Aussie, played in the sixes last year, bowled a hat trick and is still in shock.

Last but not least David Buck - just let me give you a warning, my wedding was on a ‘Four Wickets and a Wedding’ cricket tour to Goa - get the picture?

Seriously, you won’t go far wrong if you sit down with any one of these coaches and learn about the game, or alternatively listening to them is a very good way of having 40 winks!

If you would like further information on the work of the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance please contact Linda Buck on thaibucks [email protected] or thai [email protected]

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