Vol. III No. 15 - Saturday April  10 - April 16, 2004
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Fire threatens power for Chiang Mai City

Danger from overgrown vacant lots ignored by Provincial Electricity Authority

Burnt pipes near the power supply station in Hang Dong. It was a narrow escape for Chiang Mai’s power supply.

A fire broke out adjacent to the 3rd Electricity Supply and Control Station, Chiang Mai, on the Chiang Mai - Hod Road, Tambon Ban Sanpakwan, Hang Dong District. The fire was at the front of the electricity station, in an overgrown vacant lot.

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Immigration announces 15 days amnesty



Deadly air pollution problem hanging over our heads

Particulate matter well over world safe limits

Chiang Mai’s air quality has been steadily deteriorating over the past ten years. This is, in part, seen in every city that intends to increase its economic growth, without considering the environmental impact.

What are the sources of particulate matter pollution in Chiang Mai? One obvious answer lies in the prevalence of burning in the city, be that cremations, or just burning off garbage, forest fires or vehicular emissions. Add to that dusts raised during building and excavations.

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Geschwister Weisheit High Wire Troupe coming to Chiang Mai

Aerial acrobats will leave you astounded

Chiang Mai will be able to “Ooh and Ahh” on Sunday, April 11 when the high-wire troupe Geschwister Weisheit will perform their death-cheating stunts. 100 years of tradition is behind this family show, which has been on the road in Thailand for the past three months. They promise the highest standard, with a high wire show, pyramids, a motorcycle sensation show, an original Formula E racing car 30 metres in the air and acrobats, acrobats and acrobats.

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Thailand Elite Card being pushed in Chiang Mai

A Thaksin promotion with a cost of thousands

The Thailand Elite Card is the first national membership card for foreigners who want to make the Kingdom their home. The program started in 2003 as the brainchild of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, to promote Thailand as the world’s best travel destination. Revenue derived from the Elite Card will be spent on Thailand’s ongoing program of improving tourism and travel infrastructure.

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Mekong Tourism Forum

Heinecke blasts inaction and infrastructure

Visa liberalizations, reduction in red tape and an urgent need for zoning to separate tourism from industrial developments were attention grabbing words from the closing speaker William E. Heinecke at the last day of the ninth Mekong Tourism Forum.

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