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Kids' Corner

Garage Sale and Fun Day at Grace International School

Phuket Air gives youth the travel bug

YMCA presents vacation options for students

Senior Music Night at Prem is a huge success

Homecare Nursing Training for HIV/AIDS patients in Payao province

Lifestyles of the young politicians

Kids' Corner

Have you seen the yummy chocolate Easter eggs that they are selling in some of the shops? Marvin has and he really wants to get some from the Easter Bunny. Marvin and I were talking about why we have Easter eggs at Easter time and I told him that it is because at this time of the year, Christians remember how a very good man who was kind was killed. This man’s name was Jesus and he was killed by some people who were jealous of Him because everybody thought that he was a hero. Jesus went around helping people and healing them. It was very sad when Jesus died, but three days later God made Him rise from the dead again and when the people discovered what had happened they rejoiced and said “alleluia, He is risen from the dead”.

So when we look at Easter eggs, Christians think about ‘new life’ because Jesus came back to life. The egg reminds us of new life because little baby chickens hatch from real eggs when they begin their life. Flowers also remind us of new life as well as butterflies when they hatch from their cocoon. Can you think of anything that reminds you of new life? Write to Marvin and tell him. Send your letters to:

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1) What kind of stars go to jail?
2) Which planet can tell the temperature?
3) What game do rabbits like to play?
4) What has eight feet and sings?


1) Shooting stars
2) Mercury
3) Hopscotch
4) A Quartet

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Garage Sale and Fun Day at Grace International School

Grace International School in Hang Dong Road will again hold a ‘Car Boot Sale’ on Saturday, May 15th, from 8 a.m.

After the huge success last November when over 1000 people showed up at the sales ground to buy and bargain from the 37 families and NGO’s who had rented the available booths, it was decided to repeat the event.

On May 15, and with a miserly 25 baht entrance fee you are entitled to go shopping for your bargains. Toys, books, clothes, handicrafts, homemade jams and sauces, even furniture of all kinds can be purchased, so don’t miss it!

For entertainment, a Tae-kwan-do exhibition will be run and there will be basketball shoot outs, enough food, drinks and fun for the whole family!

Phuket Air gives youth the travel bug

Education and aviation on the curriculum

Marion Vogt

Phuket Air launched the second trip “Phuket Air Lead Youths Travel in Thailand” to promote Thailand’s tourism and expand the vision of the next generation through an arranged visual education program.

30 students from different secondary schools in Ranong province and their teachers went on the excursion. They were flown from Ranong to Bangkok where they experienced the pre arranged education program.

For many of these students it was not only their first flight but also their first experience outside their family village. (Photo by Jeeraporn Wuttipornpattara)

It was an exciting agenda that Phuket Air had arranged, including taking the teens to a senate conference at the parliament, watching a 3D movie on undersea ecology, learning about and travelling on the BTS train, meeting with some Grammy teenage artists and sightseeing at many of the Bangkok historical places.

For many of these students it was not only their first flight but also their first experience outside their family village, and will be a guaranteed memorable experience.

Phuket Air is eager to help society, to improve the standard of living of Thai youths, and by providing these groups a lifetime experience hopes to achieve its aims.

YMCA presents vacation options for students

Chiang Mai YMCA gives students a great opportunity to make good use of their free time. Instead of spending summer holidays lazing around and spending money you don’t have, why not try your hand at a new skill?

To be able to do this, Chiang Mai YMCA has created positions for students aged 15-17 years in their Fair Trade Handicrafts Export department.

Having fun while learning new skills.

Nalinee Pussatevata, Associate General Secretary, described the jobs as “A rewarding opportunity to earn an income and make new friends! Students will learn about basic export management and environmentally sound handicraft packing, as well as get a chance to meet students from other schools.” Currently there are seven students employed in the program.

This is an opportunity for students to gain valuable job skills, while working for an organization with a well-deserved reputation for excellent employee relations. Positions are limited, and interested teachers, parents or students themselves should contact the YMCA Membership Service Center at 053 221 819-20 for more details.

Senior Music Night at Prem is a huge success

Katherine Voll

Last Friday night, parents, teachers and fellow students were dazzled by the musical talent of Prem students in a Senior Music Night to remember. Naomi Hossain and Asaf Maleka, both Prem 12th grade students, were the M.C.’s for the evening’s festivities which featured everything from a Malaysian bongo/violin duet to a Thai pop number.

Steph Hannah shines, singing a number that she composed herself.

Prem Music Director Gillian Malacari had very positive things to say about the caliber of the students’ musical performances. “There is an amazing array of talent at Prem. Over forty students performed in the evening. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement and every one of the students performed to an excellent level,” Gillian commented.

Na sings a Thai pop song with feeling.

Prem’s Senior Choir did an outstanding job performing “Mama Mia” and “The Middle”, while the A Cappella Choir performed a moving rendition of several bluegrass numbers from the popular movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”, complete with country-style guitar back-up. Prem 12th grade student Stephanie Hannah composed her own jazz number, a piece entitled “I Have Something”, which dazzled the audience with its Norah Jones-style vocals and intricate harmonies.

It is not Koh Saxman, but Mew who improvises on the saxophone.

Violinist Tanya Witbooi performed a moving Dvorak sonata, accompanied by her sister Anita on the piano. Tanya is one of five students selected to perform in the second round of the Bangkok Violin Competition and all of Prem wishes her luck!

During the concert’s intermission, organized by Prem’s Parent School Association, teachers, parents and students mingled with performers and dined on wine, pad thai, and homemade ice cream, the proceeds of which raised money for the school.

Violinist Tanya is on her way for a Bangkok violin competition.

After intermission, the more energetic acts heated up the stage with several rock numbers. Hannah, Chelsea, Asaf, Jason and Ajarn Matt performed “Bohemian like You”, followed by two rousing Thai pop numbers by Ake, Mew, Aut, Tun and Ann. The Prem Band finished off the evening with a bang, performing “Nowhere Man” and “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

The crowd was obviously impressed with the quality of the students’ musical talents and a wonderful time was had by all. Prem teachers, students and parents can hardly wait for Prem’s next musical occasion!

Three cheerful PSA moms sell wine to raise money for the school.

The auditorium was filled, the mood excited and a good time was had by all!

Homecare Nursing Training for HIV/AIDS patients in Payao province

Cory Croymans and Margaret Badhungzong

At the last Zonta Club meeting in Chiang Mai, past President Margaret Bhadungzong together with Club President Jiamjit, reported to all members about the Chiang Mai Zontians’ latest visit to Payao province for the Homecare Nursing Training for HIV/AIDS patients.

Pornsawan Rattanaprasit, the Director of Phayao Provincial Red Cross (wife of the Phayao Governor), invited Zonta International Chiang Mai to teach essential homecare nursing procedures to a group of 40 residents in Phayao, who are either AIDS infected or carers of an infected family member.

“Auntie Boon”, (aka Somboon Suprasert) is well known as the founder and coordinator of the holistic care model for HIV/AIDS sufferers and their families. Accompanying the Director of the Phayao Provincial Red Cross were several members of the Chiang Mai Red Cross Healthcare station.

Three nurse experts from Chiang Mai Red Cross also led a live demonstration of homecare nursing procedures.

Auntie Boon spoke on the importance of home care strategy. Because hospitals are overcrowded, homecare reduces the high numbers of HIV/AIDS patients in hospitals while such care can be administered by family members in the home. Home nursing has many advantage even if just to present the food that the infected person enjoys, as opposed to hospital food.

Furthermore, friends and neighbors can give the patients moral support and can more easily visit them rather than traveling to a distant hospital.

Then came the time for action. A volunteer was recruited amongst the participants to act as a patient for nurse Moo to demonstrate various procedures to care for sick persons. The Phayao participants were genuinely pleased to have the opportunity to learn from three expert nurses from the Chiang Mai Red Cross who have to date completed 83 of such training courses.

To sustain the knowledge learned in this pilot training session, the Director of Phayao Provincial Red Cross has been able provide this group with 20,000 baht to organize future satellite sessions taking this training further out into the community.

This worthwhile workshop was a successful training session model which the Zonta International Chiang Mai Club has adopted, to provide education, moral support, general medical knowledge and counseling services in a holistic approach on the biological, psychological and social levels.

Lifestyles of the young politicians

Nopniwat Krailerg

While the PM’s daughter sells Big Macs, ex-PM Chuan Leekpai’s son Surabodh works as a volunteer looking after animals at Chiang Mai Zoo.

Nong Pluem feeds a patient at the animal clinic.

Surabodh, known Nong Pluem has been studying at Phrao Wittayakom School and wishes to spend his free time advantageously during his summer break. He says he received the inspiration from his father who advised him to join worthwhile activities during his summer vacation to enhance his life experience and to do useful things for society. He chose Chiang Mai Zoo because he loves animals, especially snakes and dogs.

On the first day, he had to shovel elephant droppings and feed pandas, and on the next he was assigned to take care of sick animals in the animal clinic, like a paralyzed orangutan.

Nong Pluem wants other youths to spend their time usefully as he does. If you have free time, you might find some hobbies that you like to spend time doing like drawing or doing exercise, suggested Nong Pluem. Significantly, he does not want Thai teenagers to get involved with drugs.