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Electronic art on display in Chiang Mai

Electronic art on display in Chiang Mai

Hopefully it didn’t get wet

Jiraphat Warasin

The “Electron Miracle” - digital media art, is being presented with the work from 70 artists from more than 20 countries being displayed at the second floor of Chiang Mai University’ Art Museum until April 30. The main thrust of the art is to highlight the East versus West phenomena in people’s belief, and different ways of human expression.

The organizing committee of the interactive Switch Media exhibition.

The electronic art was presented in various ways - video, audio, website, computer graphics, animation, games and software. The young generation artists from Burma, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and from Britain, also presented their digital artwork at the event.

One highlight of the festival is the animation artwork “Who killed me?” by Thai and Asian artists Wang Boe or Skin Tree. This superb work mixed many kinds of media with digital work and critically reflects Chinese society.

Almost every exhibit invites the audience to actively participate.

“Haunting Memory” is a work from Thai artist Kamol Phaosawat, who is the first conceptual artist to use digital to cover both Thai and Buddhism features to the public.

Kritsana Murati, video artist from Indonesia, brought his work “Mayan Machine” influenced by Tu Loong or traditional southern shadow play brought together with high technology.

Dansuang Sangwornwetchapan, a Thai artist who spent six years to produce interactive photographs and video presented his work “Homo Sapiens - the Last Tribe of Humans” in the festival.