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Kids' Corner

One Year internship in USA

Tony Ball’s Bird Watching Diary

I-TIM Bangkok to award scholarships

UK Soccer Academy held at Prem

Kids' Corner

Did you get wet last week? Marvin and I got wet lots of times, but we didn’t mind because it was very hot and it made us feel nice and cool. The reason that lots of people were throwing water was because it was ‘Songkran’ time. This is a special time in Thailand when people celebrate ‘Thai New Year’. A long time ago people used to pour water gently over the hands of people that they respected as a way of showing them honor. Today lots of people just like to get excited about throwing lots of water.

Throwing water can be fun, but you must be very careful and think about the other people around you. Never ever throw water at a car or a motorbike because it might cause them to have very bad accident. Even if you see other people doing it.

Marvin and I hope you had a very happy Songkran Festival. Write to Marvin and tell him what you did.

Marg and Marvin
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1) How can you keep dry in the shower?
2) What did one bell say to the other when he got wet?
3) What can run but can’t walk?
4) Why is a watermelon filled with water?


1) Don’t turn the water on
2) “I’m (w)ringing wet.”
3) Water
4) Because it is planted in the spring.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

One Year internship in USA

Peter Booma Rudd

Seven second year students from the 29th intake of I-TIM, the International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School, have just departed Thailand for a salaried one year internship program in Culinary Arts in Branson, Missouri. USA.

(L to R) Pamornsri Luadlai from Sukhothai, Songklod Fugfaipuag from Khon Kaen, Kittayoch Kasun from Lampang, Busara Thano from Tak, Hastin Ratanapol from Phitsanulok, Pituck Kid-an from Lampang and Wisittapon Maichuen from Buriram.

In addition another twenty five students from the 29th intake will undertake a six month salaried internship program in Singapore.

I-TIM’s next intake, the 33rd will commence in July 2004 and scholarships are available for both Thai and foreign students. For further information please telephone 02-7320170-3, e-mail [email protected] or visit

Tony Ball’s Bird Watching Diary

There are many reasons for complaints about what is happening in our world today. What with the hunting of wild animals and birds, in some cases to their extinction, and deforestation which will inevitably lead to the drying up of water supplies.

But there is always that other side to all coins. We find species in places where we least expect to find them. The other day I was doing my usual round of the Huay Tung Tao Lake and spotted a movement in some swampy undergrowth. A bird walked out onto a piece of open ground and I found myself mesmerized by what I saw.

One can become conditioned about what one is supposed to see in certain habitats and at certain heights. What I was looking at was the rare Black-tailed Crake, a mountain species, and the only one I had ever seen before was on Doi Inthanon at around 1,400m.

The bird books say that this bird is only found at 1,000m and above, this one was at 350m in the Chiang Mai plain. That discovery made my day, in fact, it probably made my year! They will have to rewrite the books.

Now I have to harp back to the destruction of habitat and in the dry season the tradition here is to slash-and-burn everything in sight. This is what happened at the Black-tailed Crake site and this on the very day that I discovered the bird - I haven’t seen it since!

On this same subject I was up at Chiang Dao the other day, early in the morning, and at the temple past the Chiang Dao cave there was a pretty serious forest fire. First I thought there were poachers around; then I came to the conclusion that someone was letting off fireworks in the forest.

What was actually happening was that the heat of the fire was causing the bamboo to explode. There was a nauseating pall of smoke blanketing the temple grounds but surprisingly the ‘Dawn Chorus’ was in full swing. The birds weren’t going to let a forest fire change their routine! One benefit of this blaze was that the birds were provided with a flying feast as the insects took to their wings to escape it.

I-TIM Bangkok to award scholarships

I-TIM Bangkok, an international hotel and tourism management school based in Thailand’s capital, will be awarding scholarships for its two-year diploma program in hotel and tourism management for the academic year commencing July 2004. Scholarships for Thai nationals are valued at THB68,000 and, subject to conditions, will be awarded for both years of study. Scholarships for foreign nationals are valued at US$1,000 and will also be awarded for both years. I-TIM will be holding its annual “Visit I-TIM Day” on Saturday, May 8, 2004, beginning at 08.30 a.m. For further information e-mail: [email protected] Web site:

UK Soccer Academy held at Prem

Tessa Shockey

During this past week, April 3-7, the Prem Center hosted a United Kingdom Soccer Academy Camp for students from Prem Tinsulanonda International School and Grace International School.

Participants and coaches at this year’s United Kingdom Soccer Academy Camp.

The event organizers of the camp were Michelle Forbes-Harper and Janet Powell from Prem. UK Soccer Academy coach, Dave Smith, helped by Wayne Potsbury and Darrin Kilpatrick, stated their mission as, “Our Football Association qualified coaches fly to camp venues” where they build relationships with children and take an active part in their development as individuals.

Friendships at UK Soccer Academy camps are forged for life. The student participants could choose to board at Prem during the camp or commute. Lunch, snacks and drinks were provided. Coach Dave Smith commented, “The hospitality was excellent.”

The camp kicked off with an opening ceremony during which the kids received their soccer kits and were informed of the week’s happenings. Each day a new skill was learned. For example, the students developed skills in dribbling, turning, passing, receiving, heading, defending, shooting, and crossing. They had the chance to exhibit what they learned in games at the end of each day.

The students watched a documentary film on David Beckham on one of the days. To get refreshed and beat the heat everyone went swimming in the Prem pool.

The last two days the students were divided into four teams to compete in a World Cup tournament. They competed to be the champion team, and the champions received medals.

Leo Mirzaie from Prem said, “I really enjoyed the World Cup tournament best” and he also said that he improved on running faster.

But all good things must come to an end. In the closing ceremony two participants were chosen by the coaches to receive special awards. The Player of Players award was given to Li Philips from Prem and The Player of the Week award was given to Timothy Harbison from Grace.

Many parents attended the closing ceremony and had the opportunity to observe some of the skills that their kids learned throughout the week. They also watched the World Cup finals.

The participants in the camp each received a soccer kit with a jersey and shorts, socks and a soccer ball, along with an evaluation of their progress and tips for how they might improve.

Coach Wayne Potsbury noted, “I thought the whole experience was excellent. I enjoyed coaching in the Far East, and would really like to come back.”

The students enjoyed the week as well. Hannah Minick from Grace said, “The part I enjoyed the most was goalkeeping. We separated from the group so we received concentrated teaching.”

Many new skills were learned and developed and memories were made. The coaches, organizers and students look forward to enjoying another football camp next year.