Vol. III No. 16 - Saturday April 17 - April 23 2004
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Itís time to enforce the no-burn ordinances

Rape vs extortion

OV-10 C arenít jets

Itís time to enforce the no-burn ordinances

Thank you for your very good newspaper and its thought-provoking articles. I was most interested in the recent announcement by the National Economic and Social Development Board that it will be pushing Thailand as the health capital of Asia, with Chiang Mai as the northern center for this promotion.

It is true that we have excellent health and dental health care providers in Chiang Mai. Some of the most beautiful and luxurious spas in the world are also here, and there are many alternative health care options available such as massage and herbal medicine. How, though, will this promotion work when our environmental pollution has reached critical levels? People who are interested in their health and who are willing to spend large amounts of money pursuing the best health care available will be horrified when they look out their hotel windows and canít see the building next to them. Who wants to breathe this terribly polluted air when there are other options?

I recognize that the pollution we are experiencing in Chiang Mai is the result of many factors. As I write this letter, however, I can see four fairly large fires burning in my neighborhood, Tambon Watgate. One is on the banks of the Ping River and appears to be refuse from several of the restaurants located there, another is from a building site close by. Two are burning in enclosed, private gardens.

Is there a plan for enforcing the ďno-burnĒ ordinances that I read had been passed? Unless its citizens insist that refuse not be burned, Chiang Mai is likely to remain polluted. Perhaps your readers will have other suggestions on combating this unhealthy and polluting habit.

Rebecca Lomax, Ph.D.
Public Health

Rape vs extortion

Dear Editor;
I found your article last week about the Violence Against Women forum very interesting, especially the conclusion about how the speaker wants to revert to capital punishment for rapists. I would agree that perhaps serial rapists might fit into this category, but I fear that a death sentence for all convicted rapists would be a dangerous trend.

The reason being is that it would open many doors to the possibility of extortion. Think about it - a women, either married, or in a regular relationship, or even a casual relationship (i.e., one night stand), if she doesnít get her way or if for some reason she becomes angered, she just needs to cry ďrapeĒ and the man would now be fighting for his life. The world is filled with dishonest people, and not all of them are men.
Henry Barnes

OV-10 C arenít jets

Dear Editor,
In reference to your article in the Chiangmai Mail this past week, I just want to correct your title as the OV-10 are not jets but are twin-turboprop short takeoff and landing aircraft.

If you have seen the airplane at the ceremony you should have noticed that they have propellers so they cannot be jets.

I am sure the RATF personnel and any other aviators would be happy that you correct this, as they are usually proud of their airplanes.

Thank you for keeping us informed on Chiang Mai.

Richard Gosselin
Quebec, Canada