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Heartfelt thanks from the C.M.S.A. to the organizers and visitors of the Chiang Mai Sixes

Junior cricket wins in Chiang Mai

Farangutans winning streak goes on!

3000 athletes to strive for 171 gold medals at Ang Kaew Games

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Heartfelt thanks from the C.M.S.A. to the organizers and visitors of the Chiang Mai Sixes

Linda Buck

Is it really only one week since I wrote that the Sixes were starting - it feels like one month! I have watched, listened and spoke about cricket every day. I cried when the Sawasdee Cricket medals and T-shirts were given out (even the small size was too big for some of the players!) and I laughed at the antics of some of the visitors at the Pig Picking Night.

Thanks to the generosity of many kind hearted people, all our older boys will be playing in full kit with their own bat, pads etc., and our coaches will now be able to take Sawasdee Cricket into more Schools in the region.

I felt an overwhelming pride as I watched the Under 13 Squad walk onto the ‘big’ wicket, all dressed in their whites, with their heads held high, and I jumped up and down when guests appeared on the C.M.S.C.A. stand to give us donations.

Thanks to their generosity all our older boys will be playing in full kit with their own bat, pads, etc., and our coaches will now be able to take Sawasdee Cricket into more schools in the region.

We made it! The Cricket Juniors are tired but happy after an exciting week.

On Saturday evening at dusk I sat at the edge of the ground with a vodka and tonic and just reflected on a week that made me feel good about being part of a community that cares so much.

My final and biggest thanks must go to Wally Pohl and Steve Penny. Being situated next door to two of our firmest supporters was the best move we made - their visitors didn’t stand a chance!

If you would like further information regarding the C.M.S.C.A. please do not hesitate to contact Linda Buck on thaibucks2003 or telephone 053 426101.

Junior cricket wins in Chiang Mai

Story and photos by Peter Cummins,
Chiang Mai

The just-completed 17th Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes and the Fifth Chiang Mai Sawasdee Cricket Cup, played out at the magnificent 106-year-old Chiengmai Gymkhana Club, was, indeed, a great success, especially for the development of junior cricket in Thailand.

A ‘miniature’ cricketer handles the hard ball - and looks just like a test player.

All proceeds from the tournament, including 10 percent of the bar takings and several bonus features were donated to the advancement of junior cricket in the Kingdom or, as the motto said, “Building a future for Cricket in Thailand,” via the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance (CMSCA), numbering some 20 schools.

It was indeed a strange name for the winners of the Premier Division, the Cup. The Yes No Wait Sorries team, scoring 68 runs easily defeated their English compatriots (with a few co-opted cricketers from elsewhere) The Vagrants, who scored a lowly 46, to take home the Cup title.

Yes, No, Wait, Sorries brandish their Cup. Maurice Bromley, tournament director (R).

In the second division, the Bowl, it was Aussie vs Aussie. Title-holders from last year - the Moonshine Warathais looked set to win over the Aussie-Welsh combination the Marchwiel Outlaws. But it was not to be. The Outlaws smashed a stunning 99 runs, for the loss of only one wicket - the highest score of the week’s cricket.

The Outlaws, sponsored by popular umpire John Bell, are on their way to England to play club cricket for a season or two. Skipper Dean Morrison and Zak Pacey were in top batting form and, in fact, Dean was awarded as the “Player of the Tournament”, excelling in both batting and bowling.

But, in spite of former Test Cricketer Trevor Chappell’s great effort for 32 ret., the Warathais, the Aussie lads from Newcastle, were not in the event and lost by 44 runs, finishing with 55-4.

The Third Division, the Plate was re-named the Joe Carpenter Plate, in memory of constant player for Darjeeling, Joe Carpenter who had passed away just prior to this year’s Sixes.

Another first was created at this Year’s Sixes when in the Plate final, England’s Ashwell Crusaders tied with Bangkok’s Southerners, both scoring 76-2.

Other winners were the Bangkok Postels (mainly Aussies) 65 for no loss, defeating Halylt 61-3.

The Chiang Mai Chassies knew what to do with their chassies, maintaining their unbeaten record against the World Women Dixie Belles, in the Women’s Challenge.

Some of the Thai juniors played a “hard-ball” exhibition game and showed that the standard is becoming ever-higher as they displayed some excellent batting, fielding and took some spectacular catches. Even the tiniest of them looked every centimetre a “cricketer” with all the trappings befitting a test player.

There were two big signs outside the perimeter, one was “Big 10 Champion” and the other “Big 10 Dimon Leaf (Thailand)/Standard International Tobacco”. The purpose was, any player who could hit the sign would be accorded 10 runs (a first in international cricket), but more importantly, each sponsor would donate 4,000 baht to the advancement of junior cricket. There were two “bulls eyes”.

The week was an outstanding success, with tournament director Maurice Bromley and wife Renita running their usual excellent show; Rick Davis recited his ongoing, witty commentary all day, interspersed with much humour. His dulcet tones were ubiquitous.

And, not the least, the Pattaya teams were there in full force: Landlord Kim Fletcher and his Shenanigans Malakas. Kim distinguished himself by staying at bat during a whole innings. His team-mates, however, were not all that enthralled with his bowling...!

The Living Dolls (yes, sponsored by Ken on Walking Street), with Rob Roberts the veteran of the tournament, making, incidentally, his first 31 ret.

No doubt, all will be back for the 18th in 2005. It gives them a year to recover and gives Geoff Thompson time to produce a new programme - as lively and readable as ever.

Farangutans winning streak goes on!

Colin Hinshelwood

The Chiang Mai Senior Football League is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The top teams lose, the bottom teams win and the merry-go-round of results means that they’re all scrunched up together.

And through all this mayhem come the much loved Farangutans F.C. - at first sight a ramshackle rabble of rowdy expats, but a team who have suddenly gelled into a lean, mean ass-kicking machine. The transformation was proved again last week on a muggy Sunday afternoon at Aw Paw Taw Suthep Stadium in Chiang Mai when the Farangutans F.C. took on home favourites, Suthep F.C.

With 13 points from 9 games, the Western wanderers were only 7 points behind the league leaders and their slow start to the season was beginning to be etched into the dustbin of history.

Playing their traditional 4-4-2 formation which has stood them in good stead the farangs began the game confidently with forwards Cleomar Panno and James Who-Should-Know-Better both shooting close. With the hot season now upon us the Farangutans have recently sought a slower, more fluid passing game and with a talented midfield of Shawn, Amarildo, Masao and Tim all linking one-twos together they always looked likely to get an early goal.

But the packed stadium (42 spectators plus 3 dogs) had to wait until the 22nd minute when a move beginning in midfield found Shawn Kelly bearing down on goal. When it looked like he was just about to shoot Shawn prodded the ball into Panno’s path. Cleomar looked up, saw the keeper coming and gently lifted the ball over his head into the goal. Beauty. 1-0.

Minutes later; an unlikely mishap. With perhaps their first attack of the game Suthep got in behind the farang defence and no.9 went crashing to the ground under the challenge of recently-returned Albert Crooks. Penalty. 1-1.

Early in the second half “Chico” Panno again scored. This time a blasting right-foot half-volley after a neat passing move involving Masao, Shawn and James down the left wing.

At 2-1 down Suthep finally appeared desperate and came charging forward in waves. The farangs began looking unhinged in the defence and were at times playing with five at the back in a quest to hold on to their 2-1 lead.

And then - wouldn’t ya just know it - in the last minute of the match, Suthep win a penalty for an accidental handball inside the box. Disaster.

With light fading as quickly as hope, the Suthep captain walked confidently up to slot the ball home as he had done in the first half. He placed the ball squarely in the same spot as the first penalty, but this time goalie Markie Flowers anticipated it and threw himself down to his right, smothering the ball right on the line. A fantastic save worthy of winning a match.

A minute later the referee blew the final whistle and the Farangutans, yet again, whooped and danced their way off the park.

Farangutans FC now has 16 points from 10 games and is suddenly contending a Champion’s League place. With 20 games to go there is still plenty of time for more foreign invasions. All details can be found on the website: gutans

3000 athletes to strive for 171 gold medals at Ang Kaew Games

Chiang Mai University host for nationwide university competition

Saksit Meesubkwang

Assoc Prof Dr. Nipon Tuwanon, Chiang Mai University (CMU) president said that CMU is ready for the 23rd University Personnel Sports Competition next month. It is catering for 17 sports categories, divided into 171 subcategories, giving a total of 171 gold medals. There will be 34 educational institutes participating in the games with 3,000 athletes.

Assoc Prof Dr. Nipon Tuwanon, Chiang Mai University president.

President Nipon said that CMU has approved the main budget of 1.3 million baht. If more funds are needed they will contact sponsors for the deficit. Assoc Prof Dr. Tanan Anumarajadhon, the organizing committee chairman, said there two major sponsors, M-100 and M-150 energy drinks and Red Bull, and the university has asked them for 2 million baht. Smaller sponsors begin at 200,000 baht.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the Fish & Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road (opp. Irish Pub) every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

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