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How could you not be a Juicy Lucy fan?

Thai TV Global Network disappeared from Europe

Shadow is back

Taxis drowned in Songkran

Nutcracker 2004 was meant to be eclectic

Songkran was a waste of time

How could you not be a Juicy Lucy fan?

Mott the Dog;
I just got back from the LOS and although I never made it to Chiang Mai, it’s on the list for next time.

I ran across your article while surfing all things Thai. I’m a Juicy Lucy fan (how could you not be with a name like that and their first album cover looking like it did). You’re bang on with the review. I wonder if you’ve heard tell of their first recording (and in my opinion their best) being out in CD format? Hard one to find if it’s out there.

For other people who are interested, All Music Guide is a good place to source info and find retail sources for the recordings. I’ve also had great luck in finding obscure older recordings (7 tears by Golden Earring... a Brit band called Road from the 70’s with Noel Redding etc.) on ebay. Sometimes the label that puts out the recording will offer online sales (don’t know if Repitoire does or not ... great label by the way, I recently purchased the first two Baker Gurvitz Army CD’s re-released by Repitoire on ebay)

I enjoyed your review and will be tuning in regularly.

Thai TV Global Network disappeared from Europe

Hello Editor,
A lot of Thai citizens in Europe watch Thai TV5 from the global network. But yesterday at 4 p.m. (GMT +1.00h) people can no longer watch Thai TV in Europe anymore. And this now during the Songkran celebration. This comes completely without any information.

Today (28h later) it still does not work and nobody can find any information on Thai TV Global Network http://www.thaitvglobal.com

Did somebody forget to pay the electric bill?

This is a great service from Thailand for Thai people outside of Thailand! We hope it returns soon.

Best regards,

Shadow is back

Dear Staff at CMM,
I just want to say thanks for putting my notice and letter about my lost cat, Shadow in the paper. He was returned to me 4 days ago by a very nice man who saw the notice. He was having dinner at the Whole Earth restaurant and noticed a black cat sitting there. He called “Shadow” and the cat looked up so he went over and saw that the markings were the same as described in the notice. He asked the boy how long the cat was there and he said “a month about”. About the same time as Shadow was missing. So he picked up the cat and brought it to Souvenir Guesthouse, which is just up the street from the restaurant. I was overjoyed and gave him the 5000 baht reward without hesitation. So that night Shadow slept with me and kept purring. A happy ending, thanks to you and your concern for animals. Thanks so much, again.

Sincerely yours,
Grant Waldman

Taxis drowned in Songkran

To: Chiangmai Mail
Re: Newspaper dated Saturday, January 31st, 2004, Metered Taxis for Chiang Mai = Flop?

1. The Handy number at your newspaper is wrong!

2. We called today (13-April 2004) at 15.50 for a taxi, with the info of 30 minutes. We called again at 5 p.m. with the info, he is on the way. Even at 6 p.m. no taxi has arrived. The handy and the 053 numbers were disconnected.

This is no way to treat customers and I will tell all my friends about it.

Volker von Fleischbein

Editor replies: Dear Mr. Fleischbein, you are correct. We inquired, and the mobile number has indeed been changed since January 2004, but the taxi company did not inform us, otherwise we would of course have mentioned it. The new number you can find in the community happenings now. You are also correct saying that on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April the taxi service did not work properly. Since you had no vehicle to come to town, you don’t know that the cars were stuck due to the massive Songkran festivities which were going on around the city, and traffic came to a complete standstill until around 7 p.m. We have to defend the meter taxi in this regard, since we tried it out ourselves (last time on April 12) and it was working perfectly ok. The taxi came in time and within a few minutes, and the driver even spoke English. This is why we still believe your taxi was on the way, but just could not make it. You might want to give him a second chance on a normal day.

Nutcracker 2004 was meant to be eclectic

Dear Mr. Paul Schoenkopf,
In response to your letter in the April 10th issue, we appreciate your taking the time to comment on ‘The Nutcracker 2004’ but most of all, we are glad you enjoyed the show. The money from the ticket that you bought, whatever price you paid, has been donated to the Mentally Retarded Foundation and the Thai Red Cross in Chiang Mai.

We must apologize if the ‘2004’ attached to the Nutcracker has caused you or anyone else any confusion. Please refer to Chiangmai Mail March 27, page 15 for further details. The articles purely stated that there would be many styles of dance performed. These have been developed enormously worldwide since the initial creation of the Classical Nutcracker 1892.

As noted in the producer’s message in the Nutcracker 2004 program, we added to the traditional ballet in order to reach the local community in Chiang Mai. In our experience, the full traditional version would not be accessible and would not draw a large audience in this part of the world. It was the intention of the Chiang Mai Ballet Academy to create a performance that would be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Chiang Mai Ballet Academy had no intention of using misleading advertising and we are sincerely sorry that the show was not the traditional ballet that you expected.

Mom Luang Preeyapun Sridhavat
Artistic Director
The Chiang Mai Ballet’s Performing Group

Songkran was a waste of time

Dear Editor,
I write as a very frustrated ‘first time’ visitor to Chiang Mai. For 4 years we (my wife and me - both retired) live in Phuket but everybody told us ‘how special’ the Thai Songkran Water Festival in Chiang Mai is celebrated.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand also promoted the Thai Lanna festival. We heard of Lanna culture, cultural processions of eight Mekong sub region countries, displays of fantasy fountains, music, dance, worship and cultural performances.

But what did we get here in the beautiful traditional northern city? Definitely nothing cultural, because we did not make it to the cultural performances. Thousands of Thai students and thousands of visitors, plus thousands of foreigners stood beside the road, fighting each other with water.

It was nightmares come true, a total waste of time, waste of money and we probably would have seen more if we would have stayed at home watching TV.

Apart from all the water throwing, most nice restaurants, as well as shops were closed, so that we could not even enjoy or relax. I am sorry to say that I have been very disappointed by the organization and propaganda campaigns of the organizers of the Songkran festival and hope if they ever undertake this kind of event again it will be more enjoyable for everybody, including the elderly.

To throw water for a day is fine, but a week is too much, and it will neither promote tourism, nor tradition.

David Goodridge