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Prepared to donate 100,000 baht

Prepared to donate 100,000 baht

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

I am prepared to donate 100,000 baht to the charity of the governorís choice if the traffic situation actually improves due to the plan outlined in your esteemed publication last week.

The plan will fail because apart from having too many working parts, it will not persuade the middle-class and the rich to stop driving their cars and 4 W.D.ís in the clogged streets of Chiang Mai.

All that is going to happen is that the poorer citizens will be inconvenienced by a bus service that will only turn up sporadically and will not go where you tell it to go - very much unlike red mini-buses!

Itíll probably persuade some members of this class to get on their motorcycles because it will be more convenient to do that than wait around for the fixed-line bus service, thus making the situation even worse than it is today!

A much better idea would be to adopt something like Ken Livingstoneís London Congestion Charge. Itís been proven that the best way to reduce traffic jams is to target traffic specifically - traffic has declined 20% and London now receives 50 million pounds a year from this scheme. Plus it has proven popular with the voters.

So what do you think would be better - adopt a scheme that works and makes money or do something that will fail (witness the Chiang Mai fixed line bus service - itís never more than a third full) and cost money?

As a reference, go to www.bbc. co.uk search around and find out what Iím talking about.

Yours, most sincerely,
Nick Hanlon
P.S. I am willing to discuss this proposal with the governor and present him with the relevant information at any time of his choosing.